Wednesday, June 27, 2012

WTF Wednesday!

Thanks to our dear friend Draz, it's WTF Wednesday. I sure as heck have nothing weight loss related to write about, so here goes!

WhyTF is it that my kids NEVER need me for anything until I am on the phone or in the bathroom. Seriously. Every. Single. Time.  It's like their 'mommy has to pee' radar goes off and everything becomes an emergency!

WhyTF do the deer eat ALL my daisies in the garden, but none of the weeds. I'd think a good leafy green would be good for them once in a while, right? East some damn weeds, please!

WhyTF is it that it's on the cool side all week, and the one day that my 5 year old has soccer, it's expected to be in the upper 90's?! Really. It couldn't be 90 degrees yesterday, or tomorrow, just the ONE day she has soccer. I feel for the poor kid because I know I sit there in my lawn chair, not moving, sweating like a hooker in church. She has to run up and down the field for Pete's sake!

My kids are terrified of all things in nature. A bee buzzing, a frog in the garden, a chipmunk dashing by. This has to stop at some point because we live in the COUNTRY now people! We cannot stay in the house all year long so they don't have to see bugs. WTF!

WhoTF thought it would be appropriate and acceptable to charge $36 for an outfit for an 18" doll? My 5 year old has picked out at least 3 outfits that she wants for her AG doll (which she doesn't even have yet). I've told her she better get a job because I don't even spend that much on an outfit for HER, and she's a real person. There's obviously a market for these things or they wouldn't still be in business, right? What's wrong with people?!

WhyTF do I have to be so darn hungry on the days I do some seriously awesome exercise?! I know I'm burning more calories, but I'd like to create a deficit so I can actually LOSE some weight here. It's 10am. and I've already eaten 3 times. WTF!

OK, I think that's all I've got for ya' today.
I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday. Stay cool people!


Ronnie said...

LOL, they'll get used to the bugs. I know my boys have. They used to run inside at the first mention of an ant... crazy.

Also, I feel ya about the mommy's peeing radar... does that ever go away, I wonder?!?! :(

Caron said...

That always amazed me too. My kids would be missing in action until I picked up the phone either to make a call or answer one. Then, they would magically appear. It was really weird. :)

Beth Ann said...

American Girl stuff is nuts!