Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Appetizers and Dessert

Date night with the hubby and kids was a huge success. Hubby loved the dress and is currently trying to convince me to wear it to the family reunion next week. Not likely!

The kids enjoyed getting dressed up and going out to a 'fancy' restaurant. They loved that we included them in our anniversary celebration. We've decided to make it a family tradition.
They were SO good at the restaurant. They both ordered their own sushi (no raw fish) and ate it all. I was impressed.

You're probably wondering what I ordered at the sushi restaurant. Well, I can't tolerate rice AT ALL, and raw fish just scares me. So, my options have been reduced to appetizers and desserts. Sounds good doesn't it!?
I ordered the appetizer portion of shrimp tempura. I know, I know, it's fried food. I RARELY eat anything fried but I love tempura. I figure I got a ton of protein in the 4 pieces of shrimp and since I ordered the appetizer size, I didn't get any of the things that go along with the dinner portion like rice, soup, salad, veggies. All of which would have gone to waste since I follow the 'protein first' rule.
I ate my 4 pieces of shrimp very slowly as my family devoured their sushi and rice. I was completely satisfied and not over-stuffed at the end of the meal.

My 5 year old with the killer sweet tooth decided to bat her eye lashes and give us the big brown eyes aka 'puppy dog' look and ask if we could order a piece of cake for dessert. After all, she said, it is a special occasion! Shockingly, the husband who moonlights as the sugar police, said yes. We ordered one piece of chocolate mousse cake and 3 spoons. Hubby wouldn't eat a piece of cake if you paid him, so it was for us 3 girls to share. It was DeeeeLish, and we enjoyed every bite.

After dinner the hubs and I were talking about the old me and what I would have ordered in the old days. The old FitBy40 would have ordered the full dinner complete with rice, soup and salad. I would have eaten the entire meal and then still wanted dessert. I might not have ordered dessert, but I would have wanted it. If I had ordered it, special occasion and all, I would have been able to eat the entire piece of cake by myself.
And for that, I say a big Thank you to my my band!

And just so you know, even though I only ate an appetizer and 1/3 of a dessert, I was still up a pound this morning. Yup, that's my life. I figure it's a bit of water weight since my meal was pretty salty. That being said, today my goal is WATER, WATER, WATER! Must flush the system.

Have a great night everyone!


Sarah said...

An appetiser and 1/3 of a dessert sounds like a great choice to me. Well done and happy anniversary.

Caron said...

We almost never order dessert, but if our daughter is with us and wants dessert, we share it three ways like you did. Works much better than ordering three desserts. :)

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

Detox is in order! Ha! Congrats on the successful date night!

Ronnie said...

That dinner out sounds awesome. Great choices! I'm jealous of your husband's willpower. No cake? Dangit.