Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A quick catch up of what's in my head

Hey Folks. I had a minute and thought I'd do a quick post to catch you up on what's going on over here.

Baby girl who has the ear infection is feeling better but having a terrible time with the antibiotics. They mess with her stomach and she hates taking it because she knows it's going to hurt her tummy. Awful!
She's barely eating anything, and when she does, it's a good possibility that she'll throw up. She threw up on me and herself yesterday when we attempted an outing to the library.
She went back to school today and I'm so scared about what's going to happen at lunch. I'll wait for a call I guess.

My husband ran a half marathon yesterday. At home. On the treadmill. Who the heck can run for 2 1/2 hours on a freaking treadmill? My husband, that's who. He was a big ole dripping ball of sweat when he was done. I made him oven fries for after the run and boy did he need them!
More proof that the man I married is just plain crazy.

I just signed up to do the Dirty Girl in August.
In fact, the date of the race happens to my my 3 year bandiversary! That's mainly the reason I want to do the race. I don't particularly like getting dirty, or doing obstacles, but I figure I have to do this because the date is so significant for me. My husbands craziness might have rubbed off on me.

I took one day off from my Lenten elliptical challenge due to the pain in the top of my foot. Not sure what was going on but just taking the one day off seems to have done the trick. All better now.

18 days of doing the elliptical every day (with one day off) has caused something odd to happen to my body. I have these things in the back of my legs that I never knew were there. You may know them as hamstrings. Yes, they were there all the time, strategically hidden behind layers of cellulite.
I bent over the other day and had my hand on the back of my leg and BAM! There it was. Holy smokes, I have muscles!

I think that's it for today.
If you're in the path of this snow storm coming through, I wish you warmth and safety.


FreeJulie said...

Congrats on newfound muscles! That is always so fun!!

Sarah G said...

New muscles are awesome!! :) :)

Ms. M said...

Hamstrings? I think I had those once upon a time. Lol