Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ten Things Thursday, and pictures

It's been a week since my last post and that can only mean one thing. It's Thursday!

1. My kids are involved in 4 different sports right now. I'm thinking I must have been suffering from temporary insanity when I signed them up. 3 of them happen on Wednesdays. It's pure craziness around here. My house is not going to be very tidy this week or next, that I can promise you!

2. My 5 year old is in soccer. Last night was the first game. The guy sitting next to us has a daughter on the team, and she seems to be a natural at the sport.
I kid you not, more than once I heard him yelling things like "Ava, you get out there and GET THAT BALL! Be AGGRESSIVE. As soon as the ball hits the field, you get out there and get it!".
Um, did I mention that these kids are FIVE years old? They should be having fun. I felt like saying "Listen jerk wad, your daughter has already scored 4 goals, could you leave her alone and let one of the other kids have a chance at the damn ball!?".

3. Both kids are in swim lessons for 2 weeks straight. The lessons are held outside, at the beach. The bad news? I have sand in my house all the time now. The good news? I get to sit on the beach every day for 45 minutes and get quite a lovely tan!

4. After nearly 3 months off (moving, waiting for transfer and license approval), I started back up at work last Friday. I was just about to leave the house when hubby stopped me and said "I think I need to take your picture today". I asked why and he said "Because you look so nice". Love that man.
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I swear the pants are brown. I know they look grey but I would never wear brown shoes with grey pants, so you have to believe me, they're brown!

5. Hubby and I are still plugging away at the Insanity exercise program. A few times he has needed to take a day off to rest his back. I just laugh at him and keep going, making little jokes about him not being able to keep up (I'm such a nice wife, huh?). 
Well, let me tell you. I went through and did a whole week without taking a break and holy crap, my back and hip were killing me. I was in AGONY. I had to sleep on an ice pack and take ibuprofen several times. I was ready to ask about hip replacement (OK, not really). But it was bad. I took a couple days off from Insanity, and just did my morning walks and it seems to be better now.
We've moved on to the 'recovery' week which really isn't a recovery at all. It's just more strength and less jumping around, so that should be good for the old hip.
No more teasing of the husband for me. Promise.

6. Why is my text different now? I didn't change anything. Stupid blogger.

7. The watermelon was definitely helping in the constipation department. I am out of watermelon. 'nuff said.

8. It hasn't rained here since June 16. Now we're playing a little game called 'will the garden survive this drought?'. Other than that, I'm enjoying our summer now that the heat wave has broken. It's nice to be able to get outside again!

9.  My daughter recently used the word 'skinny' when I thought she really meant healthy. I explained to her that a person can be healthy without being skinny. I said "like mommy, I'm healthy but I'm not really skinny". Her response was "Yeah, you do have a pretty big butt".
OK, lesson time is over.

10. The kids and I have been making these energy bars a lot lately. They love them and they're full of protein which is good for my little vegetarian. Now if I can just stop eating them, because you know, I have a big butt!

Enjoy your Thursday!

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Ronnie said...

Over aggressive parents scare me! I don't get it.

And my boys always feel the need to comment on my "problem areas," too. What is up with that?!