Sunday, January 1, 2012

Who Do You Do It For?

When I go to the gym, 99% of the time, I do it for me. I like the way it makes me feel, and I like a good sweat. I remember an old weight watchers leader saying "you have to be here for YOU, if you're doing it for someone else, it's not going to work". I believe that.

However, every once in a while, I kill it at the gym for someone other then myself. Sometimes if there's a new member trying out a class for the first time, I make sure I do everything just right and try to set a good example. I guess I feel it's my duty to make it look good, so they'll come back!

Then there was today. Well, I have to start with a little background so you'll understand where I'm coming from.
For a couple years now I've been taking a strength training class at 5am. It's a pretty intimate group at that time of day. We've become friendly, cheer each other on, chat a little here and there, etc. We're like a little sub-culture. The instructor knows us all by name.
BUT, there's this one guy there, always in the front row, with his elite group of friends, who has NEVER said hello to me, or even smiled and nodded in my direction. TWO YEARS people. I've been seeing him several times a week for 2 years and not so much as a hello.
This is me we're talking about. You know, Susie Sunshine. I love everyone and am probably one of the friendliest people you'd ever meet. I don't have this irrational need for everyone in the universe to love me, but when someone is so outwardly standoffish, it bothers me.
It's not like he has social anxiety, because he talks to some people, just not me.
I could be dead wrong here, but I think he's a Fatty Hater. He's like the cool high school jock who thinks people should be honored to know him. He has friends, just not fat ones.

So, back to today. I head to the gym for a kick boxing class. I was ready for a great work out. Then HE walks in. What the heck is he doing here on a Sunday?. In MY class! Grrrr. And OF COURSE, he stands right behind me. Lord Help me.

So you know what I did? I killed that class like it was my job. If you were watching me you'd think I owned the studio and Bruce Lee was my Daddy! When the instructor asked who wanted to stay longer, for an extra track, I raised my hand. NOTHING was going to make me wimp out or back down in front of that jerk. I was so thankful that I had just done this same class on Friday, so I knew exactly what I was doing!
I never even so much as looked in his direction. I acted like I didn't know who he was.
Take that Fatty Hater!

So even though most of the time, I work out for me, there's that every once in a while that I do it to prove myself to others. I'm not recommending it, I'm just admitting it!

Now, if I can't get out of bed in the morning, or walk with a limp tomorrow, I'll know how dumb I was to work out for anybody besides myself.

Happy New Year everyone!


Cece said...

In his face - I like it ! And, I agree - sometimes you can just 'tell' about some people.

Stephanie M. said...

Heh. If it made you work out harder, it was worth it! Happy new year.

Camille said...

Maybe he thinks you're hot and is scared to talk and now he's terrified because he knows you are a badass!

Andrea said...

Good for you! I work out harder in classes because I don't want to look like the person who can't keep up even though I am there for me. It's back to my goal of not worrying about what others think but in a workout situation it's a good thing.

Caron said...

Some people you just can't figure out. Still, he helped you have a great workout. Nice! :)

Sam said...

Well at least it helped you get an even better workout! Happy New Year :o)

Beth Ann said...

Thinking of you as a "fatty" for someone to hate makes me giggle, you adorable girl you. <3 But I understand and I have done that myself.

Also, I'm always there for me, but I love it when I surprise my trainers or make them proud. But it is still for me, because then it makes me proud...

Angie said...

I am envious for that kind of passion.