Saturday, January 26, 2013

New Food Friday #4, a tad late

I know it's Saturday and this is supposed to be New Food FRIDAY, but I have a good excuse.
Yesterday my kids had off from school and we spent ALL freaking day at the museum. We left at 9:30am. and didn't get back until after 4. I thought I'd never get them out of there!

This week I wasn't inspired by any dinner ideas so I changed things up a bit.
I decided to go with a new one by Chocolate Covered Katie. This can be a dessert or snack.

Click here for the Recipe.

The first time I made them, I really tried to get them to look like the picture on Katie's website. I'm not sure how she got them to be so perfect, but mine looked nothing like hers. The important thing is that the kids loved them and asked for more.
My oldest daughter doesn't eat any red meat or dark green veggies, so she tends to be a little low in the iron department. Any time I can sneak some iron in her diet is good.

The second time I made them I decided to just put the batter in my mini-muffin pan and not worry about how they looked.

After the kids devoured the second batch, I decided to let them in on the secret ingredient (Prunes!). Kiddo #1 made a yucky face, but still asked for a muffin at breakfast today. Win!

Two things to note about this recipe...
*I have no idea what Spelt flower is or where to find it, so I used regular flour.
*I found that the batter was too dry to mix so I had to add more liquid than what the recipe calls for.



Biz said...

Specialty flours like spelt, coconut, rye, etc. are usually found separately from the regular baking aisle - my store has an "organic" aisle and that's where I find it - usually the brand is Bob's Red Mill.

My daughter actually loves prunes plain! :D

twenty kilos to go said...

You are sooo clever with your friday recipes!