Friday, May 11, 2012

Getting Back to Me

It's been a rough week, to say the least. Last week I mentioned that I had some sort of cold/cough that took my voice away. Well, even after the voice came back, it stole all my energy, along with my bubbly personality.

I was sleeping so much and feeling so down that I actually told my hubby I thought I might have depression! I haven't been sick in a long time so I guess I'm just not used to this.

My typical day this week has been...

  • get up (begrudgingly) an hour later than my normal time
  • drag myself outside for a short walk/run around the neighborhood
  • get the kids off to school
  • climb back into bed for another hour
  • force myself to do some unpacking or house project
  • shower
  • take a second nap
  • get kids off bus
  • make dinner
  •  go to bed almost as early as my kids

Today is the first day I've felt even remotely like myself. I even went to 2 stores (then came home and took a nap!).
It probably hasn't helped that it was rainy and cold and I got no sunshine for most of the week.
This weekend is supposed to be gorgeous, and I can't wait.

Unfortunately this funk I've been in has taken it's toll on the weight front too. I managed to gain 4 pounds in 4 days. I got on the scale yesterday and almost cried!
I will NOT be a failure at this, so I took immediate action. Yesterday and today I've been on full liquids. Today the scale rewarded me by dropping 2 of those 4 pounds. I'm hoping the other 2 will be gone by tomorrows weigh in.

This is the first time I've had a substantial gain in 20 months! I guess I shouldn't have opened my big mouth in my last post when I mentioned that I was staying the same without much effort. Those days are gone.

I also need to bite the bullet and join the gym here. I really miss my gym in Illinois. I'm hoping to love the one here as much. I just haven't had the time or energy to get over there and sign up. I'm going first thing Monday morning while the kids are in school. It's obviously something I can't put off any longer.

For Mother's Day, we're going to the Milwaukee Zoo. We've been once before and loved it. It should be the first non-rainy weekend since we moved in. That'll be a nice change.

I hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day and get to do something special with your loved ones.
Until next time, be well!


Andrea said...

Hope you feel better soon! Good job on taking action before gaining too much!

Jody V said...

If you don't feel better soon go to the doctor. I felt the same way and it turned out I had mono. I hope you feel better soon!

Caron said...

Happy Mother's Day to you too. Take care. :)

Kristin50 said...

So glad you are feeling some better, I hope you get complete resolve quickly. I am also happy to hear that you were able to recognize the gain for what it was and just turn it around. That says so much about your resolve!

We are here for you!

Ronnie said...

Hope you guys had a great Mother's Day outing at the zoo, and that you're back to your old bubbly self by now. :)