Monday, March 11, 2013

New Food #9

OK, I swear not all my new food recipes for the year will be dessert items! It's just that the hubs was gone for the week and I didn't feel like trying a new dinner recipe while he was gone. Too many left overs, nobody to eat them.

The kids started back at swim lessons on Wednesday nights, right smack in the middle of dinner hour. I had to figure out what to feed them before the lessons that would be nutritious, give them a boost of energy, and not spoil their dinner.

Here's what I came up with...

Yet another successful food idea from Smashed Peas.

When I made this on Wednesday, I couldn't take a picture. It stuck to the pan and fell apart when I pulled it out. It wasn't pretty. BUT, it was delicious!
The other issue, because I didn't pay attention to the mini part of mini-chocolate chips, and just used regular size, my chips all fell to the bottom. I had to scrape them off the pan and use it as frosting.
Believe me, the kids did not mind one bit. The devoured half the pan and kept saying how great it was!

I made it again yesterday but did not have the gluten free baking mix on hand. I just used flour this time, and the kids had the same reaction.
I didn't taste the second batch because with regular flour, the finished product came out much more dense, and less moist. Way different consistency and texture than the first time.

Here's the pic of my second attempt...

Much firmer, didn't stick to the pan, and the correct size chocolate chips didn't sink to the bottom.
Needless to say, these didn't last long in our house!

Bandster note:
I found this to band friendly when I used the gluten free baking mix. It makes it light and airy, no too heavy. However, if you happen to get over zealous and try to eat 4 pieces, I can't guarantee you won't have problems. Not that I know anything about that personally. I'm just sayin'!

Nutrition note:
I used less sugar than is called for, because I always do. It's never been a problem and my kids have never noticed.


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