Thursday, December 20, 2012


My last Ten Things Thursday of 2012.

1. My kids had a snow day from school today. We got pelted with quite a storm over night, and there's more on the way. We stayed in our jammies all day. They even put their snow pants on over their pajamas to go play in it for a little while, then in front of the fire place they went!
They're lovin' life.

2. I tried to go to the Quick Care clinic this afternoon, during a short lull in the storm. Hubby thinks I should get this prolonged cold checked out in case it's a sinus infection. We're heading to NY this weekend and he doesn't want me to have a problem while away. I guess that makes sense.
Well, they were closed due to the storm!
If I'm not improving by tomorrow I'll try again.

3. I just made a batch of these for the road trip. Holy Hannah they are DEELISH! I've tried many recipes from this web site and some are OK, some are not so great. But this one is like heaven on a plate!
I used Splenda instead of sugar. I also just melted a tiny layer of chocolate to spread on the top, not a thick layer like she shows in her pic.
No matter how healthy they are, they're totally addicting and I could eat the whole friggin' batch myself!
I'm sure the kiddos will like these while enduring a 12 hour car ride.

4. I also made these. However, I didn't want so much chocolate, and one of my kids won't eat peanuts (even though she loves peanut butter!), so I used crushed almonds and I just drizzled them with a little bit of "Magic Shell" to make them more appealing. I've never used that stuff before and really thought it would harden like it shows on the package and commercials, but it didn't. Maybe it hardens when putting it over ice cream, but not these warm balls (snicker).
Here's the pic of mine. 

I sure hope the kids like them because I sure do, and that could be dangerous!

5. Just in case you're concerned that I'm bringing too many goodies on the trip, rest assured we'll be packing turkey and cheese, yogurt, apples, grapes, bananas, snap peas, and other healthy choices. I tend to over do it in the planning because I'm fully aware that it's not very enjoyable for a 5 and 7 year old to sit for 12+ hours in a car. We'll be driving through breakfast, lunch, and snacks. I like variety, and I'm sure they do too.

6. I forgot to mention in my last post that my husband did in fact get strep again from our daughter. For some reason it skipped me this time. Yesterday I went around the house and disinfected all the door knobs and handles as well as counter tops and toilets. I washed all the sheets again too. I don't know how we keep getting it but I'm hoping my OCD behavior will prevent us from getting it again!

7. Speaking of the husband, he's down 7 1/2 pounds since his doctor appt. Give that man a mission, and he's all over it! He's been running more and is up to 9 miles now (way more than I've ever done!) He just signed up for a half marathon. He's really taking the high blood pressure warning seriously.

8. Do you need a good laugh today? I swear you will pee your pants, spit out your coffee, choke on your dinner and be temporarily unable to breathe properly when you read this. PLEASE read it. We all need a good laugh...

9. I haven't talked about the Connecticut tragedy in my blog until now. I can tell you that never before have I been so deeply affected by something I saw in the news. I don't know any of the victims but I think about them every single day. I can't get through an hour without thinking about their families and what they must be going through right now. I have shed many tears over the past 6 days.
Today I read that someone set up a fake fund raising account in one of the little boys names, in order to cash in on this devastating tragedy. Unsuspecting people were actually making donations.
I have to believe there's a special place in Hell for someone like that. Go out and get a friggin' job dirt bag, and stop preying on innocent, grieving parents!

10. I'm hoping school is not canceled again tomorrow because I have a lot of stuff to get done and only one day in which to do it. I need to wrap a couple more presents for the kids. I also need to finish up some last minute packing (which may include another load of laundry). There may be a trip to Quick Care, and I need to get the tires rotated on the car. NOT enough hours in the day, I tell ya'!

I doubt I'll be able to write another post before Christmas so I'd like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, and Happy New Year!

Be happy, healthy, and make good choices.

See you next year!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Just Checking In

My husband is on a conference call with China and the kids are in bed, so what better time to catch up on the old blog!?

We got our first real snow fall of the season today. My older daughter has been asking EVERY DAY for at least a month if it was going to snow. Needless to say she was a very happy camper today to see it snowing. I picked them up from school which gave them a little more time to play in the white stuff than they would have if they took the  bus. I love the pure joy and innocence of children.

We're expecting quite a significant storm here tomorrow night and into Thursday. That doesn't affect me much since all my Christmas shopping is done and I could use the time stuck in the house to get some wrapping and baking done.
However, I'm not going to be a happy mama if the weather disturbs our travel plans on Sunday. We're heading back to NY to spend Christmas with the extended family. We're not planning on going home again for a full year so this trip is important to me.
Prayers for a clear travel day and a safe journey please!

Because we're traveling to NY, we actually have two Christmases. Santa comes here to Wisconsin on Friday night, then he comes to NY on the night of December 24. My kids are pretty lucky, huh?
We don't over do it here on gifts for them. They just get the basics of books, pajamas, slippers, and one toy. When we get to NY, that's a whole different story. My girls are the only grandchildren for the in-laws. 'Nuff said.

We had a mini cookie exchange at work on Monday. Let's just say I ate cookies, and not much else. My calories for the day consisted of cookies, and a protein shake for dinner.
For all you newbie bandsters who are gasping and shaking your head in shame and disbelief, please know I was perfect once too. Those days are over. I can't deprive myself 100% of the time. I need a normal life, and for me, normal includes treats.
I went to the gym today, and shoveled the driveway. I kept my calories in check. I figure this journey is one day at a time. There are days full of cookies and there are days full of exercise and water. I can live with that.

Well, the season finale of the Voice is on now so that's my cue to close. I hope you're all having a great night and staying warm in your part of the world.

G'night all!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

How is it Even Possible...

That it's Thursday all over again?

I really do mean well, and try to post during the week, but some how it turns out to be only on Thursdays that I have the time.

So, it's Ten Things Thursday all over again...

1. My oldest has strep throat again. It's been less than a month since she recovered from the last bout of strep. Remember when she got it, then me, then my husband?
Yeah, I'm forbidding my body to catch it this time!

2. I'm exhausted. I slept like a log last night but still needed a nap today. I put a movie on for the sick kiddo and went to take a quick snooze. I woke up an hour later! Man, I'm really gonna' be pissed if this is strep.

3. I didn't watch the whole benefit concert last night but saw The Stones and The Who. Anybody else feel super old watching those geezers on the stage? The music I grew up with is being sung by senior citizens now, and is considered 'classic'. Nice.

4. I have one more work day and then I'm off until January 2, 2013. How sweet is that!

5. The book club get together that we hosted went super well. We had 100% turn out, which I thought was cool, and everyone had a fantastic time. The hubby even joined us for a drink. He doesn't mind being the only guy in the room. I think this might turn out to be an annual thing.

6. I've read all of the Janet Evanovich number books, up to the most recent one. I'm currently # 367 on the wait list for that one! Why does she have to be so darn popular?

7. I'm getting excited for our trip back to NY for Christmas (minus the 13 hour road trip part). Aside from the typical Christmas stuff, I've got plans with my sister and best friend for lunch one day. There's a ladies night in the works too. I have to get in all my girl time since we won't be going home for summer vacation next year.

8. My husband went to the doctor for a full physical recently. He never goes to the doc, but had been getting some unusually high blood pressure readings and thought he better get checked out. The doc told him it would be a good idea to lose 10 pounds.
Wanna' know how much he lost in the first 3 days after that appointment? FOUR effing pounds people!
Yeah, I have a freaking lap band and can't lose 4 pounds in 3 days.
I hate men.
BUT, I must say I'm proud of him for taking the advice of his doctor seriously and moving in the right direction.

9. My work is doing a cookie exchange on Monday. I normally don't participate in such things but my boss made a big deal out of it. So, I'm making this healthy recipe from Chocolate Covered Katie (some of you follow her healthy dessert blog). Then I found out another of my co-workers is making a weight watchers cookie recipe. I'm so happy!
I love cookies, especially healthy cookies.

10. Many of you don't know this but I keep another blog. It's for my family and it's mostly about my kids. I started it years ago because we live out of state and away from all of our family. It's the best way to keep everyone in the loop about what's going on in our lives.
However, I haven't posted on that other blog in a long time because Blogger is telling me I've reached my limit for pictures and will have to start paying $ to increase my photo allowance.
I'm sharing this with you because you, my fellow bloggers, may want to look into this issue for yourselves. There are programs that you can use to compose your posts before putting them into blogger that will significantly compress your photo size, which should help. I just haven't had the time or patience to look into that yet.
So, if you tend to post lots of photos on Blogger, be warned that your time is limited!

Have a great night everyone!
Stay well.

Thursday, December 6, 2012


Here we go, 10 random things about my week. Thanks to Laura Belle who started this crazy Thursday tradition!

1. Right after I posted my last blog post about the constant puking, I got my period. That would completely explain it. One of these days I'll remember these things about my body from month to month.

2. We're all finished with our antibiotics now. Hoping we'll all stay healthy. Fingers crossed.

3. I just learned about "St. Nick Day". I'd never heard of that. Where I grew up Saint Nick was Santa Claus and he came on December 24. Apparently this other Nick dude comes on December 5th and leaves candy in the kids stockings. Living in Wisconsin sure is a whole different ballgame!

4. I'm hosting a little holiday get together in our new home on Saturday. It's our first time entertaining here and I'm pretty excited. It's just 6 ladies from my book club, but we're going to eat, drink and be merry!

5. I've pretty much finished my Christmas shopping except for my best friend. Isn't it awful that I have absolutely no idea what to get her? Awful!

6. This morning just as I was going to head to the elliptical, my 7 year old said "mom, aren't we going to have our cuddle time?". Well, there goes my cardio work out because I can't turn down cuddle time!

7. I love chocolate. And cookies. I'll never get down to 150 because of my inability to give up these things. I'm thinking I may be able to live with that because living without chocolate is just not possible for me.

8. My hands hurt. I'm a sign language interpreter. This is not good.

9/ I went grocery shopping today. I bought 8 loaves of bread. Now that I'm banded and can no longer eat bread, we're constantly running out. I never seem to notice when we're getting low because I don't the stuff. I think we'll be good for a while now.

10. I'm involved in a really good book right now so I'm going to sit in bed and read for an hour.
Nighty night!

Monday, December 3, 2012

On The Mend

It's Monday. The hubby and I are back to work and both kids are in school. It seems our little family is on the mend. We're all finishing up our antibiotics either today or tomorrow and we'll be happy to be done with that mess. I'm still hoping there will be no yeast infection for me as the door prize at the end of this. I'm taking my probiotics, so maybe that will help.

I'm still having trouble eating and keeping food down. I can't figure out if it's the antibiotics or not. I'm not having any upset stomach at all. It's the weirdest thing. I eat a small portion of food, chew the heck out of it, eat very slowly. Everything seems to go down just fine and then about an hour later, I'm in the bathroom throwing up.

Yesterday I stuck to full liquids all day until dinner. I had made spaghetti and meat balls. I served myself 2 medium meatballs with sauce (no spaghetti). I took the same amount of time to eat those 2 meatballs as my family took to eat their huge plates of pasta, salad, etc.
Didn't matter, it all came up an hour later. In fact this morning in the shower, I bent down to pick up the soap and another hunk of meatball came out! How could it still be sitting there in my pouch after sleeping all night? I don't get it.
So today, once again, I'm on liquids. Protein shake for breakfast, yogurt for lunch, oatmeal for dinner.
I told my husband I should just eat cookies. Cookies stay down all the time with no problem. I should just stick to the cookie diet!

I'm hoping once I'm off the antibiotics that my stomach will go back to normal and I can enjoy a decent meal with my family. That would be nice.

Other than that, I'm still keeping up with the exercise, staying away from most sweets, keeping calories in check, etc.
All is well over here.
And how is your Monday going?