Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

It's Thursday, my favorite blogging day.
You know the deal...

1. We let the kiddos stay up past their bed time last night to watch America's Got Talent. It's our favorite show. You'd think they would sleep in today, right? Nope, kiddo #2 woke up at 3am. and pretty much never went back to sleep after that. It's going to be a FUN day!

2. I love to mix things into my yogurt for texture. This morning I was eating a yogurt with a handful of raw almonds mixed in. I think one of the almonds might have slipped down without being chewed, and now I'm paranoid. I can't finish the rest of the yogurt because I'm afraid that the almond might just be sitting there at the top of my pouch, getting ready to lurch! So far, no pain. Fingers crossed.

3. The first 2 blogs I read this morning were from people having their bands removed. So sad, and only adds to my paranoia!

4. I'm getting ready to go do my second Fit Test on the insanity program. Can't wait to see if I've improved much since the first time (3 weeks ago).

5. I tried to go on full liquids for a couple days in an effort to get off the last 2 pounds I gained when the in laws were in town. I couldn't do it. I need to chew!
I've decided that carbs and sugar are my real problem and I need to detox from those things. Yesterday I switched from liquids to pure protein. NO crackers or pretzels (or the endless list of other useless carby things I have in my pantry) for me. This morning I was already down a pound. I think this is something I can stick with more faithfully than liquids, and it probably makes more sense.

6. WHEN will I stop feeling fat? I don't know how to stop hating my body. My thighs are too jiggly, my arms are flabby, my belly too big...the list could go on and on. I'm really only about 10 pounds overweight. My lowest weight EVER, and somehow it's never good enough. I really want to enjoy this accomplishment, but my brain is still fat. I think my brain needs a lap band.

7. Gonna' be almost 100 degrees here today. We're going to the pool. Hoping that goes well with the sleep deprived kiddo! Lord help me.

8. Did you read about the new weight loss drug that's being approved. The research shows that 33% of people who take this drug will lose 5% of their excess body weight over a one year time frame. Really? That would be about 5 pounds in one year for someone like me who was 80 pounds over weight! Would you take a pill to lose FIVE pounds over a YEAR? Not to mention the potential risk of serious side effects like heart valve disease, and tumors! Come on, I think we can do better than that. And keep in mind that only 33% of people in the study actually lost the weight. That means that about 66% didn't lose anything. Nice.

9. OK, I just took a break from blogging to do to that darn Fitness test so I could tell you how I did. I stayed about the same in almost every category except the last two. For some reason, I tore it up at the end! Improved my score greatly for the last two. I have to test again in 3 weeks.

10. My daughter is watching a cooking show. They're making a huge chocolate cake. I want cake. Please refer to #5.

Have a great day people!


Caron said...

The diet pill sure sounds like a whole lot of nothing, but, there will be people lining up at the doctor's offices asking for it, I'm sure.

I had a friend who wanted to take Fen Phen when it was so popular. She told me she would have put rocks in her pockets in order to qualify. She loved it and lost weight and was one of the fortunate ones who did not get heart problems.

Beth Ann said...

I love that you went and did the test mid-post. :) Diet pills are always hard for me because that's what almost did me in. But I know the desperation that people feel and the feeling of hopelessness.

The problem is that no matter what you do, in the end you have to change your life.

Ronnie said...

I have no idea about the feeling fat thing. I need to know when I will, too? (I know, make everything about moi... but I think it's something most of us struggle with, sadly.)

Hope the girls slept in for you this morning, sweetie!