Sunday, April 1, 2012

Down 1 or Up 4?

I'm a scale whore, I admit it wholeheartedly. Being in Wisconsin for the week with no scale was enough to drive me batty. However, I did try to eat well and be careful and it was sort of nice to not have to worry all the time about the number flashing at me every morning. I did feel a bit 'out of control' though just because I do use that number to keep me on track. You know, if it's up a little I say "Oh crap, back on track!", and so on.

So, this morning the first thing I did was strip and hop on the scale. The problem? Only some of the numbers were illuminated. It seems I may need a new battery. I hopped off and back on about 3 times and got the same result. It was sort of looking like 159 but the 5 wasn't all the way lit up so I can't be sure. God forbid it actually says 169, I just might die!

Because I'm a little OCD, I dragged out my old scale and got on. That biotch said 164! You better believe I'm liking the 159 a lot better. I'm going to see if I have the right size batteries around here to change it, and then I'll be weighing myself at the gym, on yet another scale that will give me a different number!

I'll be sure to let you all know the verdict as soon as I know. Now I'm heading off to kick some butt in kick boxing, and praying the whole time that I didn't gain 4 pounds in one week!

Have a great one.

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