Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

It's that time again. It's Thursday, when I can tell you 10 random things about my life and they don't have to be linked in any way. Love me some Thursday!

1. This is my bandiversary month. It will be 2 years on the 17th. I'm still in shock.

2. Hubby and I went to get our Wisconsin licenses today. I renewed my IL. license exactly 11 months ago. I noticed that in that 11 months I've lost 10 pounds. I really want to say ONLY 10 pounds but I have to be happy that I haven't gained anything and that I'm so close to being a 'normal' weight, I shouldn't expect much more than that. I weighed 168 in Illinois. I weigh 158 in Wisconsin. OK, sometimes I weigh 160 but that all depends on my carb addiction on any given day. I know I could get lower if I really REALLY worked hard at it. Right now I have a case of the 'I don't wanna's'.

3. I have enough basil growing to feed a small Italian village. Hubby likes it in his tomato salad. I've frozen some of it for use over the winter. But seriously, how much freakin basil can one family eat?!
Here's ONE of the 3 pots I have going...

So, I decided to make my own pesto. Talk about being transported straight back to Italy in one moment. The smell is amazing.
Man, I really need to work more hours so I can book us a family trip to Tuscany. This stuff was Divine! The only problem, I had nothing to serve it with except some crappy saltine crackers. Oh well, it was still good!

4. I found a chiropractor in our area and went today for the first time. I used to go regularly but with the move I've just not found the time until today. Did you hear my hip pop over where you live? It sure as heck was loud! As a matter of fact she suggested I ice it tonight because it was such a major adjustment.
That'll teach me to wait so long!

5. I took the kids to the Y yesterday for family swim time. When we were getting ready it suddenly dawned on me that I have not one, but THREE bathing suits that fit me and that I don't mind wearing in public. This has never EVER happened in my entire life. In fact most of my life I just didn't even own a bathing suit because I wasn't going to wear one if you paid me. So for me to own more than one is nothing short of a small miracle. I say thank you Phil the band for getting me to this point.

6. Speaking of bathing suits...we were at the beach over the weekend. A group of teenagers showed up and were chatting right by where we were sitting. I couldn't help but notice that all of the girls were pretty skinny except one who was considerably overweight. This girl was rocking a bikini and letting it all hang out. I'm not trying to sound mean but I want you to know that she had a very large belly and a lot of back fat. The reason I'm telling you this is to let you know that this girl did not seem to care AT ALL. I even heard her mention to one of her friends that she really likes her new bikini top and how it fits. She made no attempt to cover up her body. No wrap or skirt, just a tiny bikini. None of her friends seemed to care either that she was larger than them and wearing such a revealing suit.
My first thought? WOW, her parents must be awesome. They raised her to have a positive self image. She's confident and secure in herself. How can I do that for my own kids.
Like I said in #5, I would NEVER have worn a bathing suit, let along a 2 piece when I was in High School. I've always been self conscious of every little flaw on my body. It's an awful way to grow up. I wish I had been more like that girl on the beach.

7. I guess I should say something about Insanity. Yes, we're still doing that crazy fitness program. Yes, it's still harder than anything I've ever done. I will get through the program, even if it kills me (and most days I'm sure it's trying to kill me). Hubby says my legs look so athletic now. I've noticed he's developing a 'two-pack'. Neither of us has lost any weight at all. I figure since I was really active before I started this program, my body is accustomed to this and isn't budging. My pants are loose in the waist though. I should have taken measurements but of course I wasn't thinking of that at the time. So the program is working, just not for weight loss.

8. I'm really enjoying the summer with my kids. We've done a lot and are having tons of fun. That being said, there's just one reason I'll be happy when they go back to school. Shopping! I now have to take them with me for any kind of shopping and it's driving me insane. They either want everything they see, or they fight with each other through the whole store. I'm starting to miss my 'me' time.

9. Every night I get up at some point between midnight and 2am. to take the kids to the bathroom. They have both had bed wetting issues so I just got in the habit of taking them during the night. The only problem with this scenario is that I can't fall back to sleep when they're done. It's so frustrating. I lay there wide awake, get up, get a drink, lay there some more, think about how I have to be up in just a few hours, etc. It's a vicious cycle and I wish it would stop! I've figured out this is why I'm so darn tired every afternoon. It's almost like having a newborn in the house again. Almost.

10. It's almost 9pm. and I'm ready to take some ibuprofen and go to bed. Isn't that sad? This is my exciting life!

Have a good night everyone. Be well!


Z said...

i have a friend that is very big and her confidence is even bigger! i'm always in awe of her when she's around. she's the life of the party and no one would ever dare make fun of her size or body shape or weight. she truly is a beautiful person. i wish i could be just like her more than any super model out there.

Ronnie said...

Ugh, I hate that. Granted it's not every night, I have to take mine to the bathroom at that time about once a week. It's driving me crazy!

And also, good for that girl. I couldn't do it, either at my highest. Now I have a swimsuit I love (only one, though) and am not ashamed to wear it, which is awesome! Heck, I might bring it to Chicago and we can go swimming. :)