Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Some Random Thoughts

I took 4 days off from the gym and I didn't die. I also didn't gain any weight, so that's good. Probably because I never have time to sit down these days, and packing must be burning some calories, right?

I went back today and did a KILLER spin class and it felt so good. My days at the gym are numbered (literally, I wrote them down on the calendar!) I have only a few classes left and then I'm on my own until I join a new gym up in Wisconsin. I think I've decided on the Y since they have a wide variety of group fitness classes. I suck when I try to do my own thing, and I know I don't push myself. I need the structure of a class.

In 14 days my husband and I will be living under the same roof again. What kind of craziness is that?! We've been in different states since August so it's definitely time to be a family again. It was a long haul but we did it and we survived!

Right now I'm craving something crunchy and salty, like potato chips. The only chips in the house are the ones in my daughters lunch bag for tomorrow. I will not steal from my kids lunch...I will not steal from my kids lunch...

Tomorrow my baby turns 5 and we're spending the day doing fun things together. Like a typical woman, she wants lunch at the mall, dessert, new shoes, flowers, and a trip to the hair salon. If she's like this at 5, pray for the man who will some day become her husband! I hope he has a good job.

I'm having a garage sale this weekend. It's supposed to rain. Figures.

I've been in bed by 9:00 every night this week. I'm so darn busy all day that by the time I actually sit down in the evening I'm totally exhausted. I don't get out of bed in the morning until one of my kids wakes up. This is my life.

On that note, it's 8:50pm. and my eyes are droopy. Better head upstairs, it's almost my bed time!

Have a good night everyone.

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Sam said...

Enjoy your workouts and I hope you had a great time with your daughter on her birthday :o)