Thursday, January 17, 2013

Happy Thursday!
Here are my 10 random things...

1. I was off the sugar and carbs completely for 6 whole days. Doing great, feeling great. Then today I had some cereal (my old friend). After the cereal I've been wanting to eat all afternoon. I'm doing a good job of reeling it in, reminding myself of how good I felt when I was off carbs and sugar, but I'm still hating myself for giving in. Ugh!

2. When I showed up to work Monday after my 3 day cleanse, this is what I saw in the break room (a partial list):
3 kinds of M&M's
3 kinds of crackers
several bowls of miniature chocolate bars
Cheez Ballz
Ice cream
candy corn
gummy bears
Reeses Pieces
peppermint patties
3 kinds of cookies
granola bars
hot chocolate

I'm sure there was more that I'm forgetting, but you get the picture. In fact, I'd love to take a real picture of the break room just to show you what I have to deal with on a daily basis, but I work for a Federal company and the really don't appreciate cameras in the work place! Dumb rules.

I told my boss (a fellow Bandster) that she's really trying to kill me with all the food. Her response was "That's why I never go in there!".
They try to keep us happy and fed since we're pretty much tied to our phones all day long and have very short breaks. I get it.
But, it's not a safe place for a food addict like me!
I'm proud to say that the cleanse helped me to walk away and not eat a single morsel of that crap.
One day at a time.

3. Thursday night is adult beverage night for me and the hubs. Aren't we cute?

4. There's a serious cold snap rolling through Wisconsin this week. We're talking single digits on Sunday. I just want to stay inside and bake yummy treats all day with my kiddos. I'm no fan of winter weather.

5. I'm pretty sure my daughter, who is 5, is a genius. I know I'm her Mom and I'm biased, but for real. Here's an example.
I have 2 email accounts. I told her my password to one of the accounts a long time ago because she wanted to write a note to her grandmother. She has remembered that password and now signs on to my account, finds my other email address in the contacts list, and sends me emails at my other account!
Granted, it's often notes about how mean I am that I won't give her what she wants, but still, genius in the making.

6. I was really at a loss for what to make for today's new recipe dinner, so I just came up with my own thing on the fly. Let's hope it's good. Last night wasn't even a new dinner and there were tears at the table!

7. Anybody else have homework drama with their kids? My first grader is a mess every night, full on tears, over home work. What's in store for the higher grades?!

8. I have a drama headache. Between home work and bed time, I'm ready for a beer!

9. I'm only working one day next week. Do you know how clean my house will be? I just might organize the storage room. Halleluliah!

10. I can't think of a tenth thing right now, so I'm calling it a night and joining my hubs for that adult beverage.

Have a great night everyone! See ya' tomorrow.


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Caron said...

I would have the same reaction to a bowl of cereal. I could seriously eat a whole box of raisin brand with lots of milk. That is why the only time I ever have it is at breakfast when we stay in a motel. For some reason, they always have raisin bran.

I love your Thursday posts. :)

Sam said...

I go back to work on Monday after two weeks off and I am dreading what I will find there food wise :p congrats on staying strong and turning away from it all!