Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Count Down Begins

The movers are coming on Sunday. I just might be freaking out a little bit right now. I'm about to make myself a mug of SF hot chocolate, and I'm seriously considering adding a shot of a little somethin'. I rarely drink, and never during the week! Mama just might be a tad bit stressed.

  • I went to the attorneys office to pre-sign all the closing papers yesterday. It was like I was writing a new chapter in my life.
  • I went to the post office today and filled out my change of address form. That felt really strange.
  • The kids had their last swim lesson at my gym tonight. When I told the instructor that we wouldn't be back, I started to cry. I'm such a freaking baby!

On a band related note, I was ravenous for chocolate all day yesterday. It was insane. I found myself in my favorite store staring at the 90% off Easter candy, wanting to just eat my way through the entire aisle. This usually only happens a day or two before TOM arrives on the scene. I checked my calendar and that's still a week away, so maybe it's the stress causing unreasonable cravings? I don't know.

Well, since I knew I was on a run away bus heading straight for Crazy Town, I did something to nip it in the bud. I went into the ladies clothes department, grabbed a pair of size 10 jeans off the rack and tried them on.
I had absolutely no intentions of buying anything, I just had to do it for ME. Well, I'm happy to say they slid right on! No sucking in or adjusting of anything. Just zzziiiiip! That felt great. Better than any damn chocolate cream egg can make me feel.
The experience didn't completely take my cravings away, but it was a nice little stroke to the ego and reminder of how far I've come. It made me realize I'm better than crappy food choices.
I had a salad for dinner.

I have an appt. with my primary doc tomorrow to discuss what, if anything, should be done about the fatty tumors in my arm. I was diagnosed with the first one about 8 years ago. It hasn't changed in shape or size but it has started to bother me. It feels like I'm being poked with a pin at times. I'm concerned about that as well as some other smaller ones that have developed over time. I know it's probably nothing but I want to hear him tell me that (since I never went to medical school!).

My internet and phone service is being disconnected tomorrow so I'll be off line for a while. I will be in a hotel from Sunday to Thursday though and I'm assuming I'll have Wi Fi there. I'll try to check in whenever possible.

I just looked at the time and date on my computer and realized TODAY is my 20 month bandiversary. Shoot! I normally do a whole post about it and have pictures, etc. Not this time, I guess.
I peeked back at my one year post to see what my weight was then (8 months ago) and at that time I was down 58.8 pounds. I had posted that my surgeon was happy with the results and basically gave me permission to enter maintenance. He was fine with me staying right there. I was not fine with that.
Today I am down 72 pounds. That's 13 pounds beyond where the doc was satisfied! I'm good with that.

Another day I'll do a post about where I go from here, and if I'm done losing. I don't have the energy or brain power to do that right now. I'm pretty sure there's something more that needs to be packed around here!

So next time we meet I will officially be a Wisconsin Cheese Head. Until then, be well my friends.


Andrea said...

Good luck with the move!

That's a great idea to help curb cravings!

E. Jane said...

Welcome to the upper midwest. We'll be "sort of" neighbors. I live in Minnesota. Best of luck on the move!

Caron said...

Very creative way to take your mind off the candy! I have one of those fatty tumors on my left arm. It has been there for 20 years and has definitely grown. Each time I ask a doctor about it, they say there is no reason to do anything about it. :)