Friday, August 31, 2012

What the Heck! How Did I Miss it?!

I missed an entire day. Not just any day, but my favorite day of the week! Thursday came and went on me. I noticed Hubby was dressed in jeans this morning which can only mean one thing. It's Friday. So I missed "Ten Things Thursday"!

We can't have that. I'm going to do the post anyway, a day late. So here goes...

1. The kids had their open house for Kindergarten and First grade the other day. All day they were pretty much begging me not to make them go to school and asked if I could  just home school them.
As soon as they met their teachers and saw their classrooms, that anxiety was all gone and now they can't wait to get started! I love that they love school.

2. I was all ready with a plan for what I was going to do with my days now that both kids will be in school all day, every day. I had a cleaning day, a shopping day, gym days, and a day to have lunch with my Hubby. Well, that all changed yesterday when I was offered a bunch of hours at work!
I'm happy about having the opportunity to work more because I really do love what I do, but dang it I was hoping to finally have a spotless, squeaky clean house every day! Not gonna' happen.

3. Now that I'll be working during the week and not just weekends anymore, I need to take inventory of my closet. We are only allowed to wear jeans to the office on weekends. I think I have ONE pair of dress pants in my closet, and I'm pretty sure they're at least one size too big. Looks like I just might have to go shopping for ME. What a novelty.

4. I may have mentioned before that when we moved into this house there was already a GIANT raised bed container garden in the back. I was excited that it had already been done for me. We didn't have a ton of time to plant the whole thing but I did put in some tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots.
This has been a huge undertaking due to the drought and heat wave. Not to mention that the garden is way out in back so it takes time just to drag my hose (3 hoses attached together) out there.
The crops have been disappointing this year. It seems like I've put in a whole lot of work and had very little reward. We have plenty of cherry tomatoes every day, but that's about it.

THEN, yesterday I found this...

Oh, lovely cucumber, we will eat you for dinner tonight!
I'm not sure why it's curled on the end. The other smaller one that I left in the garden is shaped the same way. Odd.
Not sure this was worth the hours of work and many, many gallons of water that it took to grow, but the look on the face of my 5 year old was priceless.

5. Another 90 degree day today so we're heading to the pool. Call me crazy but I'm kinda' looking forward to some cool, crisp weather.

6. I'm 90% sure I'm not making an appearance at BOOBS this year. I've known for a while that I wouldn't be able to go for the whole thing but was planning on just coming on Friday for the day.
Hubby's job is having their all day golf outing on that Saturday and it's a big deal with his company. He is expected to be there, which makes it impossible for me to spend the weekend in Chicago. I was just going to take the train on on Friday, spend some time with my favorite ladies, and take the train back.
However, we live on the golf course and some folks at work have mentioned the idea of hanging at our house after the tournament. Well, that changes things a bit doesn't it? I know me, and I know that if that's going to happen, I'll be spending all day on Friday cleaning the house and trying to make everything look perfect for the crew. I'm a bit OCD about these things.
I just don't think I'd be able to enjoy myself knowing I had a ton of things to do back at home.

7. Did you know the first year you ladies did a BOOBS get together I lived in Chicago but didn't know about the event until it was already over? I was so sad and vowed that the following year I would be there.
Well, the following year we were in Disney for part of the get together but I did manage to pop in and meet some ladies the day after we got back from Florida. So, once again I'm saying "next year".

8. I met a really nice neighbor down the street and then ran into her again at the school open house. She mentioned more than once that I'm welcome to stop by any time for coffee, or just to hang out. She seemed really sincere. It made me think back to when I was a kid and my mom and her friends used to do that all the time. People would just pop in for coffee with no notice and we thought nothing of it.
Does anyone do that these days? I think I'd love it.

9. In 17 days I will turn 41. I'm not embracing this like I did when I turned 40. I embraced it so much that I ran a 5K on my actual birthday and loved it!

This year, not so much. I think it's the difference between being '40' and being 'in your 40's' that has me cringing.

10. That's all for today lovies. Get out there and enjoy your day!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Think Like a Five Year Old

If I could be more like my 5 year old I'd be all set.

Today at lunch she couldn't finish her jelly sandwich, claiming to be too full.
Not 5 minutes later she asked me for a peach.
I said "I thought you were too full".
Her response...

"I'm just too full for more bread, but I'm not too full for fruit".

Don't you wish your brain worked like that?

Sunday, August 26, 2012

I Drank a Beer, and I Liked It

I don't have a lot to say today so let's go for the bullets...

  • I had a beer yesterday. I forgot I actually like beer. It's been more than 2 years and it  was yummy. I stopped at one. Now I know why I hate all kinds of wine. It's because I was meant to be a beer drinker!

  • I had to work today and in my attempt to detox from all things sugar, I stayed out of the kitchen (better known as the third circle of hell). At work there's ALL sorts of trouble lurking in the kitchen for the taking. We're talking M&M's, skittles, twizzlers, cookies, animal crackers, fruit snacks, anything with the word gummi before it's name, etc. I had my cucumbers and yogurt and protein bar.  I survived the day without one life saving piece of chocolate. Imagine!

  • It's almost September and I once again have a sun burn. I think I like summer in Wisconsin. It just seems to go on and on and on. 

  • We met some cool neighbors too while getting sun burned, and drinking the above mentioned beer. Life is good.

  • My sister is coming to town for my birthday! Just us girls for 4 whole days. I am beyond excited!

  • My husband did a crazy mud run/obstacle course yesterday. He had a great time and enjoyed it but today his allergies are crippling him from all the hay he had to climb over. It's sad when there's not a darn thing you can do to make it all better.

  • I think I want to do another race now. Have I mentioned before that I don't particularly care for running? I must be crazy.
That's it for now folks. I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Best Day of The Week

I had a million things I've been meaning to post about this week but sometimes life just gets in the way. I've been doing laundry, cleaning house, pulling weeds, getting kids ready for school, etc. So, since it's Thursday, I'll get some of those blogging ideas out of my head by doing a Ten Things Thursday post!
Here goes...

1. Our road trip from Wisconsin to NY state was awesome. The kids were great, the weather was great, and I packed awesome (healthy) food to get us through it. Not to mention that the hubby drove the entire 12 hours himself so all I had to do was co-pilot. We all felt alive and well, and full of excited energy when we arrived.

2. Our road trip from NY to Wisconsin was less than stellar. I was on day 2 of my T.O.M. which means my band was tight. I didn't take as much time to prepare and pack healthy snack options for the way back. That being said, I ate like crap! I ate mounds of Pirate's booty and veggie straws. I know it's better than cookies and cake, but eating salty carbs all day when you're stuck in a car, and NOT eating protein lends itself to a very long day. I felt like crap. I couldn't keep my eyes open for the last 2 hours of the trip. When we got home I threw up 3 times and had to lay down for a short nap. I got up to get the kids ready for bed and went back to bed myself. I felt hung over the next morning.
Knowing what works is only half the battle. DOING what works is the other half.

3. My oldest nephew hadn't seen me since last summer. Although I've only lost about 10 pounds since that time, he couldn't stop talking about how 'skinny' I got. In fact I discovered later from a few of his friends that he had texted them and said "Dude, you won't believe my aunt. She's so little!".
He's a fitness enthusiast himself so it makes me smile that he took notice. I guess the craziness of "Insanity" is really working its magic!
Here we are...
He makes me feel old!
4. While in NY I worked out 3 times. Hubby and I ran 2 miles one day. We did an Insanity recovery day once. Then on Friday he DRAGGED me, against my will (not really) on a FOUR MILE RUN. I've done plenty of 5K races, which are 3.1 miles, but never more than that. He's training for a big race and needed to do the whole 4, and some how convinced me that I could do it too. He normally runs faster than me but was taking it easy because of his lower back issues. Running together made it seem easier. He was very encouraging the whole way (He can talk and run at the same time. Imagine!).
I should mention that we got rained on for more than half of the 4 miles. However, we didn't quit! What's a little rain? Now if only he didn't have to go to work every day and could dedicate his life to running with me, I'd be all set!

5. I have a dear friend who is 2 years younger than me, is morbidly obese, has type 2 Diabetes, and just lost the lower half of her leg. She had an infection that wouldn't heal because of the diabetes, so they took her leg. I can't tell you how much I think about her every day. The fact that she actually lost a limb because of her obesity related health issues has rocked me to the core. My heart breaks for her.

6. I have less than 2 weeks left with my kids at home before they're both at school all day. This will be the first time I'll be alone ALL day since the minute the first one was born. I know most moms can't wait for school to start but I have to admit, I miss them when they're gone for so many hours. I think I need a valium.

7. We're going to the beach today since it's going to be 90 degrees and I feel like time is running out to do fun things before school! My little one doesn't even want to go to the beach. I will force fun on her whether she likes it or not.

8. I've been finding lots of great recipes for natural, real food snacks. I've decided that once we get through the crappy packaged snacks in my pantry, I'm not buying any more. If my kids want a snack, they'll eat what I make. That way I know exactly what they're eating and it won't be full of sugar, salt, and preservatives. Just call me Crunchy, Granola Mama!

9. I think hubby and I have a problem. We're already seriously discussing our vacation that won't happen until 2016! We like to plan ahead. A little OCD, ya' think?

10. I still haven't taken a 2 year 'bandiversary' pic. I'm such a slacker.

Have a great Thursday everyone!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Back from Vacation, 2 Years, and Detox

Hi Folks.
We got back from our vacation back East last night. I'm totally exhausted and nearly brain dead. We had a fabulous time with family and friends which makes me happy and sad all at the same time. I miss them all and wish we lived closer.

I was off line all week, preferring to enjoy every minute with my family over blogging or reading blog posts.

I had a pretty good week as far as food and exercise. I am up a bit on the scale this morning and feel that it's time to Detox again! Sugar is never my friend. Why do I ever think it can be?

Today, not only is my wi-fi not working, but I have a ton of laundry to do and things to unpack. So, when I get more than a minute to sit down I will be posting about my 2 year bandiversary which happened a couple of days ago. My, how time flies!

I hope you've all had a fabulous and healthy week.

More to come!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

My favorite blogging day of the week. It's Thursday! Here goes...

1. We're leaving on our big (13 hour) road trip to NY on Sunday. That's 4 days from now. My kids are already packed (or should I say totally over packed!) and their bags are sitting in the hall. Think they're exited?

2. I'm sort of obsessing about the food for the big road trip. We're bringing the typical stuff...grapes, string cheese, sandwiches (for them, not me) yogurts, etc.
I'm also making these which I know are band friendly, and these, which I'm hoping are band friendly. I figure we need good, healthy whole foods to sustain us, along with the packaged crap I already bought!

3. I forgot to mention the other day when I posted about our wedding anniversary that the hubby came home with not one, but TWO dozen roses for me. I felt like a doofus because I sort of thought we weren't doing anything like gifts and cards this year! Having just purchased our dream home and all, we're being super careful with money. But, he gets big points for being such a sweetheart...

4. I bought myself a new wedding ring the other day. Well, not really. You see, the rings that I've been wearing for 8 years are considerably too big on me and I'm terrified that I'll lose them. Hubby designed the engagement ring himself and worked with a jeweler to have it made for me. If I lost it I think I'd cry for the rest of my life.
So, to reduce the risk of losing my rings, and of course to keep all the guys out there from thinking I'm a single lady (ha!), I bought myself a $10 fake wedding ring. We'll be visiting a jeweler next week while in NY to have my real rings sized.
Would you believe when we got engaged my ring size was an 8 1/2 (I had it sized down to an 8 shortly after) and now it's a 6 1/4? That's crazy!

5. About a month ago we decided it was time to tell our girls the proper names for human genitalia. Ever since then, they use the words ALL THE TIME!
I hear things like "Sissy, when you swam away from me in the pool today you kicked me in the vagina and it hurt". 
Or when I'm getting in the shower (because I can't be left alone for 5 minutes) I hear "Ewww Mom, I can see your vagina!".
I'm pretty sure I liked it better when they called it their 'coo coo' or 'private parts'.

6. I'm getting a pedicure tonight for the first time in close to forever. My hooves are rough! Wearing flip flops all summer, and doing gardening has not been kind to my feet.

7. Remember when I wrote about being up a pound on the scale after our anniversary dinner, and hoping it was just water? Well, not only is that pound still there, it has been joined by a friend! I'm pissed. I don't know what the heck is happening, but I don't like it. I haven't even had any chocolate, or cookies! I swear my body doesn't like homeostasis. It will do anything in its power to gain weight. It hates me. So today, just for today, I'm on full liquids. I cannot allow myself to be up 2 pounds. Something must be done. I remember my surgeon telling me "Don't let the pounds creep back up on you". So, I'm fighting the creep!

8. You see the tag on these jeans?

I didn't notice that tag UNTIL I GOT HOME. Can you believe that?
In the old days I would have been hunting for that tag in the store, hoping to find something that would make me look a little slimmer. Now, come on, if you have a pair of jeans that can make a 240 pound woman look slimmer,  you're a freaking magician. But still, I would have tried. This time I just bought the jeans because they were 80% off and they FIT. Not because of their promise to make me look slimmer.
Talk about a victory.

9. I really should have taken measurements at the beginning of doing Insanity because even though I haven't lost weight, things are loose. My size 10 shorts are very loose in the waist. Crazy, huh?

10. My kids have been doing arts and crafts projects for an hour now. On their own. Quietly. How is that possible? Wow, quiet is so nice.

Have a great rest of your day people!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Appetizers and Dessert

Date night with the hubby and kids was a huge success. Hubby loved the dress and is currently trying to convince me to wear it to the family reunion next week. Not likely!

The kids enjoyed getting dressed up and going out to a 'fancy' restaurant. They loved that we included them in our anniversary celebration. We've decided to make it a family tradition.
They were SO good at the restaurant. They both ordered their own sushi (no raw fish) and ate it all. I was impressed.

You're probably wondering what I ordered at the sushi restaurant. Well, I can't tolerate rice AT ALL, and raw fish just scares me. So, my options have been reduced to appetizers and desserts. Sounds good doesn't it!?
I ordered the appetizer portion of shrimp tempura. I know, I know, it's fried food. I RARELY eat anything fried but I love tempura. I figure I got a ton of protein in the 4 pieces of shrimp and since I ordered the appetizer size, I didn't get any of the things that go along with the dinner portion like rice, soup, salad, veggies. All of which would have gone to waste since I follow the 'protein first' rule.
I ate my 4 pieces of shrimp very slowly as my family devoured their sushi and rice. I was completely satisfied and not over-stuffed at the end of the meal.

My 5 year old with the killer sweet tooth decided to bat her eye lashes and give us the big brown eyes aka 'puppy dog' look and ask if we could order a piece of cake for dessert. After all, she said, it is a special occasion! Shockingly, the husband who moonlights as the sugar police, said yes. We ordered one piece of chocolate mousse cake and 3 spoons. Hubby wouldn't eat a piece of cake if you paid him, so it was for us 3 girls to share. It was DeeeeLish, and we enjoyed every bite.

After dinner the hubs and I were talking about the old me and what I would have ordered in the old days. The old FitBy40 would have ordered the full dinner complete with rice, soup and salad. I would have eaten the entire meal and then still wanted dessert. I might not have ordered dessert, but I would have wanted it. If I had ordered it, special occasion and all, I would have been able to eat the entire piece of cake by myself.
And for that, I say a big Thank you to my my band!

And just so you know, even though I only ate an appetizer and 1/3 of a dessert, I was still up a pound this morning. Yup, that's my life. I figure it's a bit of water weight since my meal was pretty salty. That being said, today my goal is WATER, WATER, WATER! Must flush the system.

Have a great night everyone!

Monday, August 6, 2012

8th Anniversary!

Today is our wedding anniversary.
It's been a crazy 8 years with 3 moves, buying and selling 3 houses, having 2 kids, changing jobs, etc. We've been through it all and love each other more and more because of it.

Tonight we're going out for dinner as a family to celebrate. Hubby and I already went out Saturday  night just the two of us, so tonight is a 'family date'. The girls are even more excited than we are!

They love it when I dress up. I guess I don't do it often enough because when I do, it's a big deal. You should have seen their faces light up when I put on a dress Saturday night. I decided to do it again today for the family date.

Last year when my friend who works in retail let me shop and use her employee discount, I picked up a white summer dress in a size too small for me, figuring I'd get into it. Well, it's now considerably too big for me! I guess there are worse problems in the world, right?

It's a size 12. I'm comfortably in a 10 now and even some of those pants are a bit big now since doing Insanity.

I definitely couldn't wear it as is, I had to add a belt or else I looked like I was going to a toga party, or wearing a hospital gown. I'm tempted to just hang it back up in the closet and choose something else, but darn it, I paid for this dress and I want at least one wear out of it! I know, I'm cheap.

I put it on and asked the girls what they thought. The older one said "It looks a bit too floppy on the top". Yes, I know, I've never been top heavy. I decided to take a little tuck in on each side with my very limited sewing skills.
If I was back in NY my sister or aunts would have done it right and had it done in 10 minutes flat, but I'm not there so I did what I could with needle and thread.

So, here's my too big summer dress that I'll probably be giving away after tonight...

I'm fully aware that you can see some of my face in the second picture and I'm at the point where I no longer care much. I'm still anonymous, and I'm not going to be posting pictures of me with my family on here, but I don't care if you see a little of my face. I'm so over what people might think of weight loss surgery.

I'll let you all know how the date goes, and what hubby thinks of the dress.

Have a good night.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

It's that time again. It's Thursday, when I can tell you 10 random things about my life and they don't have to be linked in any way. Love me some Thursday!

1. This is my bandiversary month. It will be 2 years on the 17th. I'm still in shock.

2. Hubby and I went to get our Wisconsin licenses today. I renewed my IL. license exactly 11 months ago. I noticed that in that 11 months I've lost 10 pounds. I really want to say ONLY 10 pounds but I have to be happy that I haven't gained anything and that I'm so close to being a 'normal' weight, I shouldn't expect much more than that. I weighed 168 in Illinois. I weigh 158 in Wisconsin. OK, sometimes I weigh 160 but that all depends on my carb addiction on any given day. I know I could get lower if I really REALLY worked hard at it. Right now I have a case of the 'I don't wanna's'.

3. I have enough basil growing to feed a small Italian village. Hubby likes it in his tomato salad. I've frozen some of it for use over the winter. But seriously, how much freakin basil can one family eat?!
Here's ONE of the 3 pots I have going...

So, I decided to make my own pesto. Talk about being transported straight back to Italy in one moment. The smell is amazing.
Man, I really need to work more hours so I can book us a family trip to Tuscany. This stuff was Divine! The only problem, I had nothing to serve it with except some crappy saltine crackers. Oh well, it was still good!

4. I found a chiropractor in our area and went today for the first time. I used to go regularly but with the move I've just not found the time until today. Did you hear my hip pop over where you live? It sure as heck was loud! As a matter of fact she suggested I ice it tonight because it was such a major adjustment.
That'll teach me to wait so long!

5. I took the kids to the Y yesterday for family swim time. When we were getting ready it suddenly dawned on me that I have not one, but THREE bathing suits that fit me and that I don't mind wearing in public. This has never EVER happened in my entire life. In fact most of my life I just didn't even own a bathing suit because I wasn't going to wear one if you paid me. So for me to own more than one is nothing short of a small miracle. I say thank you Phil the band for getting me to this point.

6. Speaking of bathing suits...we were at the beach over the weekend. A group of teenagers showed up and were chatting right by where we were sitting. I couldn't help but notice that all of the girls were pretty skinny except one who was considerably overweight. This girl was rocking a bikini and letting it all hang out. I'm not trying to sound mean but I want you to know that she had a very large belly and a lot of back fat. The reason I'm telling you this is to let you know that this girl did not seem to care AT ALL. I even heard her mention to one of her friends that she really likes her new bikini top and how it fits. She made no attempt to cover up her body. No wrap or skirt, just a tiny bikini. None of her friends seemed to care either that she was larger than them and wearing such a revealing suit.
My first thought? WOW, her parents must be awesome. They raised her to have a positive self image. She's confident and secure in herself. How can I do that for my own kids.
Like I said in #5, I would NEVER have worn a bathing suit, let along a 2 piece when I was in High School. I've always been self conscious of every little flaw on my body. It's an awful way to grow up. I wish I had been more like that girl on the beach.

7. I guess I should say something about Insanity. Yes, we're still doing that crazy fitness program. Yes, it's still harder than anything I've ever done. I will get through the program, even if it kills me (and most days I'm sure it's trying to kill me). Hubby says my legs look so athletic now. I've noticed he's developing a 'two-pack'. Neither of us has lost any weight at all. I figure since I was really active before I started this program, my body is accustomed to this and isn't budging. My pants are loose in the waist though. I should have taken measurements but of course I wasn't thinking of that at the time. So the program is working, just not for weight loss.

8. I'm really enjoying the summer with my kids. We've done a lot and are having tons of fun. That being said, there's just one reason I'll be happy when they go back to school. Shopping! I now have to take them with me for any kind of shopping and it's driving me insane. They either want everything they see, or they fight with each other through the whole store. I'm starting to miss my 'me' time.

9. Every night I get up at some point between midnight and 2am. to take the kids to the bathroom. They have both had bed wetting issues so I just got in the habit of taking them during the night. The only problem with this scenario is that I can't fall back to sleep when they're done. It's so frustrating. I lay there wide awake, get up, get a drink, lay there some more, think about how I have to be up in just a few hours, etc. It's a vicious cycle and I wish it would stop! I've figured out this is why I'm so darn tired every afternoon. It's almost like having a newborn in the house again. Almost.

10. It's almost 9pm. and I'm ready to take some ibuprofen and go to bed. Isn't that sad? This is my exciting life!

Have a good night everyone. Be well!