Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

My favorite blogging day of the week. It's Thursday! Here goes...

1. We're leaving on our big (13 hour) road trip to NY on Sunday. That's 4 days from now. My kids are already packed (or should I say totally over packed!) and their bags are sitting in the hall. Think they're exited?

2. I'm sort of obsessing about the food for the big road trip. We're bringing the typical stuff...grapes, string cheese, sandwiches (for them, not me) yogurts, etc.
I'm also making these which I know are band friendly, and these, which I'm hoping are band friendly. I figure we need good, healthy whole foods to sustain us, along with the packaged crap I already bought!

3. I forgot to mention the other day when I posted about our wedding anniversary that the hubby came home with not one, but TWO dozen roses for me. I felt like a doofus because I sort of thought we weren't doing anything like gifts and cards this year! Having just purchased our dream home and all, we're being super careful with money. But, he gets big points for being such a sweetheart...

4. I bought myself a new wedding ring the other day. Well, not really. You see, the rings that I've been wearing for 8 years are considerably too big on me and I'm terrified that I'll lose them. Hubby designed the engagement ring himself and worked with a jeweler to have it made for me. If I lost it I think I'd cry for the rest of my life.
So, to reduce the risk of losing my rings, and of course to keep all the guys out there from thinking I'm a single lady (ha!), I bought myself a $10 fake wedding ring. We'll be visiting a jeweler next week while in NY to have my real rings sized.
Would you believe when we got engaged my ring size was an 8 1/2 (I had it sized down to an 8 shortly after) and now it's a 6 1/4? That's crazy!

5. About a month ago we decided it was time to tell our girls the proper names for human genitalia. Ever since then, they use the words ALL THE TIME!
I hear things like "Sissy, when you swam away from me in the pool today you kicked me in the vagina and it hurt". 
Or when I'm getting in the shower (because I can't be left alone for 5 minutes) I hear "Ewww Mom, I can see your vagina!".
I'm pretty sure I liked it better when they called it their 'coo coo' or 'private parts'.

6. I'm getting a pedicure tonight for the first time in close to forever. My hooves are rough! Wearing flip flops all summer, and doing gardening has not been kind to my feet.

7. Remember when I wrote about being up a pound on the scale after our anniversary dinner, and hoping it was just water? Well, not only is that pound still there, it has been joined by a friend! I'm pissed. I don't know what the heck is happening, but I don't like it. I haven't even had any chocolate, or cookies! I swear my body doesn't like homeostasis. It will do anything in its power to gain weight. It hates me. So today, just for today, I'm on full liquids. I cannot allow myself to be up 2 pounds. Something must be done. I remember my surgeon telling me "Don't let the pounds creep back up on you". So, I'm fighting the creep!

8. You see the tag on these jeans?

I didn't notice that tag UNTIL I GOT HOME. Can you believe that?
In the old days I would have been hunting for that tag in the store, hoping to find something that would make me look a little slimmer. Now, come on, if you have a pair of jeans that can make a 240 pound woman look slimmer,  you're a freaking magician. But still, I would have tried. This time I just bought the jeans because they were 80% off and they FIT. Not because of their promise to make me look slimmer.
Talk about a victory.

9. I really should have taken measurements at the beginning of doing Insanity because even though I haven't lost weight, things are loose. My size 10 shorts are very loose in the waist. Crazy, huh?

10. My kids have been doing arts and crafts projects for an hour now. On their own. Quietly. How is that possible? Wow, quiet is so nice.

Have a great rest of your day people!


Sarah said...

Such beautiful flowers.
Well done on the inch loss. Just convinces me more that those pounds are just confused especially given how good you were. Hope they drop off again quickly.

Caron said...

Love the flowers. Long road trips are bad for me because they are so boring. We have crisscrossed the country through the years and never have time to see much more than the dull interstate highways. Then, my mind starts going to food. :( So we take our fruit and snacks to help with that.

Sarah G said...

Beautiful flowers! Happy Anniversary!

Have a great, safe, fun trip!!

RockBand Barbie said...

13 hours in the car with kids??? I would be worried if I had packed enough xanax, rather than snacks :) I haven't been able to wear my original wedding rings in forever...they are a size 4 1/2. My fingers will never be that small again.

Cheri said...

Beautiful flowers! And too funny that your girls are already packed. :-) Sounds like they come by their planning skills naturally!

Ronnie said...

Time to move down to an 8!

And also, I feel ya on the private parts convos. My boys are "penis this" "penis that." Last night after the bath, one of them was sitting on the couch just inspecting his testicles (*snicker*) for like 5 minutes. And was like, "This is weird." LOL

Anonymous said...

Beautiful flowers - enjoy the trip and happy, happy anniversary!