Friday, June 29, 2012

Day 3 is always the hardest

I mentioned yesterday that I'm trying to do this low carb thing. I know full well I'm going through detox, and day 3 is ALWAYS the hardest with these things. I can remember my mom trying to quit smoking. Days 1 and 2 were a breeze, day 3 put her over the edge. That's where I am today.

My daughter had some animal crackers for her snack. I had almonds.
The kids both wanted pizza for lunch. I had an egg with a piece of cheese.

It doesn't matter that I'm full. I want carbs! I want to stuff my face with animal crackers and follow that up with a piece of chocolate. Gee, can we see why I was having a hard time maintaining my weight?

I'm not really doing a strict 'paleo' or 'atkins' thing. I'm just limiting the junk, which for me tends to be useless carbs.

I went to the store today and bought a cart FULL of fresh fruit. Watermelon, canteloupe, grapes, pears, cherries...

I figure when I'm craving sweets, I'll have a sweet piece of fruit. Can't hurt, right? I'm certainly getting carbs in my diet, just not the bad kind.

While out shopping I bought myself SIX new bras. That's right, I found some that actually fit AND were on sale, so I stocked up. I'm so tired of the big gap in the cups of my bras where my boobs used to be. I used to be a 38B (very hard to find) and now I'm a 34A. Yeah, they look like training bras, but they fit so I don't care!

I have a family reunion coming up in 6 weeks. There's also a ladies lunch the day before the reunion. Most of these people haven't seen me in about 2 years and have no idea about my weight loss, except from pictures on facebook. It's important to me that I look good for these occasions.
I've been working out like mad and really want to show off my hard work. So...I bought this today.

I know it needs to be ironed!

I'm REALLY not sure about horizontal stripes. This is a whole new territory for me.
Please be honest and let me know if this works for the ladies luncheon (with my aunts and cousins).
I still have the receipt and can return if need be.

That's it for today folks. Enjoy your day, and stay cool!


Ronnie said...

I love the dress. Be sure to pair it with some fabulous heels! :)

I was a 38B, too! Ugh, that is a bitch of a size to find. Thank goodness for the lapband.

Z said...

you look great! pair it with some cute heels and maybe a skinny belt to accentuate your shrinking waist. you'll look fab!

Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...

I love it too!

Caron said...

The dress is super cute. Day three will be over soon and maybe tomorrow will be easier. :)

Beth Ann said...

That is super cute!!! When I want something sweet, I have been having apple slices with almond butter. I still do dairy so sometimes I have strawberries with just a T or so of cream. Yum!

Vanessa said...

LOVE that dress!

speck said...

The dress definitely works! I think it works because of the top being a contrast with stripes.

I'm with you on the carbs. I think when I get the crazies it's not because I'm crazy but because the carbs make me crazies. That's my story anyways!!!!! lol

You look and are doing great. Your post are always positive and inspirational.

You are "living" the weightloss and not just talking about it like me!

See you in Chicago.


20 to go! said...

That dress is gorgeous! I didn't even notice horizontal stripes until you pointed them out! I too have lost lots of boob! It sucks! I am going low carb too! I waste way too many calories on those demon things!

Andrea said...

Love that dress! It looks great on you!

Sarah G said...

Love the dress!

I'm with you on the carbs. I'm going to try to limit mine for a while to jump start some loss here.