Friday, November 30, 2012

Ten Things Thursday, A Smidge Late

I know it's early Friday morning so technically this can't be a "Ten Things Thursday" post. However, the sun isn't even up yet (and neither are my kids) so I'm taking advantage of this quiet time and I'm going to catch up by pretending it's still Thursday...

1. You remember I mentioned that my oldest daughter and myself both had Strep throat. Well, about 2 days later my husband also got it. This is a man who has only been sick ONCE in the 10 years I've known him. He took 2 days off from work (well, actually he just worked from home because he doesn't know how to take a sick day) and that hasn't happened EVER since I've known him.
I'm telling you, this strain of Strep is some nasty stuff. The sore throat isn't even the worst of it. It's the pure exhaustion that's the killer.

2. I'm still not back to eating normally yet. I'm not sure what it is. My throat isn't sore anymore so I can swallow solids, they just come back up on me a short time later. I stick with liquids or soft foods all day, then attempt to have some sort of normal dinner with my family, then spend the rest of the evening in the bathroom throwing up said dinner. I'm not sure if it's the medication or just the fact that I'm still recovering from this yucky illness, but it's no freaking fun!

3. Because of the inability to eat much food, I have lost about 5 pounds. I like the new number on the scale but I'm trying not to get too attached to it because once I'm fully recovered and able to eat again, I'm sure that number will go back up. It is kinda' nice to have a little buffer just before the holidays though.

4. Since being on the antibiotics, I can't get enough water. It's like I just crossed the Mojave dessert on foot. Is that a side effect? I've been on this medication many times in my life and I don't ever remember this feeling of pure dehydration! Not a bad side effect to have. At least I'm getting all my water in every day.

5. I started taking a probiotic about a week ago. I can tell you that I feel a ton better in the tummy department. I was constantly dealing with bloating and discomfort. That seems to all be gone now. I can sum this up for you in two very important words. No Gas! My husband is a very happy man these days.

6. I just went downstairs and did 20 minutes on the eliptical. Now I'm a big sweaty mess. That's not normal for me. This strep is kicking my ass!

7. My 5 year old lost her first tooth Wednesday night. It's so cute to see the pure excitement of a child when these little things happen.

8. My 7 year old wakes up every day asking if we got any snow. It's going to be 62 degrees here on Monday so the answer to her question will be no for at least the foreseeable future. Poor kid.

9. I'm spending the day at home today cleaning, disinfecting, and organizing. I might even wrap some Christmas presents. I'm actually excited about this. I have issues!

10. Well, I'm starving now. Probably from not getting any dinner! Time to go make the protein shake.

Have a fantastic day people!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Keep Away From the Snacks!

First, a quick update on the strep throat situation. Daughter #1 is feeling great and went back to school today.
I'm feeling better too. Not 100% of course but way better than yesterday when I felt like I tried to swallow a golf ball and it got lodged in my throat.
I'm fond of antibiotics.

Since I couldn't go to work today, lest I infect all of my lovely co-workers, I've had a little time on my hands. I decided to be proactive and come up with a solution to my urge to steal snacks from my children. I've mentioned before that both of my kids have 2 snacks a day at school, which I have to send in. It's hard having all those carbs staring me in the face day in and day out.
So today (after washing my hands of course) I packaged them all up in individual serving size portions. Actually each bag contains 1/2 of a portion because I think 22 pretzels is too much for a small child.
Here's my handiwork...

This solves 2 problems really. First, every day I find myself scrambling around the kitchen trying to figure out what to pack for lunches and snacks. I like to offer a variety so they're not having the same thing for morning and afternoon snacks. I know it seems simple, but it drives me crazy.
The other thing is that it obviously keeps me from eating out of the big bag and not knowing when to stop. If I have a serious urge to eat some carbs, at least they're portioned out for me and hopefully I'd stop at just one bag.

And before I get hate mail from the environmentalists out there who don't like my plastic baggies, please know my kids bring them back home and I do reuse them many times. Don't hate me.

And before I forget, I should tell you that Phil has opened up and is allowing small amounts of real food through today. I am totally hydrated and that's all I asked for!

Have a great day everyone.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Phil Doesn't Like Strep Throat

The day before Thanksgiving my older daughter started to say she wasn't feeling well. By Thanksgiving dinner she was feeling the major Yuck, and had a fever. On Friday we took her to the doc and sure enough, she had strep throat.
Funny thing is she hardly complained about her throat, but said she had a headache and tummy ache, and wanted to sleep.
The poor honey didn't get to enjoy the holiday or the visit from the grand folks.

Fast forward to last night. I woke up at 2am. with a pretty significant sore throat and headache. The red flag went up, and I knew right away it had gotten me too. I had strep many times as a kid. I know what it feels like.
I took myself to urgent care today and sure enough, without a doubt, it's strep.

Needless to day Phil (the band) is pissed. He doesn't like any changes in the body and reacts poorly to these things.
I can't eat. It's not because of the sore throat (which of course is pretty sore), but it's because Phil has pretty much gone on protest and slammed shut. In fact right now I'm trying to choke down some watered down orange juice and it's very slow going.

I remember 3 years ago, pre-band, I had strep. I can remember very clearly sitting at the kitchen table trying to eat my cereal and saying it felt like I was swallowing shards of glass. Do you know what I did? I kept on eating! I can't even explain how painful it was, and I kept on eating. That my friends, is a woman who suffers from obesity if I ever saw one.
Well, this time, thanks to Phil that won't be happening. Right now I just want to stay hydrated, which will be a tough task.

On a more positive note, Thanksgiving dinner here was very nice. I always host the hubby's family so I know first hand what's going in the food. I make mashed potatoes the healthy way so I don't have to feel guilty for having some. I made individual sugar free chocolate pudding pies for dessert, and they were awesome.
I had a little portion of all my favorites, and stopped at that. No weight gain for me.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and stay healthy!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Not an effing Carb, and other ramblings

I've mentioned it before, I'm a carbaholic.

Unfortunately I have to keep snacks in the house for my kids. They are at school for 8 hours a day so we have to send them with 2 snacks per day, which means there's always graham crackers or pretzels, or some sort of carby snack for them to take. I try to stay away from them, but as soon as I allow myself a taste, I'm off the cliff. I know what an alcoholic feels like. I can't have one nibble (or sip for the alcoholic), becasue once I do, it's all over. One portion of veggie straws turns into a handful of rice cakes, which turns into a few M&M's, then it's cereal for dinner.

I can't take it any more! I fall off the wagon, then I hate myself for being weak, then I feel like a fatty again. It's a vicious cycle! The self loathing has to stop.

So for today, tomorrow and Wednesday I'm off the carbs completely. I know on Thanksgiving I'll have a small portion of stuffing and mashed potatoes (home made with no butter), so I'm saving up.
I know I can do better. I know I can feel better and look better. I need to step up and take control.

In other news, hubby and I had to fill out a health assessment for the insurance company at his job. Personally, I think the health insurance coverage sucks. They pretty much don't pay for anything unless you sever a limb, but that's besides the point.
We each had to fill out a lengthy questionnaire about our health and habits. I lied about 2 things.
First I shaved 5 pounds off my actual weight. I had to laugh becasue the old me would have taken off at least 25-30 pounds!
Also, for the first time ever I wasn't lying about my weight because I was ashamed of the number. I actually took the 5 pounds off becasue I hate those medical charts that still consider me overweight but don't take into consideration all the other factors of my life. Their charts don't care that I exercise harder than anyone I know. They don't know that I lift weights, run, kick ass in kick boxing, and sweat daily. So I feel justified in my 5 pound alteration for this purpose.

The other question that I might have been less than truthful about was this "Do you suffer from chronic pain?". I automatically answered no. Then I thought about it. I have back and hip pain every day. Yup, I deal with it and go on with life, but I have pain every day. It's worse when I work (sitting in a chair all day aggravates it), but it's always there. That question prompted me to call my chiropractor and try to get to the bottom of this. Is it too late to ask for a new hip for Christmas?

Because I scored so high on the assessment for leading a healthy lifestyle, they're sending me a $75 gift cert. for my favorite store. Maybe I don't hate them as much as I thought I did!

One more thing...
Why do we women expect or want things for our own bodies that are unachieveable?
We have a new fitness director at the gym. She's seriously a size 0, if that. She probably has to belt her size 0 jeans so they don't fall off her teeny tiny hips. She likely has 2% body fat. And guess what? Her thighs touch. Yup, we all want thighs that don't rub together, but this miniature fitness freak has thighs that rub together. So, my thought for today? Get over it and learn to love your body! We're never going to have six pack abs, arms that don't jiggle, and thighs that don't touch. Let's move on, shall we?

Have a great day people!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Back Home, and Exhausted!

I went out of town for a work conference. I left way early Friday morning and got back Sunday afternoon.
I got to spend TWO whole nights in a hotel by myself and I must admit, it was pretty heavenly.

So, how did I do?


I did manage to get up and go to the gym on one of the two mornings. The first day I totally overslept and didn't make it.


On day one I was perfect with my food. I brought my lunch from home, which was hummus, cucumbers, grapes, and a yogurt.
For dinner I got a Greek salad with chicken and was only able to eat half.

On day two lunch was provided. It was supposed to be a make your own sandwich thing, but I just had the meat and cheese, and of course skipped the bread. However, I did have the dessert. I have NO willpower when it comes to chocolate. None! It was so darn good I dare say it was worth it.
For dinner I had Panera soup and couldn't even finish the whole bowl. Not bad.

Sunday morning I had a ready-to-drink protein shake for breakfast (making up for the dessert!). Then on the morning break I made some instant oatmeal.
I had a protein bar for the ride home.

Overall not too shabby, except for the yummy dessert. Could have been totally worse!

Now that I'm home, I'm completely exhausted.
Last night I went to bed at 8pm. No joke. I slept until 6:00 this morning. That's a lot of sleep! It's 8:30 right now and I'm fighting to keep my eyes open.
Even though the conference was great, I guess it was tiring to sit in so many seminars for hours and hours. I didn't even go out drinking like so many of the other ladies did! I'm such a wimp.

By some miracle I didn't gain any weight while away AND I got my TOM today. Well, that's probably also part of why I'm so tired.

Hoping for another great night of sleep tonight and back to the gym tomorrow morning.
G'night all!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Well Hello there Thursday! My favorite day of the week because it allows me to catch up with the blogging community by telling you all 10 random things going on in my life this week.
Here goes...

1. I'm  going to a conference tomorrow morning and will be gone for 2 1/2 days. You know I LOVE my family with all my heart and then some, but I have to admit, I'm pretty excited to be going to a hotel ALL BY MYSELF for 2 nights.
Just me, my pajamas, a queen size bed, and some Netflix. I am very easy to please.

2. I received an email from the conference people saying breakfast will be provided on both days, and lunch will be provided on Saturday. I'm still being cautious and prepared because knowing my luck, breakfast will be bagels and donuts, and I'll be out of luck. I'd rather be safe than sorry so here's my secret stash that I'll be bringing, along with some other essentials...

I figure the ready to drink protein shakes will save me if breakfast is a no-go. The protein bars, mints and water will be in my large purse in case I need something while in all day workshops. The oatmeal likely won't be eaten but it's an emergency back up plan in case I have a stuck episode or get super tight and can't eat. It happens occasionally and I want to be prepared for the worst case.
The diet hot chocolate is my evening treat while all ALONE in my hotel room watching movies (all by myself). The vitamin holder...self explanatory.

3. I mentioned to the hubby that my running shoes really didn't hold up as well as I thought they should, and I already need a new pair. 3 days later these arrived on my door step.

Yes, I love that man!
They fit great and are a much better brand than my previous running shoes, so I think they'll last longer.
Now if I just had the courage to run in the cold, I'd be all set.

4. I grew up in the city, so I'm pretty sure I'll never get used to seeing this out my window...

Yup, that's a real deer. She just walked into the front yard and started munching on berries. Just a normal happening in our neighborhood. I'll still never get used to it or take it for granted. I love the country!

5. We're going out to dinner tonight as a family. We don't often go out but hubby thought it would be a nice treat since I'm leaving in the morning. I'm sure he knew I really didn't want to cook! It's Thai food tonight and there's a buffet for the kiddos, so we'll all be happy.

6. I just packed my suitcase. I'm really not a vain person but I have to admit, I had my 3 outfits all picked out, pairing cute sweaters, jeans and boots. Then I looked at the weather. It's actually going to be in the 60's this weekend! I'm glad for the nice weather but darn it I really wanted to look all cute and cozy in my sweaters.

7. My 5 year old has regressed to bed wetting. She had stopped having accidents once we took milk away at dinner time, but now the problem is back. She really doesn't drink anything from the time she comes home from school until bed time (maybe a sip, but nothing substantial). Hubby and I take turns waking up in the middle of the night to take her to the bathroom. Nothing's working. I'm at a loss for what to do next. Any of you moms out there have experience with this and have some advice?
For the record we have a conference next week with her teacher so I will ask if there's anything upsetting her at school that could be causing this.

8. I'm pretty sure I'm giving up on my yoga class. It's actually a yoga/pilates combo. I had been taking the class once a week, thinking it was a good idea since all my other exercise is high impact. I get through the entire class with no problem, but later in the day and into the night I'm in considerable pain with my back. I gave it a few weeks and monitored my progress, thinking things would get better, but they haven't. Now I just try to find excuses not to go because I know I'll be in pain later.
So I've decided to go back to body pump on those days. Funny how lifting weights for an hour doesn't bother my back at all, but doing yoga darn near kills me!

9. I got a new VitaMix machine. My old one was starting to leak a little. It was still functional but the company allowed me to either send it back for a repair, which takes 6 weeks, or trade up for a new one and pay the difference. We opted for the new one. I use it every day, sometimes more. I didn't like to have to spend the money but I love that darn machine! This time I got the red one. I should have taken a pic for you because it's so pretty.

10. Almost time to get the kiddos off the bus so I'm outta' here.
I hope you are having a fantastic day today!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

My Band Check-Up, TTT Style

It's Thursday so I'll tell you about my Upper-GI and band doctor visit with a Ten Things Thursday post!

1. I had my Upper-GI yesterday morning, EARLY. I had no problem with the fasting, which I thought was going to be my biggest issue. What was really bothering me was not drinking water. I was so thirsty by the time they brought me back I was sure I was even going to enjoy drinking the Barium. Um, no. That stuff is nasty, no matter how thirsty you are!

2. The techs were very nice but had me thinking there was something seriously wrong by the way they were talking to me and asking me about my band. I was sure they knew something they weren't saying.

3. When I got out of there I still had almost 2 hours before my doc. appt. so I headed over to my favorite store. Trader Joe's! We're supposed to be getting one here soon but they haven't opened yet. I stocked up on tons of our favorites and smiled the whole way through the store like I was on happy pills.

4. At that point I was on my second bottle of water because the radiology tech. told me to drink lots. She got a serious look on her face and said "The Barium is very constipating. It will set in there like cement".
Alrighty then, we don't need any help in that department since constipation is already a regular part of my week. I have bricks forming in my colon without Barium, thank you very much.

5. After my giddy shopping spree, I drove by my old house, and then it was on to see Dr. Hottie and his awesome staff. Everyone was so excited to see me and the receptionist pulled out my 'before' pic to give me, now that I've been on maintenance for a year. Funny, I brought one of my own to show her too! We got a few good laughs and kept saying "never again, never again!".

6. Dr. Hotness came in and said "your band is beautiful! Everything is perfect and in its place. I can see that you do have some restriction, but not too much".
We went over how things have been going for the past 6 months. I told him about the irritation I had a couple of times, but that now I could eat a horse and not feel full. He agreed that I have a sensitive system and as long as I know the warning signs, and what to do when it happens again, he would give me a teeny, tiny fill.

7. When he was about to put the fill in, the nurse walked in the room while I had my shirt up. My port sticks out like an alien baby head protruding from my rib cage. She sarcastically said "Now Doctor, I'm not sure, but are you going to be able to find the port?". Ha! You could find my port even while I'm fully clothed it sticks out so far! I got .25 put in. Easy Peasy.
They both raved at how well I've done and how proud they are. Doc said I've come farther than they expected and congratulated me. All good stuff.

8. After the appt. I went to my old hair dresser for an awesome hair cut. No more shaggy dog here!
Then I met some friends from the old neighborhood for lunch. It was so nice to sit and chat. I had tomato soup and it went down just fine. When I left I ordered a large decaf coffee and sipped that on the long car ride home. I was still thinking about the constipation issue with the barium.

9. All the way home I started to develop the headache from hell. It just kept getting worse and worse. I've had bad headaches before but I've never felt anything like this. I swear it was like my head was in a vice and was ready to explode. My hubby looked up Barium Swallow side effects to see if headache was one of them, and nothing. Stomach problems, yes. Headache, no. I couldn't figure out what was wrong but I was pretty sure I was going to be the first person to die from and exploding head. I went to bed at 8pm. because I couldn't stand it anymore. I looked on line today and guess what? The headache is from the exposure to radiation. I read a few articles and posts from radiologists who all said that's why people get headaches after the Barium test. Nice that nobody told me that!

10. Stomach problems? Did someone say stomach problems?
Let me tell you, I have enough gas to fuel a jet! It started late last night and has not stopped since. It's painful, and smells like a rat crawled up into my colon, died, and is now slowly rotting in there.
My kids have started to yell "Take cover" every time I'm near. My hubby just brought me some air freshener and set it next to me. Rancid doesn't even come close to describing what's going on here.
Let's just say my ass is on fire.
Maybe the radiology tech should have just said "Be warned, your ass will be on fire for a day or two after this test". That would have been more accurate.

So, that's it for tonight people. Now I need to go hide somewhere that I can be stinky all by myself.
Have a good night!