Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday, and a WTF for Good Measure!

I've never participated in 'weigh in Wednesday' but I will this week because I have a funny story for y'all!

Have you ever stepped on your scale and know you're standing a little off center or lopsided, and you get a totally crazy number? I have!
Last night I decided to hop on the scale before bed. I usually don't weigh at night but since I've been able to eat more solid food lately, I was just curious. I hopped on but wasn't quite centered and that friggin' whore of a scale said...wait for it...


OK, in case you're wondering, that would be an ELEVEN POUND GAIN in one day! I'm almost positive that's impossible, so I laughed and went to bed.
I kind of obsessed a little bit about it while trying to fall asleep, thinking that I could actually be retaining 10 pounds of fluid, in which case maybe I should go to the hospital!
However I wasn't concerned enough to actually get out of my warm bed and try weighing again.

Alas, I didn't die in my sleep from fluid retention, and hopped on the scale this morning to a much happier number.
My official Wednesday weigh in is: 


Alrighty then. I think that's a bit better. Don't you?

And now for the WTF part of this Wednesday.
Where the F is Spring?! I'm pissed. I feel robbed. Last week when we had a couple of nice days I was all ready to wash and put away all the winter gear. Thankfully I didn't because we're right back down to winter temperatures with the added bonus or RAIN and WIND. This really sucks. Last year when we were moving here, it was already in the 80's by now.
OK, I know last year was horrible for the farmers so I don't really want 80 degree temps in March and April, but I'd really be happy with 50 and a little sunshine. Where is the sun?!

That's my rant for the day.
I hope you're all well.
Have a great day peeps!


Anonymous said...

We have actually had two 80 degree days in a row. Last week it was 24 degrees driving to work..... What happened to spring?

Cheri said...

It is almost too hot here today....I am skeered. ;P. I hate the long hot summer. Hopefully we'll get a little more cool weather before the real heat starts.