Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Secret Santa Loves Me!

Well, I've been corresponding with my secret Santa. She contacted me to let me know there was a big mix-up, which is why I hadn't gotten a gift at holiday time.
Believe me, I was no longer expecting to receive a gift and was just happy to learn the story of what happened. I've been enjoying her emails.

Well today I came home to a lovely box on my porch, jam packed with goodies! I know many of you have said you felt like your Secret Santa some how knew you and got you the perfect things, and I have to say...I know what you mean!
Here's a smattering of what was in the box...

First of all, I love all things chocolate. I also love tea, but usually don't get the flavored stuff because I can't do caffeine. So how did she know to send me chocolate flavored DECAF tea?! Awesomeness. I've already had a cup and it was divine.

Those are my all time favorite protein bars. I've been meaning to pick up some of that protein water to take on my girls weekend to Vegas since I'll be flying through dinner time. I needed a new water bottle and have been looking at them in the stores...

I could go on and on about how perfect these gifts are and how I feel like they were carefully hand picked for ME, but I'll stop there and just say a great big THANK YOU to my secret Santa. And since she's not a secret any more, maybe you'd like to go over and check out her blog at Banded for Boots.

Have a great night everyone.


Dawnya said...

CeCe is awesome. You really lucked out having her for a secret santa.

Z said...

hi, i'm new to your blog and several other lapbanders' blog. i'm considering having it done as well. i'm waiting on word from ins. i'd appreciate any advice you have to share. thanks!

Ronnie said...

I heart Cece! :)