Saturday, February 11, 2012

Weekly Weigh In and Trying to Catch Up

Even though life has been super crazy lately, I managed to grab a quick weigh in this morning. I was happy to see I'm at 159 today (been bouncing back and forth between 159-160 for a while). That brings me back to a total loss of

71 pounds

I guess I'm hanging out here for a while. I need to be OK with that, as long as I'm not gaining.

Also, I found an old notebook with my measurements in it. I had forgotten all about it.
That inspired me to take measurements again. I was pleased to see that I had gone down 1/2" in every area except the hips. That means my arms, waist, bust, legs, etc. are all getting smaller! Talk about a confidence booster.

In house news, we're just waiting on final confirmation on a closing date. I can't wait for this whole process to be over, and for my stress level to go down a notch.

On a personal note, both of my kids came home from school yesterday announcing that they were chosen to be the Star Student of the week in their classes. What are the odds that they would both be chosen on the same day?! They're super excited about all the attention they get from teachers and friends. So cute, and such a fun age.

I'm working tomorrow, and this upcoming week looks to be busier than the last, so I can't promise to be on blogger much. I'll try to keep reading but might not get a chance to post something myself.

Until next week, be well everyone!


Sarah G said...

Don't get too down on yourself, everyone plateaus a time or two. You'll be moving that scale again soon. :) Great job on the measurement changes!

Caron said...

Good weigh in. Hopefully, you won't have too much longer with the stress of moving. I know what that's like!

Andrea said...

I made it to 71 pounds this week too! It feels great! That's awesome that you went down in almost all your measurements!

Ronnie said...

Congrats to the girls! And way to go on your inches lost, that's a big deal, especially the closer we get to goal. :)

Virtual Paul said...

I just wanted to say 71 lbs is an awesome achievement!! I am new here, "hi", and I followed!