Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

Good Lord, Thursday is almost over and I'm just now sitting down to post my ten things! Here goes...

1. Hubby and I started week 7 of the Insanity exercise routine and let me tell you, it does NOT get any easier. It's freaking crazy hard and I hate just about every second of it, except for the sweating profusely part. That I like. Now the routines are 55 minutes long instead of 40, which means we have to get up even EARLIER. Nothing like sucking wind and sweating like a pig at a roast at the ripe old hour of 5am.!

2. The girls and I went to dinner at P@nera tonight since the hubs had a work event. I ordered the bowl of chicken noodle, sans bread or chips. Didn't realize until I got home that the whole bowl is less than 150 calories! It's a good thing we split a scone, or else I could have risked wasting away to nothing! My 1/3 piece of scone was more calories than my entire bowl of delicious soup. Damn sugar!

3. Today I tracked my food. I hate that I'm such a brat and hate tracking, even though I know I do much better with food when it's all written down. So just for today, I did it. It felt good. Let's root for tomorrow!

4. We have nothing on the calendar for tomorrow. Absolutely nothing. That hasn't happened in months. I keep checking to see if I made a mistake. I feel like we should be doing something. I think I need to re-learn how to relax.

5. Almost 2 years post surgery and I just discovered I can eat cereal. This is NOT a good thing. Cereal was my all time favorite food, and the one thing I could eat all day every day and never get tired of. It's a trigger food for me, and even though I always buy the healthy kinds, I can't stop at one serving. You'd think I would have this stuff under control after all this time, but nope, still a food addict. Damn carbs!

6. We got 2 huge storms here today, and boy did we need the rain. My daughter said "Mom, I think our grass his happy now". No kidding. This is the first real drought I can ever remember and it sucks. I bet our garden is happy now too.

7. It's expected to be 80 degrees and sunny and just plain gorgeous out this weekend. So of course I'm working. That's the way my life works sometimes!

8. If I want a good 8 hours of sleep I need to be in bed in 3 minutes. Crap. Darn Insanity!

9. I'm counting down the days until our trip back 'home'. I'm ready to start packing now, I swear. I'm so psyched to see my sister I could just pee my pants!

10.My 6 year old came up with a great idea tonight. She told me we could get some skin colored duck tape and wrap it around my arms. That way I wouldn't be 'flappy' any more. She's a genius, right? Gotta' love the innocence of kids.

On that note, it's my bed time. 5:00 is friggin' Insanely early people!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

It's All In The Numbers

Sometimes when the scale says the same darn number day after day, and discouragement sets in, we should take a look at some other numbers. The numbers I'm talking about happen to be WAY more important than the numbers on the scale.

We were at our favorite warehouse store today for the weekly shopping trip. We noticed they were having a health fair, free for members. There were nurses on hand, testing blood pressure and cholesterol on the spot, while you wait. Then offered a little consultation with the pharmacist once the results were ready.

Wanna' know my numbers?

BP: 106/67 (Average benchmark is 120/80)
Total Cholesterol: 126 (Preferred range is below 200)

How do you like them apples?!

The nurse was shocked at my BP. The pharmacist asked if I get dizzy when I stand up too fast!

Every once in a while a shadow of doubt enters my mind about the decision to have weight loss surgery. Then something like today's test results offers me a swift kick in the ass that says "Hey goof ball, you've lost 70 pounds, have excellent BP and perfect cholesterol, SNAP OUT OF IT!".

Get your numbers checked. You'll be glad you did!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Could it Be?

Why yes, it could be. It IS Thursday. My favorite blogging day!
It's Ten Things Thursday...

1. It rained last night for the first time in more than a month. It came down like a monsoon! I'm so happy for my little struggling garden.

2. I spent $150 on groceries today and still have no idea what I'm making for dinner. I suck at planning.

3. One more swim lesson for the kids and then I can have a little bit of my life back. This has been a tough couple of weeks, but well worth it because they really are learning a lot.

4. I did some Insanity work out today for the first time since the broken toe. It's a little sore but I held up pretty well. I'll be so happy when I'm back at it 100%.

5. We had our own 'salad bar' for dinner the other night and believe it or not, my kids just asked if we can do that again. Isn't that cool?
Here's a pic I took that day, because I was so proud of my dinner idea!

6. I'm getting super excited for our upcoming trip back to NY. All except the 13 hour car ride. That part doesn't excite me AT ALL. I'm already planning snacks and activities for the kids. It's torture. Pure torture!

7. I just saw this recipe posted by The Bandit Girl, and now that's what we're having for dinner tonight. Looks yummy, and I just happened to buy zucchini today at the store, so why not? I don't like how the recipe is written so if it turns out well, I'll rewrite it and post it again.

8. I haven't done an actual weigh in day in a long time, but rest assured my weight has been steady at about 159-160. I'd love to get down to 155 but sadly, I like to eat too much.

9. I've discovered since my last un-fill that I can tolerate cucumbers. I'm pretty excited about that because I love hummus. Cucumbers and hummus is yummy, and so much better for me than chips and hummus!

10. I'm smelling that zucchini pie right now and I just might be drooling a bit. Can't wait for dinner.

Have a great Thursday people!

Friday, July 13, 2012

What Now?

While heading up the stairs to put the kiddos to bed last night, I turned around to pick something up, and in an attempt to avoid a collision with my  youngest, I slammed my toes into the banister.
Yeah, I'm graceful like that. Holy frickin' mother of God, that hurt like nobody's business! I think I actually saw stars. Hubby and I both heard a pretty significant CRACK. It took my breath away.
Now I am the proud owner of a purple cocktail wiener of a middle toe. I can't put any pressure on it which makes walking a bit difficult. The top does not hurt. The bottom is unbearable.

Hubby came home early from work today, armed with surgical tape and epsom salts. After a nice hot soak in the foot bath, he and the kids played orthopedic and did this...

Isn't it pretty? I've been banished to my room to rest. I have water, ibuprofen and my lap top. What more could a girl ask for.

Now what do I do? I work out EVERY DAY people! I certainly can't run. I can't even walk! Insanity is totally out of the question.
I told hubby I would wake up with him and do the stretches and push ups (on knees, not toes), even though I can't do any of the jumping around. The good thing is that this week is the so called 'recovery week' which isn't really much of a recovery but is more strength based exercises. I'm hoping there's enough in there that I can do until this heals.
How long does it take for such things to get back to normal? I have no idea. I've never (knock on wood) broken a bone before.
I can't even call this a sports related injury. It's just a dumbass injury!

Ah, just another lovely day in my crazy life!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ten Things Thursday, and pictures

It's been a week since my last post and that can only mean one thing. It's Thursday!

1. My kids are involved in 4 different sports right now. I'm thinking I must have been suffering from temporary insanity when I signed them up. 3 of them happen on Wednesdays. It's pure craziness around here. My house is not going to be very tidy this week or next, that I can promise you!

2. My 5 year old is in soccer. Last night was the first game. The guy sitting next to us has a daughter on the team, and she seems to be a natural at the sport.
I kid you not, more than once I heard him yelling things like "Ava, you get out there and GET THAT BALL! Be AGGRESSIVE. As soon as the ball hits the field, you get out there and get it!".
Um, did I mention that these kids are FIVE years old? They should be having fun. I felt like saying "Listen jerk wad, your daughter has already scored 4 goals, could you leave her alone and let one of the other kids have a chance at the damn ball!?".

3. Both kids are in swim lessons for 2 weeks straight. The lessons are held outside, at the beach. The bad news? I have sand in my house all the time now. The good news? I get to sit on the beach every day for 45 minutes and get quite a lovely tan!

4. After nearly 3 months off (moving, waiting for transfer and license approval), I started back up at work last Friday. I was just about to leave the house when hubby stopped me and said "I think I need to take your picture today". I asked why and he said "Because you look so nice". Love that man.
Add caption

I swear the pants are brown. I know they look grey but I would never wear brown shoes with grey pants, so you have to believe me, they're brown!

5. Hubby and I are still plugging away at the Insanity exercise program. A few times he has needed to take a day off to rest his back. I just laugh at him and keep going, making little jokes about him not being able to keep up (I'm such a nice wife, huh?). 
Well, let me tell you. I went through and did a whole week without taking a break and holy crap, my back and hip were killing me. I was in AGONY. I had to sleep on an ice pack and take ibuprofen several times. I was ready to ask about hip replacement (OK, not really). But it was bad. I took a couple days off from Insanity, and just did my morning walks and it seems to be better now.
We've moved on to the 'recovery' week which really isn't a recovery at all. It's just more strength and less jumping around, so that should be good for the old hip.
No more teasing of the husband for me. Promise.

6. Why is my text different now? I didn't change anything. Stupid blogger.

7. The watermelon was definitely helping in the constipation department. I am out of watermelon. 'nuff said.

8. It hasn't rained here since June 16. Now we're playing a little game called 'will the garden survive this drought?'. Other than that, I'm enjoying our summer now that the heat wave has broken. It's nice to be able to get outside again!

9.  My daughter recently used the word 'skinny' when I thought she really meant healthy. I explained to her that a person can be healthy without being skinny. I said "like mommy, I'm healthy but I'm not really skinny". Her response was "Yeah, you do have a pretty big butt".
OK, lesson time is over.

10. The kids and I have been making these energy bars a lot lately. They love them and they're full of protein which is good for my little vegetarian. Now if I can just stop eating them, because you know, I have a big butt!

Enjoy your Thursday!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

It's Thursday People!

You know it's my favorite day...Ten Things Thursday.
Here goes!

1. Being in a new town and not near any family on a holiday really sucks. We didn't get invited to any picnics or parties and pretty much stayed home all night. Boooo!

2. The parade in town was at 9:30am. and thank God for that. It was already almost 90 degrees at that time, and got up to 100 shortly after we left. The kids wanted to walk in the parade, so we did, and were sweating  profusely by the time we got to the free ice cream at the end!

3. I broke my no sugar/useless carbs rule at the end of the parade. I was so friggin' hot I didn't care, and I had some ice cream. I'm not going to stress about it. Back on track today.

4. My hubby and his boss are taking their team to a Brewers game today. It's going to be another 100 degree day. I'm pretty sure if that was me organizing this event, I'd cancel! Boys and their baseball.

5. I ordered a pool for the kids (all stores were sold out so had to go on line). It took more than a week to arrive. I sat out in the scorching heat for an hour trying to get that sucker to inflate. I decided to inspect it to see what the problem was and guess what. There was a HOLE in the brand new pool. Not a happy Mama! They're sending me a new one, express mail. By the time it gets here this heat wave will probably be over.

6. I don't know how people who live in Arizona and have these 100 degree temps on a regular basis can deal. I don't like spending my summer indoors. It sinks!

7. I've been using watermelon in my morning protein shakes and it's awesome! The watermelon is so juicy that I don't need to use any milk at all. Today's special was watermelon, fresh blueberries, a few strawberries and a scoop of protein powder. Tastes like summer!

8. Bananas have been super cheap the past couple weeks so we've been making a lot of that banana 'ice cream' fake out. Yesterday I used a couple frozen bananas and a tablespoon of natural peanut butter. Holy peanut butter ice cream! Yumm-O. The kids favorite is wild berry. The possibilities are endless.

9. I'm missing 3 months worth of birth control pills. I remember packing them just before the move but can't remember for the life of me WHERE I packed them. I've been looking everywhere. This is not good. I suffer from PMDD and the pill helps me to not become the exorcist once a month.

10. Did you know that watermelon juice has a cleansing effect? It pushed toxins through the body. You might say it's very 'moving'. On that note, gotta' go!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Calories Count

I typically try to keep my caloric intake at about 1,400 each day. MFPal says if I don't exercise at all, I'm allowed 1,260, so I figured with my moderate to intense exercise, I should have about 1,400. Some how I got that number in my head and went with it.

I haven't lost any weight in a LONG time.

I decided to go back on MFPal and have them calculate my calories with intense exercise, since I've been doing "Insanity", which is a crazy hard exercise program.

I was shocked to see that I'm allowed 2,000 calories on my Insanity days. Holy smokes, that's a lot of calories! I haven't eaten like since the 'old days'.

I decided to put all my fears aside, and go for the 2,000. I was terrified. The last thing I want to do is GAIN weight at this point.

I tracked my food all day and got to just about 2,000. I didn't eat when I wasn't hungry but I snacked a lot to get it all in. I spent 2 hours at the pool with my kiddos so I was actually starving in the afternoon, which helped me get up to the magic number.

I went to bed with my tummy feeling satisfied, but my brain being scared. I didn't want to think about the scale in the morning.

Well, I'm here to tell you that I got on the scale this am. and was DOWN 1.2 pounds! Get outta' town. Really? I can eat MORE and lose weight?

I think the important lesson is that our bodies are machines that need fuel. Doing all that Insane exercise and not refueling is really not doing my body much good.
I will continue to track my intake daily to make sure I stay on track. I'm hoping I've found the key to my maintenance success. I may also have figured out why I've been tired ALL THE TIME.

Happy 4th of July. Enjoy your day!