Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

Thanks to Laura Belle for coming up with this because it's my favorite blogging day of the week!

1. I went for a 3 mile walk today. I was headed for a 2 miler but was chased by 2 dogs (they were wagging tails so I didn't freak too much) and then had a run in with another dog who was none too friendly and was growling and barking from his front yard. I had no desire to do the round trip and have a repeat performance, so I went the long way around the neighborhood (pepper spray in hand).

2. I'm having a lunch date with my hubby today. We've been trying to do this once a week since the kids started back at school but this is only the 3rd time it's actually worked for our schedules. Wanna' know where he's taking me? WalMart. Yup, they have a Subway and my man loves his Subway! I'll be bringing soup because there's nothing there I can eat. We're so romantic, I can't stand it.

3. Hubby has a friend at work who moonlights as a photographer. She came over last night and took about 250 pictures of us and the kids. I had less than 24 hour notice that this was going to happen. I was almost ready to shank the husband for doing this to me but since he is leaving for China and won't be back until all the fall colors are gone, I totally understand his urgency to get it done. We got some good ones.
Since I'm anonymous on here I can't share them with you but here's a cute one of the kids being goofy running through the yard...

4. I want to eat frosting straight from the can. Some things never change.

5. While at work last week my new boss mentioned in conversation that she's lost about 70 pounds. I congratulated her and told her I know first hand how hard that is to do. Then yesterday we had the opportunity to work together for about an hour so I asked "So, how did you lose so much weight?". Her response..."Well, about 4 years ago I got the Lap Band".
Whaaaat?! Get the heck out!
So, for the first time EVER since being banded, I told. I told her I had the band too and that I had pretty much kept it a secret this whole time. It was so weird to tell someone! I emailed her later and told her how nice it was to have a fellow Bandster right here, and how I'm so glad we found each other. Cool.

6. The railroad crossing in our town was recently deemed an approved "Quiet Zone" meaning the train conductor no longer has to lay on the horn at the intersection because we've been safety inspected (we have flashing red lights and everything!). So Why oh WHY was I awakened at 1am. and 2am. to the sound of a train whistle blowing NON STOP for several minutes at a time? I feel so bad for the people who live right by the tracks. I am not a happy camper today.

7. My first born turns 7 next week and I'm in shock. Or denial. She wants a Princess birthday party (again) and even though my husband tried to talk her out of it, I'm secretly happy that she's still into the Princess thing because I know very soon it's going to be all Justin Beiber and back talking, and I'm so not ready for that.

8. I've mentioned before that fall is my favorite time of year. I never take the colors for granted and enjoy every minute of it. Our front yard tree is shedding leaves so fast and any minute now it's all going to be gone. So, after my walk this morning, I took some pictures...

9. Surgeons office called this morning. Looks like they'll be able to get me in for the UpperGI and my follow up appt. on the same day. I've decided that if everything looks good with the band, then I'll get a small fill. I know I'm able to eat way more than I should and I would like to lose 10 more pounds. So, provided there's no slip or other issues (everything feels fine now), then I'll go ahead with a tiny fill. This will be my last appt. with the surgeon since we're 2 hours away now.I'll have to find someone local now.

10. I need to go shower to get ready for my hot date with the hubby. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend. Get out there and enjoy the colors!


speck said...

I've been looking at the gorgeous pictures of facebook. I too, love the fall weather and the beautiful color of the leaves.(I'm ready for a cabin in the mountains)

Keep us posted on the dr. visit. I just know everything is going to be great and you will be able to get that fill. :)


Tina @ The Bandit Girl said...

pretty pics. We aren't quite that colorful here yet. I love Fall!

Beth Ann said...

Beautiful pictures!! I love that you found a local band friend. :)