Friday, March 8, 2013

TTT, Friday Style

Life sort of got away from me yesterday, and I never found the time to sit down and write my Thursday post. So, one day late, here you have it...

1. I haven't slept for 2 nights now. Seriously, like WIDE awake for 4-6 hours at a time in the middle of the night. Hubby is out of town and I think that's the problem. He's a warm and calming presence to me and I need him here to cuddle me to sleep.
He comes home tomorrow which means I won't sleep again tonight since I'll be thinking about him flying all night, and how his plane could crash. You know, all the pleasant things in life!

2. My girls are very close to their Daddy. They don't like it much when he travels, especially the 7 year old. I try to make up special things to do while he's gone to take the edge off.
Saturday, the day he left, we went out for ice cream after soccer. On Sunday we skipped church and went to a movie. They loved it.
Wednesday I surprised them with chocolate chip banana bread (recipe coming later) as their after school snack. They didn't leave me any!
Tonight we're going to get in our pajamas early and watch a movie, and eat in the living room (there's a rule in our house against such shenanigans!). I picked up "Dreamer", that cute true story of the little girl and her horse. Should be a fun night.
Daddy comes home tomorrow and then I can go back to being boring old Mom. I'm out of ideas.

3. I may have mentioned before that I'd love to be able to get down to 155 and stay there. Once that I made it to exactly 155, and was there for about five minutes, and it was only because I was so sick I couldn't eat for pretty much a week. At that time I noticed I developed wrinkly old lady neck. I hated it. I figured it was from being under nourished.
Right after I got better, and had a small un-fill, I went immediately back up to somewhere around 160, and gross old lady neck went away.
Since then my weight has always fluctuated between 162-165, while I continue to dream about the possibilities of getting down to 155. *sigh*.
Well, I haven't eaten a lot in the past week. With hubby gone, I cook for the kiddos and I usually have a protein shake or yogurt in the evening. I just haven't had much of an appetite for 'real' food, and the band has been a little tight, so I'm taking it easy, while still getting in plenty of protein each day. No worries there.

Well, I'm down to 160 today. Of course I'm happy with the drop of poundage. However, I am NOT happy about the freaking OLD LADY NECK that has come back! Seriously, I lose weight in my neck? Not the huge ASS I lug around like a caboose, but my neck?
Is there some weight loss fairy out there who I can file a complaint with? This is ridiculous.
On a positive note, my husband will surely throw his arms around me and proclaim that I got so tiny while he was away. Of course that will earn him a big kiss from me.

4. My 7 year old is the Star Student of her class this week. It's so cute. They make a really big deal out of it for the kids. I went in and had lunch with her today. Well, she ate lunch, and I watched. All her little 1st grade friends were so cute sitting around us asking tons of questions, chatting up a storm. I'm so glad she loves school and has sweet friends. Gotta' love the little moments in life.

5. The primary school is holding a big book fair this week. We were told we could send in some spending money for the kids so they could shop on their own and pick something out. I was going to send each of my kids with $5 but didn't have change, so they got $10. A bit steep for me but I figure the school makes part of the proceeds, so it's for a good cause.
Then at swimming lessons one of the other moms, who has 4 kids, told me that she was planning on sending each of her kids with $20. What!? Holy cow, am I cheap or is this woman crazy?

Then, oh it gets better...while at lunch today our neighbors kid sat with us. We chatted about the book fair. I asked her which book she bought. She told me she bought lots and lots of books. Then she dropped this one..."My mom gave me $50 to spend but the total came to $80. Good thing my mom was there to give the lady more money".
Hold the phone people! This FIRST GRADER was given FIFTY dollars to bring to elementary school and buy books? Really? Would you give your 7 year old $50 to carry to school? And, if that first grader spent more than the $50, would you really bail her out and pay the overage?
Let's just say I am so glad my kids are not materialistic and we are teaching them the true value of money. When they want more than what we think is reasonable, we have them save their money for it. Mama is not an ATM machine.
I'm still in shock.

6. After leaving the school today I took myself for a McD's ice cream cone, minus the cone. I figure what the heck, Phil is too tight right now, and I'm not eating much of anything, so why not a little fat free, frozen non-dairy product? It was yummy good.

7. I've been on the wait list at the library for a movie called 'Margaret' for a long time. It's an award winner starring Anna Paquin, Matt Damon, and Mark Ruffalo. It finally came in yesterday.
First, let me tell you that it was the worst 2 1/2 hours of my life (almost). I will never get that time back. I kept fast forwarding thinking that at some point it had to get better. Sadly, it never did. What the hell was the point? And who the hell is Margaret? I watched the whole stupid movie and there was nobody in it named Margaret! I'm still pissed. Can you tell?

8. I'm very appreciative of other cultures. I've traveled the world and done just fine with food, language, and customs. It's part of who I am. In fact, when I was in Africa I even tried zebra and giraffe. I don't eat red meat at all but it's what was being served so I went along. No biggie. I'll live.
However, my husband was subjected to a cultural experience in China this week that I don't think I could have survived.
Their party of about 18 people were at a traditional Chinese restaurant. The woman organizing the meal asked him if he'd be willing to try pigeon. Not wanting to offend, and because he truly is willing to try just about anything, he said sure.
What she didn't tell him is that everyone at the table gets their OWN PIGEON on a plate. The whole freaking bird, head and all.
That is not trying pigeon, that's diving in head first and eating a street bird.
Then, oh you're going to love this. Because he is the guest of honor, he is expected to KISS the pigeon on the mouth before they begin the meal. I have pictures of my husband kissing a pigeon.
I don't think I could have done it. Imagine pulling apart a bony bird and eating the meat? I think I would have had to offend China on that day.
He's certainly a good sport, and if he gets Bird Flu, it's his own fault for saying "sure".

9. It's supposed to be over 40 degrees and sunny tomorrow. I just might take the kids to the zoo and walk around while waiting for the hubs to land. Come on Spring! I can smell ya'!

10. Have I mentioned that I'm tired? Please send sleepy thoughts my way at about 9pm. Central time!

Have a great night folks.


Sarah G said...

I don't sleep well when my husband is away either. :(

blech blech blech on the pigeon!!

Hope you get some sleep tonight!

twenty kilos to go said...

I love book fairs!
Ewk! Pigeon! Crack up!
Will take Margaret off the viewing list!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I do not know who Margaret is. Wish I could help you out there.
I am very sorry about the neck. If you find that fairy to complain to- please share. I lose in weird places too while my stomach is HUGE. I want the fairy to take that, PLEASE.
Glad your hubby is coming home, you need the sleep!