Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ten Things Thursday!

Hi All,
I hope you're all keeping warm in your neck of the woods because it's COLD here in the mid-west.
And, as we've come to expect on Thursdays, here's my weekly contribution to TTT.

1. My youngest is home from school today with her very first ear infection. This is the kid that never gets sick. She's never been on antibiotics or even missed a day of school due to illness before. The poor kiddo insisted on going to school this morning, but I got a call a few hours later that she was in a lot of pain.
Sure enough, ear infection. She's all cozied up on the couch resting comfortably now.
I don't love school germs.

2. Today was the 13th day in a row that I've done 30 minutes on the elliptical. Remember I was going to do that for Lent? I know Lent only started last week but I had already been doing the elliptical for a while before I decided to keep going until Easter. Some days I curse that decision. Some days I REALLY don't want to do it,(like yesterday after my killer power cycle class) but then I remember that I promised God that I would, so I do it. *Sigh*.
Why do I get myself into these things?

3. I'm having a weird pain in the top of my left foot. It almost feels like there's a bone out of place that needs to be popped back in. I keep thinking that at any moment I'll hear a crack and then it'll all be back to normal. I'm wondering if all this elliptical work is irritating something, but the odd thing is that it doesn't hurt while I'm exercising. It hurts mostly when I'm just walking around.
Hoping it's nothing.

4. I was called 'skinny' the other day by two people who never knew me when I was morbidly obese and have no idea of my life long struggle. That was weird!
They were complaining about not being able to lose weight, and I mentioned that when I'm not losing, I take my measurements. Then they both said "But you're skinny!".
OK, I'm technically still overweight (by about 10-12 pounds) so I'm not really 'skinny', but it dawned on me that people now just see me as a normal sized person. When the heck did that happen?!
My husband said "See, I tell you that all the time and you don't listen to me". He's right. It's not that I don't listen to him, it's that I have never been normal sized, so it's hard for my mind to embrace it.
Definitely something I have to work on.

5. As a reward for being skinny(snicker), I bought myself a new pair of size 10 jeans today. All my jeans are size 12 and I belt them. I figured it was time to embrace the  new me and start wearing my true size.

6. Sort of related to #5, the powers that be at work have sent down a declaration that we will now be able to wear jeans at the office. I can't tell you how excited I am about that, and how sick I am of wearing the same 2 pair of dress pants over and over again. My wardrobe possibilities just opened up greatly. I'm so happy!

7. I was really hoping the Tylenol would make my baby girl sleepy, so that we could both take a nap. Doesn't look like that's happening. She's still wide awake, but thankfully no longer in pain. Man, I really could use a nap!

8. There's another storm coming through tonight. Can I just tell you how sick I am of winter? I'm not cut out for this weather. I want to stay in the house and bake cookies all weekend.

9. Speaking of measurements...did I tell you I took my measurements last week and that I lost an inch? Yeah, in my bust. The ONE place I do NOT need to lose any more inches. I barely had anything there to start with! I would love to lose a little in the butt and belly, but NO, I continue to lose in the chest. Nice.

10. Sick kiddo is asking for a sandwich, so I must go.

I hope you all stay warm and healthy this weekend!


♫ Drazil ♪ said...

So much to say! First I hope your baby girl feels better. Second...YAY for jeans. We can do that here and it's funny - I still dress up. Size 10 - YAY! We're getting up to 8 inches tonight! Oh - that sounded dirty didn't it? LOL

Sarah G said...

Sorry about your sick baby! :(

Yay for smaller jeans!!

Eventually the boob shrinkage has to stop. Once all the fat is gone and there is nothing but breast tissue left, (like milk ducts)right?

Sarah G said...

And go see a Dr about that pain in your foot, please!!!

speck said...

Reading your post makes me realize I miss it when I don't blog.

Good to see your post R.(the secret R) :)

Congrats to you for 13 days on the eliptical. I'm impressed.

I'm curious. Do you have a knot on the top of your foot? If so, I might can tell you about that.

I hope your daughter feels better very soon.

Good to read your post.


Ronnie said...

UGH. I hate when I lose in places I don't want to. :(

And you ARE skinny, silly. :)