Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Just a Quick Check-In

The family and I are hanging out at the new house in Wisconsin this week for spring break. We had movers bring a bunch of our stuff so at least we have a bed to sleep on this time.
We've been busy cleaning, unpacking, organizing and trying to have fun. We have no internet at the house yet but there was story time at the library and I get to go on line while the kids play.
Just call me a Pioneer woman!

There's no scale at the house so I haven't been able to feed my obsession of weighing myself every single day. I can tell you that my band is tight as a freaking drum and I'm really not able to eat solids. I know it's because of my monthly visitor, this happens every month. You'd think by now I'd learn right? No, of course not. Every day I continue to try to eat something, thinking it'll go down, and every day I wind up puking or sliming, because I'm a dumbass! This is what it's like to live with the disease of Obesity. I want to eat. I love food. My brain will do anything to try to trick me into thinking it'll be OK. Phil has other plans.

Tomorrow is hubby's birthday. I am making his favorite foods for dinner. I've been hoping things will loosen up before then but most likely I'll be drinking my dinner while everyone else eats what I made. That's life.

I went for a run the other day (when it was still warm out) and it felt glorious to be out on the road again. I've decided I don't love the treadmill but I do LOVE running outside. I wrote before about that huge hill near my home...I ran about half way up it before I thought I was going to die of lung failure. Then I power walked up the rest of the way. Once I got to the top, I ran the rest of the way since most of it was down hill anyway! The views around here are gorgeous. I could get used to this.

I'm going to go try to read some blogs before my kids get bored and we have to leave. I'll catch up with you all next week once I'm back in civilization (meaning internet access!).


Robyn's Nest said...

Hope you are back in civilization soon!

Sam said...

Great work on the run, you will be running the whole way in no time :o)

Ronnie said...

Don't ever get used to it - nature is glorious! Glad you found that running outside is your happy place. :)

Enjoy your spring break!

Cece said...

Glad you're getting adjusted and hope the H had a great birthday (and that you were able to eat a tiny bit).