Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I spent the better part of Sunday and Monday eating crap. I wasn't focused on getting in good forms of protein. I was eating like a preschooler.
A handful of rice cakes, a baggie of cheerios, a bite of this, a little of that...if it was a carb, it had my name on it. And of course I didn't measure or record any of it.
I realized I was out of control and feeling like crap (ie. the old me).

This crazy train has to stop, so just for today I decided to detox from carbs. It felt good to take control back, but I also saw how hard it is to NOT eat carbs! WOW, they're everywhere.

Now, I'm not going all Atkins or anything. That's no way to live as far as I'm concerned, but I needed to take a moment to really focus on quality food choices and more 'whole' foods instead of pre-packaged crap (my nemesis).

I have to say I feel good. I started the day with a protein shake made with a whole orange, 1/2 banana and some baby carrots. Plenty of natural carbs there but not the type I'm addicted to, so no worries.
Later I had a yogurt and some cashews. I even measured out the portion. Gasp!
For mid-afternoon snack I had a Pure Protein bar.
Dinner was a turkey hot dog and some fresh tomatoes and a Laughing Cow wedge. The hot dog probably wasn't the best decision because here I am almost 3 hours later and I'm still struggling to get it down, but it wasn't a carb so I'm good!

I went back to using 'my fitness pal' and that was a wake up call. Today, if I didn't count my bonus calories for exercise, I was actually out of calories before dinner. Wow.
Thankfully I had exercised for 40 minutes this morning so I didn't have to go over calories, and then feel guilty (because skipping dinner is NOT in my vocabulary).
I can't imagine how many extra calories I was taking in when I wasn't keeping track and was 'grazing' all day. That's probably one of the many reasons that tracking your food is a good idea, ya' think?

So just for today I have been successful in avoiding complex carbs. I'm a one day at a time kind of girl so I make no promises about the rest of my life. Just today.

And the message I will leave you with today..."If you eat it, write it down!".
It works.


o.c. bandster said...

Glad you are back on track. I know that taking control of the situation really helps the backslide.

Dawnya said...

Those damn carbs are evil little spawns of deliciousness! Keep up the good work. I'm going with you.

Beth Ann said...

How many calories do you shoot for? I always know if I'm not logging, I'm not doing well. :) Always my first clue!

Andrea said...

Good job!!!