Saturday, October 13, 2012

Just Some Randomness

I haven't posted in a while but for good reason. My big girl turned 7 yesterday and it's been one big party all week!
The grand folks flew in on Wednesday. I picked them up from the airport and we went to the school to surprise the kids. They were over the moon.
Grand folks and I also went and had lunch with the birthday girl at school on Friday (another surprise) and brought in special treats for the class. She felt like a princess all day!

Friday night was the birthday party. We normally would have had it on a Saturday afternoon but the birthday girl refused to have a party without her Daddy, who wouldn't be around on Saturday. More on that in a minute.
So I had 8 kindergarten and first graders dressed as princesses running around the house Friday night, but it was a huge hit. We had a fancy tea party with real tea cups and pink cupcakes. So cute.

Then this morning the hubs had to hop a plane to Hong Kong. His company is sending him to some electronics show there for 2 days. Then he gets to head over to mainland China for 9 days after that. They do business with many factories over there so twice a year they go to meet with vendors and employees, etc.

Did you know it takes 14 hours to fly from Chicago to Hong Kong?
In the course of that 14 hours I will have taken my kids to swim lessons, out to lunch, to a movie, come back home, had dinner, watched TV, put the kids to bed, watched some more TV, read a little, and gone to bed myself, and he's STILL ON THAT PLANE! Total craziness.
I don't think I'll be joining him on one of his trips any time soon. Maybe when the girls are older.

In other news...I signed up for Speck's fall weight loss challenge. I've never done a challenge before but I think this just might be what I need to get me motivated. I've totally fallen off the counting calories and tracking my food wagon. I need to get back on if I don't want to lose all control.
So, here's to the weight falling off for the fall challenge!

On that note, I'm heading to bed so I can be up bright and early to take the in-laws back to the airport tomorrow.

Have a good one!


Robyn's Nest said...

Good luck with the challenge.

speck said...

I've been keeping up on FB. And I always enjoy looking at your pictures!