Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back to School

Yesterday was the first day of school here in Wisconsin. It was a little hard on my because my 'baby' started Kindergarten and I realized we will no longer have our special mommy-daughter afternoons together while her big sister is still in school.

I know it's a cliche and you hear it all the time, but they really DO grow up way too fast.

Here they are video conferencing with their Grandmother in NY before going to school. They were so excited to show her the outfits they picked out, and that they were dressed like twins (they're 18 months apart).

Like the over protective mommy I am, I followed the bus to school. I wanted to make sure the little one was able to find her class. Well, I'm glad I did because it was total chaos and the older one was in tears and confused. I helped them find their teachers, teared up a bit behind my big sun glasses, and left them. I assured myself that they would both be just fine, even the one who was crying her heart out. I need to let them go and let them grow. Parenthood is no easy job!

I came home and for nearly SEVEN hours, I cleaned my house! Now, please don't think I normally live in squalor,  because I don't. I just was finally able to get around to the deep cleaning stuff that got put off all summer long (like cleaning and organizing the laundry room).
The house looks great and it kept my mind off of how much I missed my kids!

Then, because I long for the title of "Super Mom", I baked these...

Yes, I'm aware that I only have 2 kids but I made 3 mini-cakes. Of course I ate the extra one. I am human. However, I made it the old WW way where you use a can of diet soda instead of all the oil and eggs. Have you tried it? It makes for a super moist cake. I also used sugar free frosting. They were a big hit with the kiddos.

The mix also made 12 regular size cupcakes which I promptly packaged up and put in the freezer. I don't need the temptation staring me in the face.

So, today they're both at school and I did not follow the bus this time. I'm at home having new windows installed. I'll probably be going through the kids rooms throwing out all the junk they have accumulated that they think they must save forever!

I plan to enjoy this first week back when I'm able to get everything done, because next week I go back to work part time, and of course back to the gym. Then I'll be back to wondering how women who work full time are able to get it all done.

I hope your kids had a great first day of school if they started this week.


Beth Ann said...

You are totally Super Mom!!

Z said...

Aww happy back to school and first day if school!

Ronnie said...

I've never heard of this diet coke in the cake thing. Might have to Google!