Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Just a Quick Check-In

The family and I are hanging out at the new house in Wisconsin this week for spring break. We had movers bring a bunch of our stuff so at least we have a bed to sleep on this time.
We've been busy cleaning, unpacking, organizing and trying to have fun. We have no internet at the house yet but there was story time at the library and I get to go on line while the kids play.
Just call me a Pioneer woman!

There's no scale at the house so I haven't been able to feed my obsession of weighing myself every single day. I can tell you that my band is tight as a freaking drum and I'm really not able to eat solids. I know it's because of my monthly visitor, this happens every month. You'd think by now I'd learn right? No, of course not. Every day I continue to try to eat something, thinking it'll go down, and every day I wind up puking or sliming, because I'm a dumbass! This is what it's like to live with the disease of Obesity. I want to eat. I love food. My brain will do anything to try to trick me into thinking it'll be OK. Phil has other plans.

Tomorrow is hubby's birthday. I am making his favorite foods for dinner. I've been hoping things will loosen up before then but most likely I'll be drinking my dinner while everyone else eats what I made. That's life.

I went for a run the other day (when it was still warm out) and it felt glorious to be out on the road again. I've decided I don't love the treadmill but I do LOVE running outside. I wrote before about that huge hill near my home...I ran about half way up it before I thought I was going to die of lung failure. Then I power walked up the rest of the way. Once I got to the top, I ran the rest of the way since most of it was down hill anyway! The views around here are gorgeous. I could get used to this.

I'm going to go try to read some blogs before my kids get bored and we have to leave. I'll catch up with you all next week once I'm back in civilization (meaning internet access!).

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

1. Hubby's back from Asia! We all missed him terribly.

2. We are having movers here on Saturday to take a lot of our things up to the house in Wisconsin. I really shouldn't be sitting here on the computer. I should be packing!

3. I went to kick boxing at 5:15am. today since hubby was home to stay with the kiddos. I haven't been able to take the Thursday class in so long since he's been working out of town. It felt good.

4. OK, I packed 2 boxes just to avoid feeling like a slacker.

5. It's been 80 degrees here in the Chicago area for more than a week. I dragged out all the summer clothes, and for the first time in my life I didn't have to worry about if they'd fit! My size 10's went right on with no problems. For the first time in my life I have PLENTY of clothes (and they all fit).

6. We're spending our spring break up at the new house, but it will not be much of a vacation. There will be tons of unpacking, and that ginormous garden that needs some attention. We'll have plenty to keep us busy all week.

7. Since I'll be away from my gym for a week I've told hubby that I want to go for a long walk every morning before he heads out to work. I'm thinking that huge hill down the road has my name all over it. I can't wait to see how far it goes and how long it takes me to tackle it. The old me never would have considered such a thing!

8. We're trying to eat through all the food we have in our fridge and freezer before the big move. It's killing me not to go buy the things I see on sale each week, especially when I know it's a good deal. It just makes more sense to not have to try to move perishables to the new house. Anyone want to come over for frozen coffee cake and left over birthday cake?!

9. I have discovered that no matter how slow I eat, or how much I chew, I can't tolerate sushi. I'm pretty sure it's the rice (because that's what came back up later). I have to say losing 72 pounds, but having to give up sushi is a pretty fair trade. I'll live.

10. I saw the dietitian from my surgeons office going into the grocery store just ahead of me this morning. I didn't run into her in the store though and that's a shame because I was pretty darn proud of all the beautiful fresh produce I had in my cart! I'm sure if I had donuts and Doritos in my cart I would have run smack into her.

That's it for now my dears. Still no internet at the Wisconsin house so I doubt I'll be checking in here much over the next week.
Have an awesome week and get out there to enjoy this weather!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Story of my Life

OK, just a funny story of my night last night, not my whole life, but this one just might make you laugh.

Remember when I said I was completely exhausted last night at 8pm.? I couldn't fight it any more so I headed upstairs, brushed my teeth, got in my jammies, turned out the lights, pulled back the covers...then I heard a very clear *sigh* from somewhere IN MY ROOM.

Yes, it was clear, human, and definitely coming from somewhere in my bedroom. I ran my chunky ass back to the light as fast as I could and looked around. Nothing.

Now I know I'm tired but I'm not crazy, I know I heard something. OF course my husband is out of the freaking country so I can't even depend on him to do the investigating, so I start snooping around.
I decide to look under the bed, you know, for monsters. Everyone knows monsters like to hang out under your bed when you're scared and alone, right? Sure enough, there was my almost 5 year old, sound asleep under my bed.

She was completely 'dead weight' and I couldn't wake her so I had to pull her out by her feet! She had rug burn on her cheek. Nice. Story of my life.

I got her into her own bed and as soon as I finished having my heart attack, I fell sound asleep. That is until about 2 hours later when she crept back into my room and roused me from my deep slumber to tell me she had a bad dream about ants.

When she woke me I was startled and I'm pretty sure I yelled "Oh Jesus!", then had my second heart attack of the night. That of course startled her even more, and she was shaking like a leaf.

I tucked her back in, sang the 'bad dreams go away' song, and proceeded to lay there WIDE AWAKE for the next 3 hours. Needless to say, I'm exhausted again.

I'm pretty sure I'm due for a vacation once my husband gets back home.

Have a dream free good night all!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

I Survived

We made it back from Wisconsin in one piece, and didn't even kill each other! The kids had a blast and even mentioned more than once that they didn't want to come home. We disovered we get along just fine with no cable TV, no internet and no beds.

We camped out on the floor with our sleeping bags.
We cleaned all the bathrooms.
We made pizza in our brand new, totally high-tech oven.
We (meaning they) banged out many tunes on that darn piano that was left in the house.
We watched Mary Poppins on DVD.
We walked our property (all 1.6 acres of it!).
We cleaned up one of the many flower beds.
We walked the neighborhood.
We found the grocery store and discovered that the Piggly Wiggly is a REAL place, and not just something in movies. Who knew?
We unpacked a couple of boxes.
We taped the edging of one of the bedrooms to prepare for painting.

All in all it was a pretty productive weekend. While there the Realtor from the Illinois house called to say we have a purchase offer. We weren't expecting it to sell so fast since houses in our neighborhood tend to sit around for a while. But we did price it to sell, so there you have it! I guess we'll be moving up to the new house sooner than we thought. We haven't completely broken the news to the kids yet. My 6 year old has a problem with anxiety so the thought of being the new kid in a new school, and leaving her friends at her current school could be pretty scary for her. I don't want to give her too much time to think about it.

While out on our walk we discovered a street that is a REALLY steep hill. In fact the name of the street is "Top-O-The-Hill". It's quite a hike. We didn't go all the way up because we were wearing sandals, and my 4 year old was complaining that she couldn't make it on her short legs.
However, I was thinking about what a great work out that will be once we're actually living there and I can get out for a run/walk without the kiddos. I'm looking forward to developing calves of steel from that hill!

But for now, it's not even 8:00 and I'm completely exhausted. I'm looking forward to sleeping in my own bed tonight. I'll try to catch up on blog reading tomorrow.

Have a great night everyone!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

10 Things Thursday

I'm a blog slacker lately so I figure I'll jump on this one since it should be easy!

1. I'm heading to Wisconsin tomorrow afternoon to spend the weekend at our new house. It'll be the first time any of us has slept there. There's no furniture yet, so it's a camp out and the girls are super excited!

2. Hubby is in Asia this week. He's been Skyping almost every day but we miss him terribly. Did you know they don't have FaceB00k there? Nope, communist country, access DENIED!

3. It's hard to believe it's still March because we had dinner at the park and wore shorts, t-shirts and sandals! It's warmer here in Chicago than it is in Las Vegas. I can't help but wonder if this will be short lived and we'll have to dig out the snow shovels in a week.

4. I can't stop eating peanut butter and SF chocolate pudding. It's definitely an addiction because I'd rather have that for dinner than real food and I never seem to get sick of it. Not the best choice for nutrition. I'm not bringing pudding with me to the new house so we'll see if I go through major withdrawls!

5. We've had 3 more showings of our house this week and I'm getting sick and tired of these people wanting to come through at dinner time. Or nap time. Why can't they come through when I'm at the gym!

6. I'm going to body combat tomorrow (kick boxing) and I CAN NOT WAIT! I really need to kick some butt (mostly because I can't stop eating peanut butter!).

7. This time change is still killing me and I'm not sure why. I just feel tired all the time because of that one stupid little hour. That seems ridiculous to me but it is what it is.

8. I noticed if I sign on using I.Explorer I have no trouble leaving comments on blogs. If I use Chr0me, no dice. I guess that was the problem. Who knew?!

9. I'm supposed to go get a mammogram now that I'm the big 4-OH, but I conveniently lost the order slip. I guess I should call about that.

10. I won't have internet access ALL weekend because it's not hooked up at the new house yet. There's also no cable, and I'll have both kids wtih me. If I don't return on Monday, I've surely gone insane.

Have a great weekend people!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Of Course!

I'm calling this post "Of Course" because sometimes my lie is a big ole Murphy's Law. Here are just some of my of course moments from today.
Yes, this is my life.

Of course my husband had to fly to Asia on the day we have to change the clocks, just to complicate things.

Of course on the day we have to leave the house at 8am. to take hubby to the airport, we also have 2 showings scheduled, so we have to leave the house spotless!

Of course my 4 year old wet the bed on the day we have to be out of the house (and leave it spotless) by 8am. We wouldn't want things to go smoothly, would we?

Of course I slice my thumb open while cutting PINEAPPLE with a steak knife (I'm smart like that). Ouch and ouch! Did ya' know pineapple juice burns?

Of course I got my period on this already very hectic day.

At least my husband and I both got a good laugh about the craziness of today.

And just to put things into perspective, here I am at the end of my day, in my pajamas, and he is STILL on that airplane. He's a few hours away from Tokyo, which is only a stop over en route to his final destination. Now that's a looooooong day.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Manic Monday!

I don't know why it seems to be on Monday that I finally find a minute to sit down and write a blog post, but that's the trend in my life lately.

Here's a re-cap/catch-up of my life in the past week...

We've had 4 showings in 4 days at our Illinois home. I'm grateful for all the activity and interest in the house, but man, keeping the house in 'show ready' condition all the time is exhausting!

I missed my favorite class at the gym twice because of house showings, and that sort of ticks me off. Not cool.

I was told a while ago I would not have to be at the closing for the new house as long as I signed a zillion pieces of paperwork before hand, which I did. Then our lender called with less than one days notice to tell me he was wrong, and I WOULD have to be there after all.
The girls and I drove up to Wisconsin on Thursday afternoon, had dinner with the hubby, spent the night in a hotel, and closed on our new home on Friday morning. We then piled into our cars and headed back to Illinois because I had to work on Saturday.
Do you know how weird it is to get the keys to a new house and not even spend the night there? I wouldn't have scheduled myself to work had I known I was going to be up in Wisconsin at the house closing!

We drove right into the eye of a major storm on the way home from Wisconsin, which doubled our drive time. Fun times, I tell ya'!

I've had no change in my weight which is a victory for me at this point. With all the changes in my schedule and disruption in my exercise routine, I'm happy to not have gained. I can get back to the business of actual weight loss when things calm down. I'm proving that I can do maintenance.

We decided to have a 'family fun day' yesterday and took the girls to see The Lorax. It was awesome to hear them laugh out loud and just be kids, especially with all these changes going on in their little lives.
Later we baked energy bars together, played the Wii and had a nice dinner. I love those moments.

My lactose intolerance seems to be getting worse. I've never fully given up dairy. I did switch to soy milk, but when I have other cheese/dairy products I just take Lactase. Tthat was working fine until a couple days ago. Now it doesn't matter if I take the pill or not, I find myself in a constant state of minor intestinal discomfort and bloating. I know I should just bite the bullet and give up cheese, but I can't do it! Isn't it sad that I'd rather suffer than give up the foods that bother me? Probably why I was obese for most of my life. *sigh*.

I continue to struggle with leaving comments on blogs. On Saturday I managed to get many of them to post with no problem, but some still won't take. So, if I'm not commenting on your blog, it's nothing personal, I just can't get it to work!

Now I think I'm caught up. I'm going to read some more blogs now and hopefully it won't be a full week before I get to post again.
Until next time, be well!