Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Just Checking In

My husband is on a conference call with China and the kids are in bed, so what better time to catch up on the old blog!?

We got our first real snow fall of the season today. My older daughter has been asking EVERY DAY for at least a month if it was going to snow. Needless to say she was a very happy camper today to see it snowing. I picked them up from school which gave them a little more time to play in the white stuff than they would have if they took the  bus. I love the pure joy and innocence of children.

We're expecting quite a significant storm here tomorrow night and into Thursday. That doesn't affect me much since all my Christmas shopping is done and I could use the time stuck in the house to get some wrapping and baking done.
However, I'm not going to be a happy mama if the weather disturbs our travel plans on Sunday. We're heading back to NY to spend Christmas with the extended family. We're not planning on going home again for a full year so this trip is important to me.
Prayers for a clear travel day and a safe journey please!

Because we're traveling to NY, we actually have two Christmases. Santa comes here to Wisconsin on Friday night, then he comes to NY on the night of December 24. My kids are pretty lucky, huh?
We don't over do it here on gifts for them. They just get the basics of books, pajamas, slippers, and one toy. When we get to NY, that's a whole different story. My girls are the only grandchildren for the in-laws. 'Nuff said.

We had a mini cookie exchange at work on Monday. Let's just say I ate cookies, and not much else. My calories for the day consisted of cookies, and a protein shake for dinner.
For all you newbie bandsters who are gasping and shaking your head in shame and disbelief, please know I was perfect once too. Those days are over. I can't deprive myself 100% of the time. I need a normal life, and for me, normal includes treats.
I went to the gym today, and shoveled the driveway. I kept my calories in check. I figure this journey is one day at a time. There are days full of cookies and there are days full of exercise and water. I can live with that.

Well, the season finale of the Voice is on now so that's my cue to close. I hope you're all having a great night and staying warm in your part of the world.

G'night all!


speck said...

Snow? Lord, we were hot this morning at work. It has cooled down some tonight though. We never see snow here in Georgia.(not where I live anyways)

The two Christmas' sound great to me.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays Ms. R! :)


Vanessa said...

Heck yes - Cookies are my weakness...I don't know how to say no.
First snow falls are the best! How exciting a NY Christmas - will you be in the city?

Tina @ The Bandit Girl said...

prayers for stress free and as planned travel!!!