Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thank God It's Thursday!

Cuz I got lot's of stuff to talk about and only a short amount of time in which to do it.

1. Remember when I told you guys I had to take my little one to urgent care to have a tick removed from her scalp? Yeah, that was fun.
Wanna' know what's even more fun than that? Getting a bill for $475.00 for removal of said tick! There's something seriously wrong with the health care system in this country. Either that, or those tweezers the doc used were made out of white gold, dipped in platinum!

2. Kiddo #1 had a 105 fever on Sunday. Took her to urgent care (a different clinic which only charges $55 for a visit!). They said she had all the symptoms of strep, but the test didn't show strep. They decided, much to my surprise, to medicate her anyway. I was happy about that because in my eyes there's nothing normal about a fever that high. Lo and behold she did not have strep, but had the lovely 'hand, foot and mouth disease' instead. YUCK. She kept telling me her feet hurt, so I looked. Sure enough, little blisters on the soles of her feet. Poor kid was a mess. It's a virus. It'll run its course.
I must say I like good ole bacterial infections much better. They go away with drugs. Just sayin'.

3. I've only been to the gym once this week.
Early in the week I was home with the sick kiddo. Yesterday my little one didn't have school, and tomorrow I'm volunteering at the school. I don't like missing so many days, but I did manage to go for a 2 mile run yesterday, and body pump today. I may have to go over the weekend to try to make up for lost time. Summer is on the way and I want buff arms!

4. Two days ago it was 94 degrees here in southern Wisconsin. Today it's not even going to hit 60. Wassup' with that? I'm not liking this!

5. I spent most of yesterday morning thinking about Beth Ann, and her surgery which she has posted about openly, so I'm sure she won't mind me mentioning it here. She is awesome, and the rock star in my life who I want to emulate. I keep thinking about how proud I am of her for taking this next step in her journey to a healthier and happier self.
She emailed me to let me know she is fine and recovering well. Phew!

6. Kiddo #2 just came home from school with much the same symptoms that #1 had just before the hand, foot and mouth. No fever just yet but no energy, no appetite. I JUST said that she never gets sick, and never catches what her sister has. I should learn to keep my mouth shut!

7. I'm struggling daily with hunger since my last unfill. I was too tight for so long that I got used to eating slider foods all the time, to try to avoid problems. Even though I can eat regular food now, I'm still in the habit of going for pudding or yogurt. The problem with that is those foods don't keep me full for long, then I'm hungry again and rummaging around for something to eat. It's a vicious cycle that I must stop!
I'm trying, but it's a challenge. It also reminds me of how much I really need this band because doing it on my own is not working so well for me.

8.  I made these cookies with the kids last night. Sure, they're healthy. But how healthy are they if you eat 4 of them? And, her recipe says it makes 14-20 cookies. I got 11. OK, so I like my cookies big! They are super yummy, and I'd make them again. You'll love the web site. Check it out!

9. I'm eating one of the above mentioned cookies right now. See, the power of suggestion.

10. want to take bets on who the next one in the house to get sick will be? Considering that I kiss my kids about a million times a day, and allow them to sleep with me when they're not feeling well, I think my number is up. Only time will tell.

That's it for today lovies! Enjoy the rest of your day.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Five Months of Maintenance

As I mentioned before, I've been struggling with the idea of staying where I am, or  losing more weight.

I decided to go back in my blog archives and see where I was a few months ago. Looks like I hit the 72 pound mark back in January and have stayed right around there ever since. There was that one week where I gained a few pounds and was scared straight, but other than that, I stay right around 158 every day.

I weighed in at 158.6 yesterday, and that's even with it being my T.O.M.
My body is comfortable here. I could really, REALLY restrict my calories, give up all treats, and kill myself (even more than I already do) at the gym, and get down to 155, but do I really want to do that? I think not.

I talked to the hubby about it and he said he thinks I'm where I should be. He said he's proud of me for how far I've come, and that I have kept the weight off. He wins points.

So, I'm not exactly sure how I'm supposed to do this. I guess I've been doing it for 5 months, and I still don't know what I'm supposed to be doing! I've never been a 'normal' weight in my entire life. I've always been trying to LOSE weight. I've never tried to maintain before. This is all new territory for me.

I bought a new note book yesterday. I need to start tracking my food again. Doing it on line just doesn't work for me. Back in the beginning, when I was a perfect little bandster, I kept a note book on the kitchen counter, and I wrote down everything I ate throughout the day. I feel I need to do that again just to see where I'm at with calories now. I really have no idea.
Now that I've had an unfill and actually get hungry now, I need to be careful.
Other than tracking, I have no plan for this stage of the journey.

So YOU, my fellow banded bloggers. If you are or have been in maintenance, how about some advice here?

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

And Then There Were Three...

CC's that is.

Even though I did manage to get rid of the heartburn that I was having by going on full liquids for 2 1/2 days, I decided to go in anyway . I had to bring my little one back to Illinois this morning for some dance stuff so I called my surgeons office to see if they could squeeze me in. They're awesome, and since they knew I was coming in from out of state, they got me in with a different surgeon (mine does not see patients on Tuesdays).
Apparently this dude is a general surgeon and does not do Bariatrics. However, he has partnered with my doc long enough that he's more than qualified to do an un-fill.
It was funny, he stormed into the room and said "So, you want some out? How much should I take out?". I felt like saying "You're the doctor!".
We discussed it, and even though I thought .50 CC would do the trick, he decided to take a full 1CC so that I wouldn't have to come back if the half wasn't enough. I can understand that, especially since I live 2 hours away. Better safe than sorry, right?

So, now I'm down to a whopping 3CC in my 14CC band. I'm hoping this does the trick and I can go back to eating like a semi-normal person (solid protein would be nice!).

I asked him why my band seems to keep getting tighter instead of looser over time. He feels it could be scar tissue restricting the band area. That just might make sense! Not sure why I never thought of that, and why my surgeon never mentioned it. This is my third un-fill after all.

When he was pulling out the fluid, my stomach almost immediately started to growl. I looked at him to see if he noticed, but if he did, he didn't care enough to mention it. I thought it was funny. I had some tenderness, not at the port site, but tenderness of the stomach! It's like my stomach was in a constant contraction for a week and was finally allowed to let go. So weird. I feel like someone punched me in the gut. When I got home 2 hours later I was starving.
I promised myself I would take it easy to make sure everything was OK, so first I had a cheese stick, and I ate it very slowly. Then I had a protein bar. Still starving, I had a SF popsicle. THEN I had a 100 cal. snack pack. Sheesh, I don't remember the last time I was able to eat that much in one sitting. Normally the protein bar would have sat with me for 2-3 hours. Now of course I'm scared that I'm going to gain weight. *sigh*

My doc told me several months ago that I'm in maintenance, or at least that I should be. I was reluctant to accept that, holding fast to the idea that I had 9 more pounds to lose. Well, here I sit, several months and 3 un-fills later, still having 9 pounds to lose, wondering if I just need to let go of that number.

I am not obese. I'm a normal size, I can shop in normal stores, and buy off the rack. All my clothes fit nicely, or are a bit loose. My cholesterol and arthritis are greatly improved. I exercise almost daily. I'm healthy, active and fit.
I'm not sure if I'm asking advice of my readers, or just thinking out loud, but I don't see me ever going back in for another fill if it's just to lose a stinkin' 9 pounds. It's not worth the risk of complications. The risk of heart burn. It's not worth having to go on liquids for a week every month because I can't keep food down.
So, am I ready to let go and move on? I think I might be.
This is a never ending journey, so I'll keep you posted.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

I think this is my favorite blogging day because it allows me to get caught up with all the stuff I've been meaning to write about but just haven't had the time. So here goes...

1. I joined the gym yesterday. It felt good to be back in it. I did Body Pump, and for any of you who have done that class, you know that 'first time' feeling you get the morning after. Yeah, I have that. I don't know if I can walk straight today my thighs are so sore! I'm going back tomorrow.

2. I love going for runs in my new neighborhood. It's a pretty rural area so it's so full of nature, and it's really a quiet. I don't even bring my ipod, I just enjoy the peacefulness of it. However because it's so rural, people tend to just let their dogs out in the yard with no leash or fence. I can understand that BUT I've been chased TWICE. One of the dogs was friendly and just wanted to play, the other little pisser was growling and showing his nasty teeth. I'm thinking about getting some pepper spray to bring along with me just in case. I'd hate to have to use it, but I really don't want to get bit either.

3. The girls and I planted a huge veggie garden the other day. It took a very long time to get the soil turned, pull the weeds, plant, etc. Then, as my life seems to be a constant comedy of errors, we couldn't get the outside water to work. I knew where the main valve was but couldn't get anything to happen when I turned it. That meant we had to fill buckets of water from the house and carry them out to the garden, which is WAY back in the yard, over and over again. This, I'm sure, counts as a cardio work out!
We've since figured out the water situation, so that won't be happening again!

4. My husband's job had a health fair yesterday. They gave him a fitness profile. He told me his results, and I told him I hated him.
This is a man who does only cardio a couple of times a week. He never lifts weights, EVER. He eats at least twice as much as I do, and that's a modest estimate. His body fat is something like 17%. He has a super high metabolism so they estimate he can eat about 2300 calories a day and maintain his current weight. Did you know I have to stay around 1400 calories a day if I don't want to gain weight?! I also work out almost every day doing both cardio and weight training.
I have just 2 words for you. MEN SUCK!

5. To expand on #4 I'd like to share with you what my husband took to work for lunch today.

  • 2 good size pieces of fish (left over from last night)
  • some broccoli
  • 1 cup of cous cous
  • 1 banana
  • 2 yogurts
  • some oatmeal to mix in the yogurts
  • 1 cheese stick

Want to know what I'm having for lunch today?

  • 1 yogurt
  • a handful of granola to mix in the yogurt
Yeah, that's fair.

6. I've been having heart burn again. I seriously think I need ANOTHER unfill. This would be my 3rd in a row, with no fills in between. I thought the band was supposed to get looser over time. That's never happened for me. I've had more un fills than fills. After the last un fill, I was able to eat chicken which was like a dream come true. I can't do that any more. What gives?!

7. John Deere sent me my very own PINK hat to wear while mowing the lawn on the rider. It's going to be 80 degrees here on Saturday. I'll be proudly sporting my pink Deere hat, and getting my tan on!

8. Read this story...
It's sad, and makes me think this fella' needs some restriction. Or common sense. Or self control. Just sad.

9. My new sun room furniture will be here in a couple days. I can't wait, not only because it's pretty and comfortable, but because I gauge my progress according to how many rooms in the house are finished. That will make one more room on the 'finished' list, and that makes me smile!

10. Today I started back on my 'drink a liter of water first thing in the morning' quest. When I was doing that I had no problem getting all my water in for the day, I felt better, and I was full longer. I don't know why I stopped, but I'm back on. Why don't you join me?!

That's all for now my loves. I'm heading out to the garden to pull some major weeds (and burn some calories).
Enjoy the rest of your day!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I Had a Wonderful Mother's Day...How 'bout You?

Like I mentioned in my last post, we went to the zoo for Mother's Day. We went on Saturday though because we figured Sunday would be over crowded (Mom's get in free on Mother's Day), and we were right. We were able to walk around for hours and not fight crowds to see stuff. The kids were super excited because they had been saving their own money for months so they could buy those 'mold a rama' model animals. They bought 3 different ones with their own money, and felt so proud. They saw some other stuff while we were there that they'd like to buy, so we used that as an opportunity to explain that they'll have to start saving again for our next visit. All good stuff.

After the zoo we had some shopping to do at Co$tco. The girls picked me out a big bouquet of flowers and hubby bought me a bottle of Kahlua. That's my kind of gift! I like to have a drink once in a while but can't stand the taste of alcohol, if that makes any sense. So, I can have a shot of Kahlua in my coffee or with some soy milk, and I'm good. That bottle will last me a VERY long time since I'm the only one who drinks it.

On Sunday morning kiddo #1 woke me up before the crack of dawn to tell me Happy Mother's Day. She's so lucky she's cute, and that I love her, because 5:45am. is not a reasonable time to wake up on a Sunday!
The one thing I asked for was that we all go out for ice cream together. The girls and I have been talking about this for weeks, and had our flavors all picked out. We went to Culver's and got a mixer, each different ones so we could share. It was such a nice treat, especially since I've been off the treats for a while.
After the ice cream we all worked in the yard for HOURS, so I'm pretty sure I worked most of that off.

Just to not be discouraged, I did not step on the scale yesterday or today. However, on Saturday morning I did and I was back down to my 'normal' weight before that horrid 4 pound gain.
I can only hope that I've kept it off. I'll see for sure on Wednesday.

Last night I was up half the night with a pukey kid. I kept them both home with me today and we're all exhausted. I think mostly I'm exhausted, and they're hanging in there.
Since I couldn't go for a run today I've used this 'stay home day' opportunity to get stuff done around here. It's not even noon and I've already cleaned the carpets on the 2nd floor, stripped and re-made the kids beds, washed dishes, and have a load of laundry going. I guess that little funk I was in is pretty much gone, thank God!
Now on to the 1st floor, then I'm pretty sure it will be nap time for all of us.

I hope you ladies all had a wonderful Mother's Day and got to spend it with the people who mean the most to you.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Getting Back to Me

It's been a rough week, to say the least. Last week I mentioned that I had some sort of cold/cough that took my voice away. Well, even after the voice came back, it stole all my energy, along with my bubbly personality.

I was sleeping so much and feeling so down that I actually told my hubby I thought I might have depression! I haven't been sick in a long time so I guess I'm just not used to this.

My typical day this week has been...

  • get up (begrudgingly) an hour later than my normal time
  • drag myself outside for a short walk/run around the neighborhood
  • get the kids off to school
  • climb back into bed for another hour
  • force myself to do some unpacking or house project
  • shower
  • take a second nap
  • get kids off bus
  • make dinner
  •  go to bed almost as early as my kids

Today is the first day I've felt even remotely like myself. I even went to 2 stores (then came home and took a nap!).
It probably hasn't helped that it was rainy and cold and I got no sunshine for most of the week.
This weekend is supposed to be gorgeous, and I can't wait.

Unfortunately this funk I've been in has taken it's toll on the weight front too. I managed to gain 4 pounds in 4 days. I got on the scale yesterday and almost cried!
I will NOT be a failure at this, so I took immediate action. Yesterday and today I've been on full liquids. Today the scale rewarded me by dropping 2 of those 4 pounds. I'm hoping the other 2 will be gone by tomorrows weigh in.

This is the first time I've had a substantial gain in 20 months! I guess I shouldn't have opened my big mouth in my last post when I mentioned that I was staying the same without much effort. Those days are gone.

I also need to bite the bullet and join the gym here. I really miss my gym in Illinois. I'm hoping to love the one here as much. I just haven't had the time or energy to get over there and sign up. I'm going first thing Monday morning while the kids are in school. It's obviously something I can't put off any longer.

For Mother's Day, we're going to the Milwaukee Zoo. We've been once before and loved it. It should be the first non-rainy weekend since we moved in. That'll be a nice change.

I hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day and get to do something special with your loved ones.
Until next time, be well!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

What Better Way to Catch Up..

Than 10 Things Thursday!

Phew, I'm so glad it's Thursday because I have so many random things going on in my head, and I really need to do a catch-up post for you all.

1. Tonight will mark one week that we've officially been in our new house. We're still not totally unpacked. *sigh* It really bothers my OCD personality, and I'm working on it every day, but this house is HUGE, and we have a lot of crap...I mean possessions. I must find a place for everything, all while maintaining some sense of normalcy for my kids.
Yesterday I worked on the family room.
 Today I cleaned the kitchen. One room at a time. One day at a time.

2. The day before we left Illinois, my 5 year old woke up with blood on her pillow. I assumed she had a little nose bleed in the middle of the night. Then she asked me to see why she had a bump on the back of her head. Holy Freakin' Mother of God, she had a tick in her head from our play time at the park the evening before. That means it was there ALL NIGHT LONG!
I'm a city kid and had never seen a tick before. I tried to pull that sucker out but he just grabbed harder onto her skin. I ran her over to urgent care (our first time EVER visiting one of those) and they got it out lickety split.
The doc told me ticks are bad right now in Illinois, but that the one he pulled off my kid was the biggest one he had seen this season. Lovely.
When he pulled it out, he set it down on the counter for us to take a look at. That thing still had a bloody piece of my baby's skin in it's mouth! I'm pretty sure I'll be having nightmares about that for a while.

3. My weight is holding steady at 158.2. It's funny how this is my body's new normal and I seem to stay right around here, even when I'm not really trying.
I haven't been to a gym in a week. I'll be joining one here very soon, but for right now my exercise comes mainly from unpacking and moving furniture.
I did go for a run this morning which felt amazing! I had forgotten how much I actually like running outside, especially on a nice crisp Spring morning. This neighborhood is so peaceful, and there are plenty of hills to get the heart pumping.

4. My kids both started at their new school yesterday. They get to ride the bus together for the first time ever, so they're pretty excited about that. They loved all the attention they got on their first day being the 'new kid' in class. The teachers did a great job of making them feel special and welcome. I think we're going to like it here!

5. I've had some sort of cold or allergies going on for a couple of days now and it's causing me to lose my voice. I sound like Marge from the Simpson's or a life time smoker. I have to tell all the new neighbors I meet "I don't normally sound like this". I haven't been sick in 2 years so I guess I really can't complain.

6. My band has been giving me some problems again lately, but this time it's sort of weird. I'm curious to see if this happens to any of you, so here goes.
I will eat something, taking small bites, chewing a lot, etc. Everything seems to go down fine, no stuck feeling, no sliming. Then, anywhere from 2-4 hours later (usually after drinking something) EVERYTHING comes back up. I'm talking the entire meal, along with the water that forced it up. What's up with that?
After this happens, I'm doomed for the rest of the night. It happened with lunch yesterday, so I had to have a protein shake for dinner.
Seriously, I only have about 4CC in a 14CC band, could I really need another un-fill? Am I not chewing enough? I'm at a loss. Crazy.

7. I believe I now live in fresh produce hell. I went grocery shopping today, to 2 different stores. The one store doesn't carry organics at all. The other one carries it but it's more than double the price I usually pay. I must find a market for fruits and veggies! Everything else here in Wisconsin seems to be cheaper, except produce. Isn't this a big farming area? What's up with that!

8. I swear I've lost all muscle tone that I had gained by working out consistently. Aren't our muscles supposed to have at least some  memory? When we were getting ready to move I was only going to the gym 2-3 times a week, as opposed to my previous 5-6 times per week. Now I haven't gone at all in a week and I'm telling you, my arms are flapping in the wind! Even my kids have been playing with the flappages. It's so disappointing. I wonder how quickly they will bounce back once I'm on a regular exercise routine again.

9. My little one just woke up screaming. Hubby went running to see what was wrong. She had the worst nose bleed I've ever seen. I'm not sure how it started but it took a very long time to get it under control. Her two main concerns were if she would be going to school tomorrow, and making sure we emptied the garbage before her sister saw all the bloody tissues and got scared. Love her!

10. I've been working on this post on and off for the past 9 hours! I do believe it's time for bed since I clearly need to get up early and lift some weights.

Have a great night everyone!