Sunday, March 11, 2012

Of Course!

I'm calling this post "Of Course" because sometimes my lie is a big ole Murphy's Law. Here are just some of my of course moments from today.
Yes, this is my life.

Of course my husband had to fly to Asia on the day we have to change the clocks, just to complicate things.

Of course on the day we have to leave the house at 8am. to take hubby to the airport, we also have 2 showings scheduled, so we have to leave the house spotless!

Of course my 4 year old wet the bed on the day we have to be out of the house (and leave it spotless) by 8am. We wouldn't want things to go smoothly, would we?

Of course I slice my thumb open while cutting PINEAPPLE with a steak knife (I'm smart like that). Ouch and ouch! Did ya' know pineapple juice burns?

Of course I got my period on this already very hectic day.

At least my husband and I both got a good laugh about the craziness of today.

And just to put things into perspective, here I am at the end of my day, in my pajamas, and he is STILL on that airplane. He's a few hours away from Tokyo, which is only a stop over en route to his final destination. Now that's a looooooong day.


Lap Band Gal said...

good ol' murphys law :) glad you survived

It's me, Cheri! said...

Whoa! At least tommorw is not far away.

Virtual Paul said...

Hey, welcome to my life LOL!!!

Sam said...

Murphy can be cruel :o)

Ronnie said...

Oy! Sounds like a rough day... glad it's over with. :)

Also, good to know pineapple stings. I might have never known!

Beth Ann said...

Ay-yi-yi. That's A LOT!