Sunday, March 3, 2013

Good News, a Little Vitamin C Boost and the Band

The hubby made it to China safely. I had been laying wide awake in bed since 5am. waiting for his call to let me know he landed. He was trying to be considerate and wait until a reasonable hour to call, not wanting to wake me, but little did he know I was wide awake and anxious!
I always get a little anxious when he travels but this time it's worse because I'm reading a book about young widows, written by a woman who lost her husband when she was barely 40 years old. Nice reading material while your husband is thousands of miles away! Ack.

He came down with what I believe is an upper respiratory infection the day before he left. Thank God I had a refill of antibiotics that I never needed, and gladly gave it to him. Coughing up yellow slime before boarding a 15 hour flight didn't seem like my idea of fun. He's on the mend now and sounds much better after just 2 doses.

We decided we're pretty tired of getting sick with everything our kids bring home from school. We bought a case of that stuff called Emergen-C, which is a super mega dose of Vitamin C that you add to your water. I absolutely hate the taste of all the flavors (chemical-ish) but I'm willing to try anything to stop getting sick.
On a side note, I've also read several studies that say mega doses of Vitamin C can suppress the cancer cells we all have in our body, and prevent them from developing. Who wouldn't want some of that?!

For some reason my band decided to slam shut yesterday and make it impossible to eat anything all afternoon/evening. Not sure why that happens so often to me. I'm guessing it's because of this cold/sinus thing I have going on right now. Inflammation? I had a huge mug of hot tea which I sipped slowly all evening and gave up any idea of eating actual food. Feeling much better this am. and I'm slowly but surely getting my protein shake down. My new motto is "as long as I'm getting nutrition, I don't have to chew". Food is so overrated.

Because of my non-eating yesterday, the scale went back down to a comfortable 162. I know maintenance is supposed to be a 'range' but my brain never seems to accept that. I tend to bounce between 162-165 and that should be a reasonable range for someone in maintenance, but I cringe when it goes up to the high end. I hate it. I would like to stay the same exact weight every single day. I know that's unreasonable, and impossible. Stupid even. I'm working on that.
Further proof that fixing the head is much harder than fixing the body.

All the stores have their Easter stuff out now which is a very hard time for me. I don't care much about Halloween or Valentine candy, but Easter is a whole different story. Those darn Cad bury Mini Eggs are everywhere! I love them. Every perfect little morsel. Funny thing is I never even knew what they were until a few years ago when my BFF introduced me to them. I had them stuck in my head for days so I decided to do something about it.
I bought a mini bag of them while shopping with my kids. I told them that we would count how many were in the bag and divide them evenly. There happened to be 12 lovely eggs in the bag, so we weach got 4. It addressed my craving without doing too much damage. The great thing is that even though I wanted more, there were no more to be had, so I had to be happy with that. The old me would have bought the full size bag and gone to town, hating myself every step of the way.
By the way, the whole mini bag is about 210 calories, so I had 1/3 of that. Not too bad.

Well, I'm taking the girls to a movie this morning so I better get moving. That elliptical is calling my name.

I hope you all have a fantastic Sunday!

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Cheri said...

I chuckled a little at your husband trying to be not disturb your rest, waiting to call, meanwhile you are staying up waiting to hear from him - Gift of the Magi moment, lol. :-)

Boy I hear you on the head being hardest to fix. I hope you can find a way to relax more into that "range". We can intellectually think the right things, but deep down not feel them - it is connecting it all together. I have the same problem. Maybe it is just the discipline of choosing to think and repeat it to ourselves over and over until one day we DO believe it, emotionally, too. :-) We have proven it to ourselves over time.

Hope you have a lot of fun at the movie!