Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Mashed Potato Diet

Anyone heard of that? No? Me neither. I just made it up since mashed potatoes seem to be the only thing I can eat without irritation or pain.
I'm not sure what happened. I must have eaten something that didn't agree with me.
I have discovered that I can NOT eat past 7pm. If I do, I wake up spitting, choking and coughing. The dreaded reflux.

Yesterday the band was super tight in the afternoon so I decided to just have a mini bag of popcorn while watching TV with the hubby at night. (Popcorn is not my favorite thing in the world but it has always gone down without a problem, even during my tightest episodes).
FOUR HOURS LATER, I woke up choking and spitting. I ran to the bathroom and up came itty bitty, chewed up pieces of popcorn. Crap!
I told the hubby that one of these days I'm going to choke to death in my sleep and that he should know to blame Phil (the band) for my death.

So today I had my protein shake for breakfast. Then 7 1/2 hours later I had some mashed potatoes. I forced myself to eat them because I was starting to feel weak. Then tonight I had a SF pudding. That's it for the day, and as I sit here and write this I'm burping and gurgling.
Looks like it will be a day of full liquids again tomorrow until this irritation goes back down. When I told hubby about 2 days of liquids he said "Yeah, but you have to do it for 2 days, not a day and then give up". My response was "YOU try to not chew anything for 2 days! It's torturous!".
It is torture, but I must do this to make sure all is well with the band.

I'm headed off to bed now and hoping I don't choke to death (on pudding) in my sleep!

Have a good night all.


Sarah G said...

That's the worst feeling. If you don't get some relief soon you may want to go get an un-fill. Hope you feel better soon!

o.c. bandster said...

oh boy...I know how you feel. You just have to make it through the 2 days of liquids and then, if it's not better, go see the dr. who knows. Phil is a fickle guy!

Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...

Me thinks you need an unfill for Phil!

Beth Ann said...

Have you considered an unfill? That just seems like an awful exsistence. :(

speck said...

It's funny how all of us are so different with the band.

I don't do well with potatoes at all.(I do alright with potatoe soup for the most part)

I am thankful though because I haven't had a frech fry in over 3 years! lol

Ronnie said...

Oh my, I would be looking into an unfill if you aren't feeling better after two days on liquids!