Monday, August 27, 2012

Think Like a Five Year Old

If I could be more like my 5 year old I'd be all set.

Today at lunch she couldn't finish her jelly sandwich, claiming to be too full.
Not 5 minutes later she asked me for a peach.
I said "I thought you were too full".
Her response...

"I'm just too full for more bread, but I'm not too full for fruit".

Don't you wish your brain worked like that?


Beth Ann said...

O. M. G.

Caron said...

When my youngest was small, she would say "I'm full of that." She tells me now that the taste gets to her and she has to quit eating that particular thing and go to something else. I've always wished I could just eat half the doughnut or a bite of the cookie like she does.

Ronnie said...

My boys do the exact same thing! I wish we could keep that sense of being full of certain things. :)