Friday, February 8, 2013

New Food Friday #6

We're trucking right along with this 52 new recipes in 52 weeks.
Last night we tried out new recipe #6 and it was a big hit with the whole family.

I've been checking out Smashed Peas and Carrots because she's a mom who has super great ideas, and she lives in our old town in Illinois. I've actually met her and her family a couple of times. Does that mean I know someone famous?

Anyway, she posted this recipe (click link for the recipe page) for a healthier version of home made mac and cheese. You know most times mac and cheese is loaded with butter and cream, so this was a refreshing change.

My kids LOVE mac and cheese. I stopped giving them the boxed kind a while ago because of all the chemicals in that packet of fake orange cheese product. I do on occasion give them the kind found in the freezer section though, because they really really love their mac and cheese!

When I found this recipe I realized I could make the kids a healthy, natural mac and cheese in just about the same amount of time it would take to make the old box kind.

I served it with baked Tilapia, cucumber salad, and grapes for dessert.

Here's what ours looked like...

This is the plate of my 7 year old who until this year Never ever ate any form of meat or fish. She ate all that fish and liked it. I think the weekly new recipes are bringing her out of her comfort zone.
Both kids asked for seconds on the mac and cheese.

Recipe notes**
I used 'veggie pasta' which gives a whole serving of vegetables her cup.
I used skim milk and reduced fat mild cheddar.
I would have liked a sharper cheddar for a stronger taste but my store didn't have it.
I think the 2TBSP of corn starch could be reduced to 1TBSP. The finished product was very thick and a bit 'starchy' tasting. Next time I'll reduce the corn starch and see what happens.

Bandster note**
I did have some of this mac and cheese even though I know I can't normally eat pasta. It seemed to go down fine. However, I saw it again later in the evening. Not so fun. Use caution and chew CHEW CHEW!

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Stephanie M. said...

Will you please share how you baked your tilapia? I've been experimenting with fish and I'm pretty good at pan frying it now but baking it has been unsuccessful (dry and rubbery). How long do you cook it for? Do you add oil?