Monday, June 18, 2012

Just a Quickie

The in laws are in town and we've been super busy around here but I just wanted to check in real quick.

MIL is determined to weed and prune my entire yard (I live on 2 acres!) and that's just fine with me.
Tomorrow we'll be cooking lots of good stuff to stock my freezer. We work well together in the kitchen. I know I'm lucky as that is not the norm when the words 'in-law' are used!

My girls are over the moon to have their grandparents in the house. They're all over them from before sunrise, until bed. It's pure joy for all parties involved.

Hubby and I are on day 5 of "Insanity". It's freaking NUTS! The warm up could make the average person puke. We're determined to get through the whole thing no matter how long it takes. We had to take today as a rest day because his back was a mess this morning. Um, probably due to the insane work out we did yesterday!

Last year I bought some size 10 shorts off the clearance rack at the end of the season. I knew they wouldn't fit at the time but had high hopes they would 'some day'. Today I put those suckers on and they fit! My FIL kept saying how nice I looked and how he couldn't believe how small I've gotten. I haven't lost much weight over the last 6 months but I've stepped up the exercise. I guess that stuff really works!

I need to go to bed now because day 6 of Insanity will be here before I know it. Have I mentioned how much I hate that damn program? And the hot trainer on the DVD? Yeah, I hate it but nobody ever said this lifestyle change was supposed to be easy, right?!

g'night all.


Caron said...

What a happy report this is and I love it! Size 10 shorts sound great. I also had a great relationship with my Mom-in-Law and my kids did not ever mind being left with their grandparents.

I think I'll leave the "Insanity" to you. It sounds like I'd last about 30 seconds. :)

20 to go! said...

Wow! Size 10 - you must be chuffed! Nice to get a compliment from the FIL too!

E. Jane said...

Size 10...I'd take that for sure! Congrats!

Beth Ann said...

Love the Insanity and love the size 10s!!!