Monday, February 13, 2012

V-Day Surprise

I know I don't often write about my 'real life' outside of weight loss and band related news. However, tonight I'm so excited that I have to share this with you, my lovely readers.

Since having kids, Valentine's Day has become one of my favorite holidays. We do it up in a big way around here. I can't wait to see their sweet little faces when they wake up in the morning to see this at the breakfast table...

They've already seen the roses, those were given to us by the hubby before he left for work, but they do make the table look nice!

The small brown bag has a new bathing suit from their Grandma in New York. She never misses a holiday, whether she's here or not!

The large bags have a pair of sweats and a long sleeve t-shirt with the word "LOVE" on it. I found them super cheap so each outfit cost me about $4.

The small pink bags have a book (mandatory for every gift giving holiday), a craft, some hair things, a little monogrammed tissue box and OF COURSE a chocolate heart.

It didn't cost me much but believe me, these girls will love the big surprise and they'll be gushing all day over this. It's the little things in life.

We'll have pancakes and red apple sauce for breakfast, along with smoothies served up in champagne glasses.

Every little lady deserves to feel special.
I hope you have a special Valentine's Day too!


Z said...

awww that's so cute. we do the same thing mainly from dad. we want our girls to know what how a gentleman should act. plus, we just like having fun with them ;)

Sam said...

Such a great gift idea :o) I hope they loved it all!!!

Dani said...

Looks lovely:)

Ronnie said...

Aww, what a sweet mama! :)

Beth Ann said...

I love this!! You are such a fantastic mom. :)