Monday, January 23, 2012


Oh man, I was NOT going to face the fact that the scale is up. I was NOT going to write about it. Then I got on Blogger and saw so many of you blogging ladies posted that you had a bad weekend of eating and drinking and are up too. I guess there must have been a bandster full moon or something!

I exercised like a mad woman last week. I wonder why I bothered because once the weekend hit, I ate like crap. Why do I do that to myself? If I had done all that exercise AND made healthy food choices, I'm sure the scale would be showing me some love right now. Bad habits are hard to break.

I DID cook healthy meals all weekend as the hubby was home and I like to have a nice family dinner when he's here. All good stuff. However, we had a birthday party on Saturday, and who can turn down a crappy store bought cupcake at a kids party? I sure as heck can't. At least I didn't eat the frosting because that stuff's just gross.

Then on Sunday I had to work. I work in the depths of hellish despair when it comes to food. There are always tons of snacks and junk food EVERYWHERE in that place. They try to make it nice for us since we only get 10 minutes breaks, so they provide quick, easy to grab food. You know what that means. It's all crap. I did resist the M&M's (my arch enemy) but caved when I saw brownies. They weren't even good home-made brownies. They were processed, store bought CRAP brownies. Ugh. Old habits.

I didn't even bother doing a weigh in post on Saturday because we were super busy with swim lessons and that darn birthday party. I figured I'd do it today. Oh holy Hell, I got on the scale this morning and it told me (after I had 2 glasses of water) that I was up to 158. Last week I was 156.

I'm missing that brief moment that I was down to 155. Of course I was horribly tight and unable to eat any real food at all, but I liked it when the scale told me I was 155. I was happy there (and full of pain and heart burn!).
Before that awful episode, I was 158. That was my true weight. I was hanging out there for a while so maybe this IS my body's happy place. It sure didn't take long for me to get right back there. I've read about 'set point theory' and I know that the body likes to sit at a certain weight before it moves along and finally accepts a new number, that's why we have plateaus (that we all hate).

I'm not going to run back in for a fill to get back to the lovely 155. I NEVER want to feel that sick again, and I know it's not normal to not be able to eat food. I just miss it, that's all.
Can I be happy at 158? Possibly. I guess as long as that's where it stays, and doesn't go up any more, I can learn to love it, eventually.
But right now I'm mad about my crappy choices over the weekend, and sad that I can't maintain 155 on my own. *sigh*. I'll get over it.
On a positive note, I started the day off right today by going to an hour long spin class at the gym. It was killer and according to the bike, I burned 450 calories. And today, I have not eaten any crap!

Have a great day folks!


Beth Ann said...

Post test! :) I have been on a self imposed week hiatus from blogger. Sister needs to get some work done. Ha! Be back next week!!

Jody V said...

Thanks for commenting. I feel so good right now also that I'll be able to have more choices than I do now. Not eating enough has been killing me.

E. Jane said...

Keep on spinning and being healthfully consistent with your food! I'm working on this myself! Take care.