Thursday, November 1, 2012

My Band Check-Up, TTT Style

It's Thursday so I'll tell you about my Upper-GI and band doctor visit with a Ten Things Thursday post!

1. I had my Upper-GI yesterday morning, EARLY. I had no problem with the fasting, which I thought was going to be my biggest issue. What was really bothering me was not drinking water. I was so thirsty by the time they brought me back I was sure I was even going to enjoy drinking the Barium. Um, no. That stuff is nasty, no matter how thirsty you are!

2. The techs were very nice but had me thinking there was something seriously wrong by the way they were talking to me and asking me about my band. I was sure they knew something they weren't saying.

3. When I got out of there I still had almost 2 hours before my doc. appt. so I headed over to my favorite store. Trader Joe's! We're supposed to be getting one here soon but they haven't opened yet. I stocked up on tons of our favorites and smiled the whole way through the store like I was on happy pills.

4. At that point I was on my second bottle of water because the radiology tech. told me to drink lots. She got a serious look on her face and said "The Barium is very constipating. It will set in there like cement".
Alrighty then, we don't need any help in that department since constipation is already a regular part of my week. I have bricks forming in my colon without Barium, thank you very much.

5. After my giddy shopping spree, I drove by my old house, and then it was on to see Dr. Hottie and his awesome staff. Everyone was so excited to see me and the receptionist pulled out my 'before' pic to give me, now that I've been on maintenance for a year. Funny, I brought one of my own to show her too! We got a few good laughs and kept saying "never again, never again!".

6. Dr. Hotness came in and said "your band is beautiful! Everything is perfect and in its place. I can see that you do have some restriction, but not too much".
We went over how things have been going for the past 6 months. I told him about the irritation I had a couple of times, but that now I could eat a horse and not feel full. He agreed that I have a sensitive system and as long as I know the warning signs, and what to do when it happens again, he would give me a teeny, tiny fill.

7. When he was about to put the fill in, the nurse walked in the room while I had my shirt up. My port sticks out like an alien baby head protruding from my rib cage. She sarcastically said "Now Doctor, I'm not sure, but are you going to be able to find the port?". Ha! You could find my port even while I'm fully clothed it sticks out so far! I got .25 put in. Easy Peasy.
They both raved at how well I've done and how proud they are. Doc said I've come farther than they expected and congratulated me. All good stuff.

8. After the appt. I went to my old hair dresser for an awesome hair cut. No more shaggy dog here!
Then I met some friends from the old neighborhood for lunch. It was so nice to sit and chat. I had tomato soup and it went down just fine. When I left I ordered a large decaf coffee and sipped that on the long car ride home. I was still thinking about the constipation issue with the barium.

9. All the way home I started to develop the headache from hell. It just kept getting worse and worse. I've had bad headaches before but I've never felt anything like this. I swear it was like my head was in a vice and was ready to explode. My hubby looked up Barium Swallow side effects to see if headache was one of them, and nothing. Stomach problems, yes. Headache, no. I couldn't figure out what was wrong but I was pretty sure I was going to be the first person to die from and exploding head. I went to bed at 8pm. because I couldn't stand it anymore. I looked on line today and guess what? The headache is from the exposure to radiation. I read a few articles and posts from radiologists who all said that's why people get headaches after the Barium test. Nice that nobody told me that!

10. Stomach problems? Did someone say stomach problems?
Let me tell you, I have enough gas to fuel a jet! It started late last night and has not stopped since. It's painful, and smells like a rat crawled up into my colon, died, and is now slowly rotting in there.
My kids have started to yell "Take cover" every time I'm near. My hubby just brought me some air freshener and set it next to me. Rancid doesn't even come close to describing what's going on here.
Let's just say my ass is on fire.
Maybe the radiology tech should have just said "Be warned, your ass will be on fire for a day or two after this test". That would have been more accurate.

So, that's it for tonight people. Now I need to go hide somewhere that I can be stinky all by myself.
Have a good night!

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Tina @ The Bandit Girl said...

LOL!!! Sorry about the gas, but it is funny. I had one of those headaches after my swallow test, too! nice to know why now. Glad to know your band is still doing so well in there!