Thursday, December 20, 2012


My last Ten Things Thursday of 2012.

1. My kids had a snow day from school today. We got pelted with quite a storm over night, and there's more on the way. We stayed in our jammies all day. They even put their snow pants on over their pajamas to go play in it for a little while, then in front of the fire place they went!
They're lovin' life.

2. I tried to go to the Quick Care clinic this afternoon, during a short lull in the storm. Hubby thinks I should get this prolonged cold checked out in case it's a sinus infection. We're heading to NY this weekend and he doesn't want me to have a problem while away. I guess that makes sense.
Well, they were closed due to the storm!
If I'm not improving by tomorrow I'll try again.

3. I just made a batch of these for the road trip. Holy Hannah they are DEELISH! I've tried many recipes from this web site and some are OK, some are not so great. But this one is like heaven on a plate!
I used Splenda instead of sugar. I also just melted a tiny layer of chocolate to spread on the top, not a thick layer like she shows in her pic.
No matter how healthy they are, they're totally addicting and I could eat the whole friggin' batch myself!
I'm sure the kiddos will like these while enduring a 12 hour car ride.

4. I also made these. However, I didn't want so much chocolate, and one of my kids won't eat peanuts (even though she loves peanut butter!), so I used crushed almonds and I just drizzled them with a little bit of "Magic Shell" to make them more appealing. I've never used that stuff before and really thought it would harden like it shows on the package and commercials, but it didn't. Maybe it hardens when putting it over ice cream, but not these warm balls (snicker).
Here's the pic of mine. 

I sure hope the kids like them because I sure do, and that could be dangerous!

5. Just in case you're concerned that I'm bringing too many goodies on the trip, rest assured we'll be packing turkey and cheese, yogurt, apples, grapes, bananas, snap peas, and other healthy choices. I tend to over do it in the planning because I'm fully aware that it's not very enjoyable for a 5 and 7 year old to sit for 12+ hours in a car. We'll be driving through breakfast, lunch, and snacks. I like variety, and I'm sure they do too.

6. I forgot to mention in my last post that my husband did in fact get strep again from our daughter. For some reason it skipped me this time. Yesterday I went around the house and disinfected all the door knobs and handles as well as counter tops and toilets. I washed all the sheets again too. I don't know how we keep getting it but I'm hoping my OCD behavior will prevent us from getting it again!

7. Speaking of the husband, he's down 7 1/2 pounds since his doctor appt. Give that man a mission, and he's all over it! He's been running more and is up to 9 miles now (way more than I've ever done!) He just signed up for a half marathon. He's really taking the high blood pressure warning seriously.

8. Do you need a good laugh today? I swear you will pee your pants, spit out your coffee, choke on your dinner and be temporarily unable to breathe properly when you read this. PLEASE read it. We all need a good laugh...

9. I haven't talked about the Connecticut tragedy in my blog until now. I can tell you that never before have I been so deeply affected by something I saw in the news. I don't know any of the victims but I think about them every single day. I can't get through an hour without thinking about their families and what they must be going through right now. I have shed many tears over the past 6 days.
Today I read that someone set up a fake fund raising account in one of the little boys names, in order to cash in on this devastating tragedy. Unsuspecting people were actually making donations.
I have to believe there's a special place in Hell for someone like that. Go out and get a friggin' job dirt bag, and stop preying on innocent, grieving parents!

10. I'm hoping school is not canceled again tomorrow because I have a lot of stuff to get done and only one day in which to do it. I need to wrap a couple more presents for the kids. I also need to finish up some last minute packing (which may include another load of laundry). There may be a trip to Quick Care, and I need to get the tires rotated on the car. NOT enough hours in the day, I tell ya'!

I doubt I'll be able to write another post before Christmas so I'd like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, and Happy New Year!

Be happy, healthy, and make good choices.

See you next year!


Tina @ The Bandit Girl said...

OMG!!!!! That autocorrect page was the funniest thing I have ever read...I am still wiping tears. Thank you for THAT gift! Happy Holidays!

Caron said...

I love your Thursday posts. Have a great, safe trip and enjoy the holidays. :)

Vanessa said...

#8 Hilarous!!!!