Monday, March 25, 2013

What My Butt Says, and Being a Happy Drunk

If you could hear the conversations my husband and I have, you'd think we were nuts.

My MIL sent me some pajamas for Easter. I'm pretty sure she shops for me in the junior's department. They're super hero pajamas and there's a big "POW!" written across the butt, like in the old Bat Man shows.
I keep forgetting what it says when I'm wearing them.
Here's how that goes.

Me: "Honey, what's my butt say again?"
Hubby: "POW!"
Me: "Yeah, you know you like that POW! don't you?".

We're crazy, but we make each other laugh.

Yesterday we had this conversation...

Me: "Why do I even bother trying to eat real food. I'm just gonna' drink my calories all day. I'll be good and drunk before dinner every night. I'll be a skinny drunk".
Hubby: That's one heck of a plan. Let's try that.

Needless to say, after feeling much better and eating almost like a normal person for 2 days, I went a little wild and decided to have some fish last night. Ooooh, living on the edge!
Well, that didn't go well.
I'm back to liquids today, with a side of heartburn.

Have a great day folks!


Dawnya said...

LOL...I have a pair of panties that say buy me a drink. LOL Charles bought them for me.

I hope your tummy feels better. You deserve some relief.

Caron said...

Yeah, it's probably good that we don't live in glass houses with microphones. Ha ha

I also hope you can eat regular food again soon and stop having the same problems. Sigh.

Ms. M said...

We have some pretty amusing conversations around here too... people would undoubtedly think we were both nuts sometimes. It doesn't help that the more tired I get the goofier my sense of humor becomes. Lol

Hope you get to feeling better soon!

Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...

That's funny. Hope you feel better and better!