Thursday, January 24, 2013

It's That Time Again!

Ten Things Thursday.
Here goes!

1. My kids are off from school tomorrow, so I'm doing the mother of the year thing and taking them to a museum. The odd thing is that they did NOT have Monday off, which was a National Holiday to celebrate the birth of the late, great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
What's up with that? While the entire country was celebrating Dr. King, my kids had business as usual. And now they get Friday of for a 'teacher work day'? I'm kinda' having an issue with that logic.

2. Tonight is supposed to be our new recipe night, but we have too many left overs in the fridge, so I'm going with that. Not to worry though, there will be a new recipe posted tomorrow because we tried something earlier this week that the kids loved and begged me to make again. Excited? You'll get to see it tomorrow my dears.

3. I went to my favorite store (The big red bullseye that starts with a T) and man are they having clearance deals! If you need a winter coat, they're 70% off. Too bad I already got 2 new coats for Christmas and couldn't really justify buying another one. I did get dressy wool coats for the girls for $11.98 each. They're hot pink and I think they'll love them. I bought bigger sizes so they'll be put away for next year. Sweaters and pajamas are dirt cheap too, so get out there and get some bargains people!

4. You know how Wally World advertises that they will match any competitors price? Well, we have a super W near here and I do my weekly grocery shopping there, taking advantage of the ad match, which saves me from driving around to 3 different stores in search of the best deals. I've been doing this for many months. I sit down with the local ads every Wednesday evening, make out my lists of who has what on sale, and I go to W to buy all the items in one place.
They have never asked me to see the ads to prove I'm not trying to scam the system. In fact one cashier told me that they're not even allowed to ask for proof, they're supposed to just give it to the customer at the lower price, even if it sounds fishy.
(I always have my ads and the list in my hand, even though they never ask.)

Today I had a TON of ad match items in my cart. I was on a roll, the bargain hunting queen.
Would you believe the darn cashier actually asked me for the ad?
I looked at her and said "I have nearly 100 items in my cart that are all ad match items. Do you really want to flip through every ad for every item to make sure I'm not lying about the price?"
She gave me some nonsense about how it's their policy to check, yatta yatta yatta, and then told me that since I looked honest, she'll let it go this time.
Yeah, next time we'll be calling the manager over. Can't mess with a woman trying to reduce the cost of her weekly grocery bill!

5. Research shows that people who nap live longer. I want to live a long time, so I try to nap every day. The key word here is 'try'. Every day my phone rings during my attempt at napping. Today it was the hubby, yesterday it was my sister, they day before that it was the MIL. I'm not sure why people think 2:30 is the best time of day to call me, but if you have my phone number, please don't call at that time. I'm working at living longer. Thanks.

6. My 7 year old is a very affectionate child. She loves to cuddle, tells us all day long that she loves us, and will literally kiss me 100 times at the bus stop without any concern that her friends might be watching.
I've been wondering when she'll decide she's too old or too cool to do that stuff, and I'm afraid the time may be near.
Yesterday I had to call her while she was at school to ask her a question. At the end of our brief talk, I said "I love you". Her response" "Yeah, bye mom".
She didn't want her school friends to hear her saying "I love you". Stab me in the heart now. I can't deal. At the age of 7, she's already embarrassed by her mama. Insert sad face here.

7. For about 5 minutes, I had myself convinced that I could give up my gym membership and just do exercise DVD's at home. Then I remembered I was talking about me, who would rather lay in bed than try to convince myself to go to the basement and sweat. It was a nice thought while it lasted, but I'm pretty sure I need group fitness in my life.

8. While shopping today there was a woman doing her shopping from one of those motorized scooter carts. That made me think of a post by Holly at 300 pounds down.
This woman wasn't stuck in the store with a dead battery like the woman in Holly's story, but she was morbidly obese and I'm sure would not be able to shop without the scooter.
I made a point to make sure she knew she was not invisible. I smiled at her. Then when I kept seeing her in every aisle, I started making funny comments about how we were on the same shopping schedule, or that one of us must be stalking the other. We both got a few laughs.
I guess the point is that I didn't look at her with disgust or shame. I let her know, just for a few minutes of her day, that she is a human worthy of having a human conversation. Is that so hard? I don't think so, but I can tell you that I was the only person in the store who interacted with her today. Sad, but true.

9. Remember when I did the Dr. O three day cleanse and lost 6 pounds? Remember I plugged the info into MFP and found that even with the optional 4th shake and my added protein powder, I was still at just barely 1,000 calories for the day?
I forgot to mention that MFP tells me that if I keep eating like that for 5 weeks, I'll lost 10 pounds. Really?
You mean all I have to do to lose 10 pounds is drink veggies and fruit all day, keep my calories at less than 1,000,don't chew anything, and have very little protein? That's it?
Well, forgive me for not wanting to sign up for that program, EVER. Doing that for 5 weeks would be considered a starvation diet, and since starving doesn't exactly sound like fun, I'm not doing it.

10. Hubby informed me that it's only 4 1/2 months until our Myrtle Beach vacation. I am so ready for some sun and sand. COUNTING THE DAYS until I don't have to freeze, or look at snow. Counting. The. Days.

That's it for today my loves.
See you tomorrow!

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Robyn's Nest said...

I love me a nap too. I think about them all the time.....
I have 3 months until I will be at the beach and I am holding onto that thought HARD in all this cold.