Friday, January 18, 2013

New Food Friday #3

So all day yesterday I was at a loss for what to make for our new recipe night.
I had spent the better part of Wednesday trolling the net for something inspiring, but came up short. I had found a couple recipes using Tortellini, and that sounded good since we all like that, but how to prepare it was the great mystery.
I had run across a recipe for Tomato Tortellini soup, but when I tried to find it again, it was gone.
So, I decided to wing it. That's pretty risky since I'm really a recipe person, not at all a fly by the seat of your pants person.

Here's what I did.
I cooked a large package of Tortellini according to the package instructions.
Meanwhile I heated up a can of tomato soup, made with milk, and about 1/4C parmesan cheese.
Once the Tortellini was done, I drained it and dumped it into the soup mixture.
I let it simmer for another 5 minutes, and served it like this...

As you can see I used the bi-color tortellini, and added some fresh Parmesan on top.
I also made broccoli and cauliflower, which of course the kids won't eat,, but daughter #2 won .25 for trying one tiny piece (bribery at its best).
We had strawberries and grapes for dessert.

All 4 family members gave this a thumbs-up. Daughter #1 went back for seconds and thirds.

Not exactly the best home cookin' around, but it worked for our family.

Have a great and healthy weekend!


Ronnie said...

Hey, I like the sounds of it - and trying new things every week with the family sounds like a great idea!

Glad everyone enjoyed it. :D

Jody V said...

Sounds wonderful! As long as everyone likes it who cares. Here is a tomato tortellini soup recipe that is great!

twenty kilos to go said...

Yum! Seriously that looks so good and something that has enough liquid to work for bandsters!