Thursday, May 2, 2013

Ten Things Thursday!

OK people, it's Thursday, and we all know what that means.
Let's get to the randomness...

1. I admit I blame Phil (the band) for everything. I don't trust him. I don't think I ever have. So, every time something goes wrong, like I'm sick, can't eat, have heartburn, etc...I blame Phil.
I guess having a foreign object in your body will do that to a person.
When I went in for my Upper GI and the surgeon told me everything looked great, perfect in fact, I was shocked. I felt like saying "You're kidding me? How can that be?".
It's my constant distrust of Good ole Phil.

Well, it has recently come to my attention that what has been happening to me is NOT band related. Well, it sort of is, in a very round about way.

You see, I'm apparently having gallbladder issues.

Remember about a month ago when I was having so much pain I thought I was in labor and had food poisoning all at the same time? I blamed lactose intolerance, and Phil.
I went in and got an un-fill, which gave me very temporary relief.
The truth is, the pain and vomiting has come back on and off since then. I kept blaming my food choices, lactose intolerance, and of course, Phil!
A friend at work mentioned her gallbladder issues, so I looked it up.

Hello! I have all the freaking symptoms on the list!

I emailed the nurse at my surgeons office, with a list of my symptoms. She called me today and said yup, sure sounds like gallbladder. Let's get an ultrasound to be sure.
Although I won't be happy to be having yet another surgery, I'll sure be jumping for joy to get to the bottom of these tummy troubles, and be back to normal again!

And, the round about way that this is still sort of Phil's fault? Well, weight loss surgery patients quite often end up having the gallbladder removed. Especially women.
Sorry Phil. I had to go there!

2. Do you eat all your colors?

My kids doctor is really big on the whole 'eat 5 colors a week' thing. So, I made them a chart so we could have fun keeping track. Today I bought little stickers so they can put one on their chart each time they eat a color. I doubt this will encourage them to eat broccoli, but who knows. Worth a try.

3. We live in a pretty rural area. Not exactly 'po-dunk' but let's put it this way...we have more farms than stores, and there's nothing within walking distance from our house.
That means we get loads of wildlife in our yard.

I only got 7 in this pic. There were 2 more off to the left.

Yesterday we saw NINE deer. It was the whole fam damily. 7 adults and 2 babies. It made me happy to know that 2 babies were born out back during this harsh winter, and they survived. So sweet.
You can click on the pic to make it bigger.

4. Oh loose skin, how I loathe you.

5. There's a Goldfinch who keeps throwing himself against my sun room window. What the heck does he want? There's nothing in here for him. Go away little freak bird!

6. What the What?! When did this happen?

OK, truth be told, I am NOT a small in anything but t-shirts, and I can't even believe that's possible.
I was telling the hubs the other day that all my t-shirts are too big in the neck and shoulders and it really bugs me. I'm severely lacking in the 'ta-ta' department as well, so there's nothing to hold the shirts up where they belong.

His suggestion? Buy a small.
Um, this is ME you're talking about. I can't be a small.
Helloooooo...if your Mediums are too big in the neck and shoulders, doesn't it make sense that you should try a small?

So I did it. I went into the dressing room with a couple smalls and a couple mediums.
Lo and behold the smalls fit right where they're supposed to in the neck and shoulders, and don't fall down in front.
Well, duh! Took me long enough to figure that one out. Body image issues much?
Nobody ever accused me of being a genius.

7. While in the process of cleaning out my closet yesterday and changing things over for summer weather, I discovered I have 5 pair of denim capris. FIVE. Who needs 5 pair of essentially the same thing?
I do believe I just may be in a fashion rut.
If anyone wants the job of my stylist, I'm currently taking applications.

8. We normally go out for ice cream for my birthday and Mother's Day. We can't do that this year since I can't have dairy, unless I feel like puking for the 4 hours following the ice cream. So...I bought all the fixings to make sundaes at home.
I bought the kids 2 kinds of frozen yogurt, and Lactaid ice cream for me.
Not as fun as going out for something really ooey gooey, and naughty, but it'll have to do for now.

9. It's raining like a monsoon out there now. The Goldfinch has finally left, presumably to take cover.
'Bout time.

10. Right now I'm having cramps and feel like I'm going to lose my tea. I hate my gallbladder. Good times.

Have a great night people.
Stay well!


Sarah Kopf said...

So my kiddo has had his gallbladder out. He was MISERABLE for a long time. All those issues are gone now... If its bad, yank it honey. You'll be amazed!



Jody V said...

I was thinking the same think about having your gall bladder out. It's not such a rough procedure anymore. Probably like having a band put in!

You inspired me to dump my 10 things today!

Caron said...

I have read that going from a high fat diet to a low fat one will sometimes bring on gall bladder problems. I do know that if you go in for planned surgery, it is much easier than the emergency surgery.

There are so many people without gallbladders I sometimes wonder why we have them. I'm happy I still have mine but you just never know when it will act up. :)

Linda Sherwood said...

I'm so glad you figured out it is your gallbladder, so you can get better! I'd never heard of the eat 5 colors a week thing -- cute idea for kids!