Sunday, August 26, 2012

I Drank a Beer, and I Liked It

I don't have a lot to say today so let's go for the bullets...

  • I had a beer yesterday. I forgot I actually like beer. It's been more than 2 years and it  was yummy. I stopped at one. Now I know why I hate all kinds of wine. It's because I was meant to be a beer drinker!

  • I had to work today and in my attempt to detox from all things sugar, I stayed out of the kitchen (better known as the third circle of hell). At work there's ALL sorts of trouble lurking in the kitchen for the taking. We're talking M&M's, skittles, twizzlers, cookies, animal crackers, fruit snacks, anything with the word gummi before it's name, etc. I had my cucumbers and yogurt and protein bar.  I survived the day without one life saving piece of chocolate. Imagine!

  • It's almost September and I once again have a sun burn. I think I like summer in Wisconsin. It just seems to go on and on and on. 

  • We met some cool neighbors too while getting sun burned, and drinking the above mentioned beer. Life is good.

  • My sister is coming to town for my birthday! Just us girls for 4 whole days. I am beyond excited!

  • My husband did a crazy mud run/obstacle course yesterday. He had a great time and enjoyed it but today his allergies are crippling him from all the hay he had to climb over. It's sad when there's not a darn thing you can do to make it all better.

  • I think I want to do another race now. Have I mentioned before that I don't particularly care for running? I must be crazy.
That's it for now folks. I hope you had a wonderful weekend!


Tina @ The Bandit Girl said...

I, too, love a beer every now and then. It is somehow even better in the sun.

Beth Ann said...

I even loved the beer in London! Beer is awesome! Except that it has all those darn calories. I can't drink it now though, the gas would make me crazy!! TMI?? :)

Ronnie said...

Nothing wrong with a beer every now and again - I enjoy an adult beverage every once in a while. ;)

Hope you gals enjoy your birthday!

Laura Belle said...

Cheers for Beers!!!!