Thursday, April 18, 2013

What Time is It?

It's Thursday people! Ten Things Thurday...Let's get to it.

1. I met my new doctor yesterday. This would be the 'lady parts' doc. I loved her! This is my first time having a female, which was so nice. She was kind and patient, and totally not judgmental about my band. I almost didn't even mind having all my private areas inspected!

2. When you're obese, you hate going to the doctor. You're always afraid of getting that talk about watching your weight, and doing things like eating right and exercising. Or worse, the big look of surprise when they see how much you've gained since the last visit.

The night before my new doc appointment I had a dream. In the dream the doc came into the room, looking down at my chart, and said "I see here that you're ten pounds over weight. You should be careful about that". I said "Ha, you're kidding right?". Her response was "Why would I be kidding?". Then my response was "Because I used to weigh TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY POUNDS, that's WHY! Read my damn chart!".
Um, defensive much?
Glad that was just a dream.
In real life, nothing was said about being overweight, and in fact, the doc happens to be quite large herself. I'm sure she could care less about me being 8-10 pounds overweight.
No more bad dreams.

3. My 6 year old is super-crazy smart. She was sent home with a long list of spelling words that are supposed to be for the next 6 weeks of school. She knew all of the words on the list, without even practicing them.
Then the teacher sent me home a new list that were supposed to be 'advanced' words, since she knew all of the other ones. She was to practice them and be tested on Friday.
She knew all of them on the first try. Um, what do we do now? Give her 5th grade words?
This kid is scary, and she better be something awesome when she grows up!

4. I discovered why I've been having problems with eating, tightness, vomiting, acid...etc.
My lactose intolerance is OUT OF CONTROL.
I've known for a couple years that there are certain things I can't have, like straight milk, but in general I can have some dairy and not suffer.
Those days are gone. I can't have a drop of dairy or I am throwing up half an hour later. It's crazy!
So, that's why I had all those problems, and couldn't eat, and had to have an un-fill.
Wanna' know how I figured it out? I had a cheese omelette and the whole problem came raging back for a repeat performance!
It's been awful. I'm on full liquids again for 3-4 days, and if things don't calm down, I'll need yet another un-fill.
At least now that I know dairy has been the culprit, I can stay away from it. I'm not in pain like I was last time, and I'm just taking it easy, trying not to piss off the band again.
Wish me luck!

5. My un-fill didn't cause me to gain weight. I'm back down to 156.

6. Chocolate is dairy. Just so you know.

7. I started taking a pro-biotic again since the experts say it can help with lactose intolerance. Something about balancing the enzymes in the gut. I could use some of that. Let's hope it helps even a little bit.

8. I'm pretty sure my metabolism is so effed up that if I ate even remotely like a normal person, I'd gain weight.
We went out to dinner for my daughter's birthday. The kids ate full plates of ravioli, bread sticks and chocolate mousse cake with milk.
I ate half a bowl of soup.
This is my norm. I eat that way and don't lose weight. If I eat more, I gain weight. Lovely.

9. Wine is liquid. Just so you know.

10. While in the mirror doing my daughter's hair yesterday, I made a startling discovery. I smiled and noticed WRINKLES! Yes, sad but true, I have wrinkles.
I even called my husband upstairs to look, and verify said wrinkles.
You know what he said?
"You used to have fat that filled in those lines. Now you don't".
While that's most likely true, I'm not a happy camper. All my life people have told me I look younger than my true age. I am not ready to start looking my age!

That's it for now peeps. Have a good night, and be well!


♥ Drazil ♥ said...

What? You can't have chocolate? OMG - I just passed out. That's just not right. You poor thing.

Cheri said...

That is a lot of news! Lets see if I can remember! So happy the doctor appointment went well, and that you have the digestive issue figured out, even if it isn't going to be easy. Figuring it out is HUGE. Very sorry about the sacrifices, like chocolate and cheese. :-( Still, here's hoping soon you'll be able to find satisfying alternatives overall and be chewing and eating many things you really enjoy! And so glad you were able to maintain with your unfill.

I'm far from your weight - I'm still obese - and I already have noticed a few wrinkles in my face from dropping the first 23 pounds. I'm thrilled to see weight come off my face (double chin almost gone, not HATING every photo of my face, etc) but it is a bummer to see lines where I never had them before. Still...I'll take it. (But I really do sympathize. I think I look young for my age too - except for the fat, lol - it is sort of a trade off. The fat made me look older AND younger, so I'm curious when I lose it, what the "net result" will be! But I KNOW I'll feel better no matter what!)

Chris P said...

How awesome for your daughter! I love that! Yes wine is liquid! I am glad you figured the lactose thing out. I hope it really calms things down. I'm starting to see wrinkles around my eyes I hadnt noticed before. I guess its par for the course! Its ok.

Honeybee GB said...

I agree about one thing, when you obese, you became extraordinary sensitive to weight related subject.


Ronnie said...

NOOOO - not chocolate. I guess we'll have to not eat TOGETHER. :(