Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

Good Lord, Thursday is almost over and I'm just now sitting down to post my ten things! Here goes...

1. Hubby and I started week 7 of the Insanity exercise routine and let me tell you, it does NOT get any easier. It's freaking crazy hard and I hate just about every second of it, except for the sweating profusely part. That I like. Now the routines are 55 minutes long instead of 40, which means we have to get up even EARLIER. Nothing like sucking wind and sweating like a pig at a roast at the ripe old hour of 5am.!

2. The girls and I went to dinner at P@nera tonight since the hubs had a work event. I ordered the bowl of chicken noodle, sans bread or chips. Didn't realize until I got home that the whole bowl is less than 150 calories! It's a good thing we split a scone, or else I could have risked wasting away to nothing! My 1/3 piece of scone was more calories than my entire bowl of delicious soup. Damn sugar!

3. Today I tracked my food. I hate that I'm such a brat and hate tracking, even though I know I do much better with food when it's all written down. So just for today, I did it. It felt good. Let's root for tomorrow!

4. We have nothing on the calendar for tomorrow. Absolutely nothing. That hasn't happened in months. I keep checking to see if I made a mistake. I feel like we should be doing something. I think I need to re-learn how to relax.

5. Almost 2 years post surgery and I just discovered I can eat cereal. This is NOT a good thing. Cereal was my all time favorite food, and the one thing I could eat all day every day and never get tired of. It's a trigger food for me, and even though I always buy the healthy kinds, I can't stop at one serving. You'd think I would have this stuff under control after all this time, but nope, still a food addict. Damn carbs!

6. We got 2 huge storms here today, and boy did we need the rain. My daughter said "Mom, I think our grass his happy now". No kidding. This is the first real drought I can ever remember and it sucks. I bet our garden is happy now too.

7. It's expected to be 80 degrees and sunny and just plain gorgeous out this weekend. So of course I'm working. That's the way my life works sometimes!

8. If I want a good 8 hours of sleep I need to be in bed in 3 minutes. Crap. Darn Insanity!

9. I'm counting down the days until our trip back 'home'. I'm ready to start packing now, I swear. I'm so psyched to see my sister I could just pee my pants!

10.My 6 year old came up with a great idea tonight. She told me we could get some skin colored duck tape and wrap it around my arms. That way I wouldn't be 'flappy' any more. She's a genius, right? Gotta' love the innocence of kids.

On that note, it's my bed time. 5:00 is friggin' Insanely early people!


Caron said...

Raisin bran is my favorite cereal and I used to think it was healthy but it isn't. Anyway, I never buy it anymore because I can't stop at one serving. The only time I eat it is when we stay in a hotel or motel that has breakfast.

Sarah said...

I can stop at 1 bowl of cereal if I have it in a bowl as big as my head. Nom nom nom. Loves me some cereal here too.

E. Jane said...

Cereal has never been a big draw for me, but I understand why others like it. It gets very old in my cupboard, and I always end up throwing it out--no kids at home anymore. I love oatmeal, however, especially with fruit, nuts, and cranberries--all weighed and measured--my favorite meal of the day.

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

#1 = seriously impressive!

Ronnie said...

Hope you had a great day doing nothing on Friday! I need some skin colored duct tape for my batwings, too - where can we get that? LOL

Lap Band Gal said...

They have duct tape in all kinds of colors now. Perhaps you could get some that matches your different tops? I love your solution-oriented little one! :) Hugs!